ATWT Update Friday 7/18/03


As the World Turns Friday 7/18/03

By Loretta 

Bonnie tries to get Sara tell her where she learned the song she was singing in Portuguese. Sara says she has tried to remember but she cannot. Bonnie reminds Sara that if they can determine where she came from, Dr. Daniels may be able to help her illness. Sara says it doesn’t matter if she is cured or not since she is alone anyways. Bonnie tells Sara that she will always have her. This touches Sara. Sara says she doesn’t want anyone to know her background, because they will just ship her back. Bonnie says she will not let that happen. Bonnie tells Sara that when she is ready, she can tell her and promises to keep it quiet. Bonnie tells Sara she can always depend on her since they are best friends. Sara says she never had a best friend before. Sara then states that she is from Brazil. Bonnie is shocked (is she thinking of Marshall)?

At the hospital Alison sneaks up behind Chris and kisses him on the back of his neck. Chris gets irritated and asks Alison to stop bothering him since he wishes to be by himself. Chris’ words hurt Alison and she walks away. Later Alison gives Chris some patient files. Chris apologizes for his earlier behavior. Alison tells him she is tired of him acting like he cares for her, only when he chooses to do so. Chris points out that his dad is still ill and that she is stressing him out. Chris‘ words once again sting Alison.

Jessica stops by the hospital and tells Ben she is planning on accepting Tom’s offer to become his assistant (Tom has just accepted the position of District Attorney himself). Ben is excited for her. Jessica leaves to go meet Tom at the station. Tom tells Margo that he asked Jessica to become his assistant. Margo is happy with this news. Marshall arrives to take care of some business. Jessica now arrives and ignores Marshall. Marshall tries asking Margo what is going on with Jessica and Tom. Margo tells Marshall to mind his own business. Marshall watches Jessica as she accepts Tom’s job offer. As Jessica is leaving, Marshall asks her how she is. Jessica is cold towards Marshall. Marshall replies that she obviously hasn’t gotten on with her life as she states she has.

Dr. Daniels walk’s into Bob’s room just as Rick was about to inject Bob with a lethal drug. Bob tries to speak to Dr. Daniels, but he is unable to. Dr. Daniels asks Bob what he is trying to say. Yet Bob cannot speak. Rick insists that Dr. Daniels stop pushing Bob to speak, since he obviously is unable to.

Dr. Daniels asks Rick if Kim Hughes knows that he is treating Bob. Rick says that Kim asked her to resume care of Bob. Ben arrives and tells them both to stop bickering. Ben tries to calm Bob down. Ben raises the dosage on Bob’s blood pressure medication and suggests that Rick and Dr. Daniels keep their arguing outside. Dr. Daniels insists that he will watch Bob. Rick tries to convince him not to do this, but Dr. Daniels insists. After they both leave Bob‘s room, Bob wakes up again and tries to say “murder.” No one hears Bob. Outside Bob’s room, John Dixon finds Rick arguing with Dr. Daniels. John loses his patience and tells Dr. Daniels that his work at Memorial is done. John says that as far as he is concerned, the serial killer case is solved. After John leaves, Dr. Daniels asks Rick why he is so defensive when he asks him questions. Dr. Daniels tells Rick that he feels he is not as innocent as he appears. Rick insists that the killer is dead and the case is closed. Ben calls Dr. Daniels off to emergency, leaving Rick free to head for Bob’s room. Back inside Bob’s room, Bob had managed to take the hospital call button in his hand, but Rick retrieves it. Rick tells Bob that after he done treating him, he will not have a care in the world.

After Paul tells Rose he has a present for her, he kisses her. Rose kisses him back. They kiss for a while. Paul tells Rose she obviously has feelings for him. Rose tells Paul that things will never be the same between them. Rose also tells Paul that she tried to go after him before he left Oakdale, but his plane had already took off. Paul doesn’t believe Rose. Paul tells Rose that as long as they live, they will always have something between them. Dusty arrives and warns Paul to keep away from Rose. Paul and Dusty begin to argue. Rose screams that she is tired of both of them and she has had enough. Rose tells Dusty that she and Paul were just talking. Paul says they were just reminiscing. Paul tells Dusty that he hopes to be friends with Lily. Rose gets frustrated and leaves. Dusty tells Paul that if he catches him trying to hurt Rose, he will wish he were back in that airplane of his. Paul sarcastically tells Dusty that he has gotten over his breakup with Rose. Dusty leaves to join Rose. Dusty convinces Rose to come to his room. Rose does. Paul watches them walk off. Up in Dusty’s room, Dusty tells Rose to keep away from Paul, as he just wants to hurt her. Rose says that Paul would never hurt her. Rose points out that Paul saved her life. Dusty says that if she has feelings for Paul, she must say so. Rose says she does, but not the way she used to. Dusty insists they must have Paul out of their lives, and urges her to believe in him. Rose tells Dusty that she does believe in him. Dusty pulls Rose close and they kiss. Rose lies down on Dusty's bed. Dusty joins her. They begin making love.

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