ATWT Update Monday 7/14/03

As the World Turns Monday 7/14/03

By Hilary

Katie and Mike tell the police they saw the killer in the burn unit. Alison worries about Chris, but Emily and Susan assure her he is fine. Emily wonders sarcastically what is keeping Rick, but Susan doesn't appreciate her tone. When Hal pulls back the man in the wheelchair's hood, he discovers the body of Dr. Gordon, with a hypodermic needle in his hand. Hal says that the murderer has taken his own life. Rose shows Dusty the ring she received from Paul. Dusty doesn't believe it is really from Paul. Barbara is in shock when she sees that Paul is alive. Paul states that he will no longer be her lapdog.

Barbara thinks James set her up. Paul says everything is not always about her. Paul says James wanted him to get revenge, but he says that is not his style. Jen is floored when she sees Paul. Rose tells Dusty that only Paul could have picked up the wedding band. The hospital crew speculate that Gordo was tormented by his own demons. Susan is glad the mystery is over, but Walker says Rick still can't leave the hospital.

Hal questions Mike, Katie, Chris, and Rick. Mike and Katie leave, and Rick admits that no one can corroborate his story that he was on his way to check out during the blackout. Rose says she can't make love with Dusty until she has made peace with Paul. She wants to visit his grave. Paul wants Barbara to come clean with Jennifer. He tells Jen to take off the dress that Barbara designed, because Barbara will "suck the life out of her." He reveals Barbara's part in the Rose/Dusty debacle.

Rick tells Hal that he was stuck in an elevator during the blackout. Chris backs out of the birthday festivities, which saddens Alison. Emily tries to apologize to Rick for her suspicions, but he says he understands, and alludes to his proposal to Susan. Rose visits Paul's grave. She finds the memorial plaque lying on the ground, and believes James is behind the defacing. Paul wants Jen to leave with him, but she wants answers first. She is livid when she hears that he paid the fisherman to say he was dead. She can't believe he would be so cruel.

Mike and Katie go for drinks at Java Underground. Katie says she wishes they were still in Montana, then realizes that Mike had been in pain there. He says he was happy there with her, and that the next guy to be with her would be very lucky. Chris and Alison discuss Gordo's possible motivations. Chris thinks that maybe Bob knew he was the killer. Alison says she had been hoping they would have a "big night," but Chris misunderstands. A nurse tells Chris that he needs to come quickly to his father's room. Rose continues talking to Paul at his grave. She says she has to say goodbye. She says she will never forget him, and leaves the wedding band at his grave. She says that she did love him. She calls Dusty to tell him that she has made peace with Paul. Barbara says Paul sounds like his father. Paul says he is there to save Jennifer and Will from Barbara. Jen doesn't think they need protecting. Paul says he will prove to Jen that he is telling the truth: Barbara will hurt her in the end.

Mike and Katie say they will always be there for each other. They kiss. Susan tells Rick that she doesn't need her daughters' permission to be happy. Chris announces that Bob is coming out of the coma. Rick doesn't appear pleased. Jen wants to know how Barbara could hurt Paul the way she did. As Paul is leaving Barbara's suite, he steps into the elevator and finds Rose, who is on her way to see Dusty.

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