ATWT Update Wednesday 7/16/03

As the World Turns Wednesday 7/16/03

By Loretta

Lucy is annoyed that her dad (Craig) camped next to their (she and Aaron) tent. Lucy hears Rosanna and Craig arguing. Inside their own tent, Rosanna reminds Craig how silly he was to have followed Lucy and Aaron on their camping trip. Lucy gets further irritated and takes a walk. Later Rosanna has a heart to heart talk with Lucy about Craig. Rosanna tells Lucy that Craig tends to treat her (Lucy) like a child only because he is frightened that she is growing up and may not need him around. Rosanna suggests to Lucy that she be more understanding towards Craig. Lucy agrees. Aaron runs into Craig. Aaron shows Craig an area of poison ivy and cautions him to stay away for it. When Aaron walks off, Craig takes a towel and wipes it on the poison ivy. When Aaron returns from a swim, Craig suggests he use this same towel and dry himself off (hoping Aaron will catch poison ivy and head back to Oakdale). Aaron says he will let the sun dry him off. Aaron then takes out his fishing gear. Watching Aaron, Craig tells him how he and Bryant used to deep-sea fish. Aaron and Craig discuss Bryant and how Lucy often talks about him. Hearing Aaron talk about Bryant, gives Craig second thoughts about infecting him (Aaron) with poison ivy. Lucy arrives and asks Craig to take a walk with her, so she can tell him that she loves him. Craig is touched by Lucy’s sudden change in attitude. Preparing to leave the campgrounds, Rosanna unknowingly packs the poison ivy infected towel with their clean towels, which accidentally Craig places around his neck. Craig’s neck begins getting itchy.

Barbara surprises Jennifer with morning coffee and a book of checks to tide her over. Jennifer tells her mom (Barbara) she cannot accept money from her since she refuses to take sides. Barbara tells Jennifer she will not make her take sides. Jennifer also refuses Barbara’s offer to work at BRO again. Barbara and Jennifer leave for Hal‘s so they can tell Will that Paul is alive.

As Will is playing basketball, Paul appears. At first Will is not sure if this is really Paul. Paul hugs Will and says he will never leave him again. Hal walks outside and cannot believe he is seeing Paul. Paul hugs Hal. Paul explains to Hal that his plane crashed and he paid a man $10,000. to say he was dead. Paul says from now on Jennifer and Will are his business. Hal reminds Paul that currently Will’s living situation is working well for him, as well as Barbara’s visiting arrangements. Paul apologizes and says he only wants to protect Will and Jennifer from Barbara. Paul tells Hal that he never meant that he (Hal) was a bad father. Hal tells Paul he does not want Will’s life interrupted again. Paul insists he won’t. Jennifer and Barbara arrive and see Paul with Will. Immediately Paul begins insulting his mother (Barbara) in front of Will. Paul and Barbara begin arguing. Jennifer interrupts their bickering and suggests they (her, Barbara and Will) leave for their planned dinner out.

Alison and Emily arrive to meet their mom (Susan) at the Lakeview. Susan announces to them that she is planning on marrying Rick. The girls are shocked. Alison asks Susan if she is pregnant. Susan tells Alison she is ridiculous for thinking this. Susan says Rick has been through so much. Alison asks Susan if this will be a pity marriage. All through this Emily remains silent, then she speaks. Emily says that given Rick’s history, they don’t trust him and she (Susan) is blinded by love. Susan tells Alison and Emily that she wanted them to be happy for her. Susan, now obviously hurt by their stinging words, leaves. Later Alison and Emily agree that they were too hard on their mom, so they head to Memorial to wish her congratulations.

Ben examines Bob and learns that he is starting to come out of his coma. Kim sits at Bob’s bedside. Rick looks in Bob’s room through the window and sees this. Kim sees Rick and apologizes to him for taking him off Bob’s case. Rick tells Kim he holds no hard feelings against her and only wants Bob to get better. Kim asks Rick if he will agree to become Bob’s physician. Rick says he will be delighted. Rick suggests Kim goes get some tea, she does. After filling a syringe with a deadly drug, Rick places it inside his pocket and enters Bob’s room. As Rick holds the syringe, Ben enters causing Rick to quickly hide this syringe. Seems like Rick is the serial killer. Rick very quickly tells Ben that Bob appears to be coming out of the coma. Ben checks Bob and agrees with Rick. Rick walks outside and meets Susan. They kiss. Alison and Emily arrive and when they see Susan, they toss confetti on her and yell congratulations. Susan is touched by their gesture. Emily and Alison hug Susan. Later Rick stands outside of Bob’s hospital door and says to himself that Kim has made his job easier (referring to killing Bob). Bob wakes up to see Rick’s face. Rick promises Bob he will take good care of him.

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