ATWT Update Thursday 7/17/03


As the World Turns Thursday 7/17/03

By Loretta

After their swim, Aaron and Lucy kiss. Lucy and Aaron agree to have sex when they are ready. As Aaron prepares to cook them dinner, Lucy says she wants to make love to him after she showers today. Later Aaron brings Lucy a bouquet of flowers. Aaron and Lucy then make love.

Dusty meets Rose at the Lakeview bar. Dusty tells Rose that Paul is setting her up to hurt her. Dusty says he will not allow Paul to hurt her. After Holden arrives, Dusty tells Rose he will not lose her again. Dusty leaves and heads to Lily‘s house. Dusty informs Lily that Paul is not dead and that he faked his own death and has returned to Oakdale. Dusty tells Lily that Paul plans to destroy Rose and she (Lily) must stop him. Lily does not believe that Paul would hurt Rose and she tells Dusty so. Dusty says that if she can’t help Rose, he will. Back at the Lakeview, Holden sits down with Rose and explains that Lily is quite upset over their (Rose and Lily’s) arguing. Rose tells Holden that Paul did not come back to Oakdale for her, but to seek revenge on those that hurt him. Holden tells Rose that he is surprised that someone as savvy as her, can fall for Dusty Donovan’s lies. Rose says she has strong feelings for Dusty and cannot let him go. Holden asks Rose why she can’t resume her relationship with Paul. Rose says she no longer loves him and that Paul has changed. With Holden gone, Paul arrives and sits with Rose who sips coffee. Paul says he has a present for her. Paul kisses Rose, she kisses him back.

During Barbara and Paul’s exchange of insults, Hal suggests that Will go upstairs. Barbara promises to not get in the way of Paul’s relationship with Will. Paul insists that he will always be one step ahead of her. Hal warns Paul and Barbara to straighten out their problems or he will take Will away from both of them. Jennifer suggests that Barbara allow Paul to spend time with Will this evening. Paul tells his mother (Barbara) that he intends to take Will away from her. Paul tells Barbara he will use every dirty trick he knows to keep Will and Jennifer away from her. As Will walks back outside, he asks he if can eat now. Paul eases down and tells Will that they can spend time together on Saturday. Jennifer thanks Paul for easing up on their mother. Alone with Paul, Hal tells him that he feels like he is treating him (Hal) like he does not matter. Paul apologizes. Hal tells Paul if he pulls any tricks on him regarding Will, he will not only deal with Barbara, but him. Jennifer and Will head home with Barbara where she serves them dinner and gives them gifts. While fetching their presents, Barbara hears Jennifer and Will discussing how Paul asked them to live with him. Barbara hears this and boils inside.

As Bob wakes up from his coma, Rick (holding a syringe) tells Bob he will take good care of him. Suddenly Bob’s monitors go off. Ben and Kim rush in. Kim begs Ben to save Bob. Ben informs Kim that Bob’s monitors went off because he became excited after awakening. Kim tells Ben that she gave Rick permission to take over Bob’s case. Kim goes to sit beside Bob and talks to him. Kim reminds Bob of the happy times they shared. Bob starts to awaken again. Kim starts to cry and tells Bob she has waited for him to wake up for several days. Bob sees Rick enter the room and the monitors go off again. Rick states that Bob may not know who Kim is. Rick suggests that Kim leave since her presence may be confusing Bob more. Kim insists she will not go home, but she makes Rick promise that he won’t leave Bob alone. Kim takes Rick’s advice and gets some tea. Rick tells Bob (who is awake) that he will take care of him. Bob is still unable to speak. As Rick is preparing to inject Bob, Dr. Daniels arrives.

Bonnie arrives at the shelter to visit Sara. Troy tells Bonnie that since her community service is complete, she is not allowed to visit Sara. Bonnie gets her wish as Sara arrives. They hug. Dr. Daniels arrives to question Sara about how long she has been getting those fevers. Sara says she cannot remember. Dr. Daniels asks Sara is she has ever been outside the U.S. Sara says no and wants to stop this conversation. Sara hugs Bonnie goodbye. Bonnie tells Dr. Daniels that she will get Sara to talk to her. Bonnie catches Sara singing a song in Portuguese. Bonnie tells Sara that this song may tell them where she (Sara) was born.

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