ATWT Update Tuesday 7/15/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 7/15/03

By Hilary

Lucy is still sad that she can't remember the first time she and Aaron made love. Craig and Rosanna are also in Wisconsin, looking for Lucy and Aaron. Rosanna doesn't approve of Craig's tactics. Jennifer wants to know why Paul is now so bitter. She says Barbara had better be able to explain, or she will walk out. Rose doesn't believe that Paul is real, then she thinks he is a double. When Paul convinces her he is the real deal, she faints in his arms. Paul sees Dusty's room key lying on the floor.

Rose awakens and is overjoyed when she realizes Paul is alive. She begs to know where he has been, and tells him she has been so guilty. Paul angrily says that her guilt has obviously not stopped her from having a good time, since she was on her way to Dusty's room.

Aaron goes to the car to retrieve the condoms. Rosanna tells Craig he will get arrested if he goes around the campground peering into tents. Aaron is shocked when he runs into Craig on his way back from the car. Barbara tells Jen she is not a perfect mother. She says Paul will eventually come around, but Jen is not so sure. She walks out, despite Barbara's protests. Rose says this new, bitter Paul is not the man she was in love with. She says she had been praying for a miracle like this. He says that if that were true, she would drop Dusty, and come back to him.

Craig is not happy to see the condoms in Aaron's hand. Lucy is furious that Craig followed them to Wisconsin. Jen starts to flirt with Dusty at the Lakeview Lounge, until she finds out who he is. She tells him that Paul is alive, and Dusty concludes that he must have delayed Rose. Jen tells him off, as he leaves to look for Rose. Paul asks Rose if Dusty has been "comforting" her. Rose refuses to listen to him, unless he respects what they had been to each other. Paul says he thought she would come after him the night he left, but she disappointed him. He realized at that moment that she had fallen for Dusty. Just then, Dusty enters the elevator.

Rose heads for the lounge. Dusty tells Paul he's glad to see him. He asks if Paul came back for revenge, and tells him that no matter what, Rose is with him now. Jen confronts Rose about her part in hurting Paul. Rose says she doesn't understand. Barbara is pleased when she hears Jen and Rose's argument. Lucy is furious with Craig for ruining her trip with Aaron. She and Aaron decide to pack up and find another campsite. When they tell this to Craig, he protests, saying he and Rosanna will leave, instead.

Lucy tells Craig that if he keeps trying to control her life, she will leave for Montega. Craig decides to leave, but Lucy relents and says he should stay until morning. Dusty tells Paul that Rose never meant to hurt him. Paul laughs, and says Dusty better be careful; she might try to come back to him. Barbara tells Dusty that Paul is back for revenge.

Rosanna thinks Craig is up to something. Barbara promises Jen that she won't push, but Jen isn't sure she believes her. Dusty tries to comfort Rose. She says she feels even more guilty. Rose walks out, saying it is too late for them.

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