ATWT Update Wednesday 7/23/03

As the World Turns Wednesday 7/23/03

By Loretta

On her wedding day Susan is frantically getting ready. Susan informs Emily and Alison that she and Rick decided to marry today. The girls are surprised and Alison who cannot resist a wisecrack says “Can you say stepfather?” The girls remind their mom that she should have planned this ahead of time since most of her friends would want to attend. Susan says this doesn’t matter since the people she loves will be at her wedding (Emily, Alison and Hal). Emily and Alison agree to help their mother so Susan grabs her list. Susan informs Alison to pick up the wedding cake. After Alison leaves for the hospital, Emily tells Susan she should go out and purchase a great wedding dress. While Emily is arranging the flowers, there is a knock on the door. Emily opens the door to find a man who states that he is a reporter from the New England Journal of Medicine. This journalist asks Emily is she knows where a Dr. Rick Decker is (apparently he wants to interview him). Emily tells this reporter that her mother is marrying Dr. Decker this afternoon, but suggests that he can find him at Memorial Hospital. Later as Emily finishes up the vacuuming, Susan comes home with her hair done and an expensive wedding dress. Emily makes Susan a bubble bath so she can relax before the ceremony. Flowers arrive and they think they are for Susan but they were sent by Chris for Alison (as an apology).

At the hospital Rick asks Chris to be his best man at this wedding to Susan. Rick says he had intended to ask Bob. Chris tells Rick that he cannot be his best man. Alison arrives at the hospital to thank Chris for the flowers he sent her as his apology. Alison tells Chris that he is still a skunk and the way he behaves is not mature. Alison tells Chris that he doesn't talk to her enough. Chris says that this is just the way he is. After Chris and Alison make up, Alison asks him for a kiss, but Chris says he cannot since they are at work. Chris decides to be Rick’s best man. Dr. Daniels is still very suspicious of Rick and tells him so. Rick is highly aware of Dr. Daniels suspicions, so we learn that Rick met with John Dixon to discuss this. It seems John agreed with Rick, so he informs Dr. Daniels that he is no longer on staff and the case is closed. Dr. Daniels is not intimidated and continues to pursue Rick for answers. Later Chris tells Dr. Daniels that when his father woke up, the first word he spoke was “Rick.“ Chris says he isn’t sure what to make of it. Rick stands in the distance and overhears this conversation. Rick then approaches Dr. Daniels and says that Bob only said his name (Rick) because he is his physician. Dr. Daniels doesn’t buy this. Rick also tells Dr. Daniels that according to John Dixon, he is no longer needed at Memorial. Alison informs Rick that thanks to her, he and Susan will be spending tonight in a honeymoon suite at the Lakeview. Rick smiles and suggests that they head home. Alison is annoyed because Rick barely thanks her for helping out with the wedding. Later Rick gets a phone call from a mysterious reporter who says that he had some information on the murders which took place at Mercy Hospital in San Francisco.

Back from his Las Vegas vacation, Henry arrives at the cottage and loving greets Katie (whom he refers to as Bubbles). Katie, who is a little hung over from the night before, tells Henry that she’ll never get over Simon. Katie says she that she simply is not moving on with her life because she continues to hope that Simon will come back to her. Henry asks her about Mike but Katie says she thought Simon loved her and she was wrong so she doesn’t want to make this mistake again with Mike. Katie says that Mike is just her “friend.“ Henry tries to cheer Katie up but it is useless. Henry tries to convince Katie that Simon had loved her because any man would, since she is sweet, adorable and beautiful. Hearing Henry’s sincere words makes Katie realize that Henry knows something about Simon. Katie immediately presses Henry for answers but Henry clams up. Katie immediate gets up and phones the Vegas gambling commission and threatens to turn Henry in. Frightened of being turned in by Katie, Henry admits that he knows something about Simon. Henry says that Simon left something with him to give to her, but he must go retrieve it. Later Mike arrives and tells Katie that he and Jack are going to reopen the case to locate Simon.

Mike goes to see Jack and asks for help to find Simon but Jack says no way. Jack says that re-opening Simons’ case is complicated and dangerous. Mike tells Jack how miserable Katie is since Simon walked out and how the other night she drank herself sick over him. Mike reminds Jack how he felt when Carly vanished and had no clue where she was. Jack says nothing. Frustrated, Mike tells Jack that he will hire a private investigator. This statement changes Jack’s attitude. Jack tells Mike that the situation with Simon is extremely complicated and poses a danger to Katie, but he agrees to speak to Margo about this. Happy, Mike immediately heads off and tells Katie this news. At the police station, Jack and Margo discuss re-opening Simon’s case. Tom arrives and is told by Jack and Margo that they covered evidence about Bartlesby in order to protect Katie. Tom who surprisingly isn’t too shocked, tells Jack and Margo that he will let this pass since Katie saved Margo's life (the liver transplant). Tom says they can reopen the investigation and he will say that an anonymous tip came in (so Bartlesby can be identified).

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