ATWT Update Friday 7/11/03


As the World Turns Friday 7/11/03

By Loretta 

Jessica greets Bonnie at Java Underground. Bonnie apologizes for saying that she intends to handle Sara all by herself. Jessica apologizes to Bonnie for interfering with Sara. Isaac comes along and tells Jessica that if she if re-considering marrying his brother Ben, he should talk to him (Isaac) first. Isaac asks Jessica if she intends to marry Ben. Jessica says she loves Ben, but cannot give him an answer. Isaac asks Jessica if this is because she was raped. Jessica says yes. Isaac apologizes and insists that she and Ben will get through this. Ben comes along and sits with Jessica. Dr. Daniels arrives and chats with Bonnie. They discuss Sara’s health. Dr. Daniels reminds Bonnie that Sara is a warden of the state, so his help is limited. Bonnie says she will do whatever it takes to help Sara, even if she has to adopt her. Bonnie asks Dr. Daniels to give Sara free medical treatment. Dr. Daniels says he will try. Bonnie thanks him. Dr. Daniels leaves for the hospital. Bonnie tells Isaac she needs a lawyer because Dr. Daniels agreed to help Sara, but it requires obtaining her medical records. Bonnie says she is willing to become Sara’s foster mother to seek treatment. Isaac reminds Bonnie that Sara has lots of problems, among them stealing and lying. Isaac gets mad and walks off. Jessica and Ben tell Bonnie that Isaac is probably jealous of Dr. Daniels. Bonnie agrees to go talk to Isaac. Jessica tells Bonnie she will help her with Sara. Bonnie thanks Jessica. Bonnie asks Isaac if he can handle her being a parent to Sara. Isaac says he is not sure.

After Molly leaves the Lakeview lounge, Rose tells Dusty that he looked comfy with Molly. As Dusty places his hand on Rose’s cheek, she recalls Paul rescuing her from the hunting lodge. Rose looks strange. Dusty asks what is wrong. Rose tells Dusty that Lily was right in saying that she should keep away from him (Dusty). Rose tells Dusty she wants to be with him, but if she does, she will lose her family. Dusty says she must own her life. Rose tells Dusty she cannot let him go. Dusty asks Rose to come up to his room. Rose agrees but asks Dusty to keep their relationship confidential. Dusty asks Rose if she is ashamed of him. Rose says no, but she feels guilty over how she treated Paul. Rose tells Dusty that she saw Paul when she was freed from the noose which Bracket placed her in. Rose says she does not know if Paul was real or a vision. Rose explains to Dusty exactly how she thinks she saw Paul. Rose feels that Dusty does not believe her. Dusty says maybe she did not see Paul, but instead James Stenbeck hired a Paul-look-alike to save her. Dusty says James could have done this to keep him (Dusty) away from her, which seems to be working. Rose doesn’t believe this and says that jumping into bed with him (Dusty) won‘t solve anything. Dusty takes Rose in his arms and kisses her. Dusty tells Rose he wants her, but he walks away. Rose sits alone by herself. The bartender gives Rose something that was left at the bar for her. Rose opens it and finds the engagement ring, which Paul had given her; this is engraved with “till death, love Paul). Rose looks confused.

Barbara brings along Will and Jennifer to visit Hal at the station. Hal hugs Jennifer. Hal asks Jennifer how long she plans on staying in Oakdale. Jennifer says for a while. Barbara reminds Hal how wonderful it is to have her family around her. Hal just stares at Barbara in silence. Hal asks Jennifer if she is sure she wants to live with her mother (Barbara). Jennifer mentions that she is broke and her mom (Barbara) is letting her live with her for free. Hal suggests to Jennifer that she live with him and Emily. Barbara smiles and asks Hal if he is trying to steal Jennifer away from her. Hal asks to speak to Barbara alone. Hal asks Barbara why Jennifer has no money. Barbara says she does not know. Hal suggests that Barbara not suffocate Jennifer. When Barbara leaves with the kids, Hal gets notified that Gordy has disappeared from Oakdale and Alison was almost attacked again at the hospital.

Barbara and Jennifer arrive at Barbara’s Lakeview apartment. Barbara tells Jennifer how happy she is to have her living with her. Jennifer tells her mother (Barbara) that she seems nervous. Barbara brings out a design she created for Jennifer. Jennifer is surprised. Barbara hugs Jennifer again, saying how much she missed her. The doorbell rings. Barbara opens the door and finds it is Paul.

Emily arrives at the hospital with Alison’s birthday presents and cake. Susan and Katie are there waiting for Rick and Alison to arrive. Katie goes to find Alison. On her search for Alison, Katie is alone in a room. Katie screams when the lights go off and someone locks her in. Katie sees two people dressed in cloaks sitting in wheelchairs. Katie screams and runs. Suddenly Mike shows up and comforts her. Back in Rick’s room, Susan asks Alison why she is so against her seeing Rick. Emily tells Susan that she and Alison do not like Rick and feel he is a danger.

Alison is inside Rick’s room and hears a noise outside the door. Alison opens it and finds a person dressed in a cloak, sitting in a wheelchair. Alison screams and shuts the door. Alison thinks this is Gordy and screams for him to leave her alone. Katie arrives and Alison asks her if she saw Gordy in the wheelchair. Katie says she saw no one. Suddenly Katie and Alison scream when Chris walks in and surprises them. After hearing about Alison’s near attack, Hal arrives. Alison explains to him what happened. Alison says she thinks the person in the wheelchair who tried to kill her was Gordy. Susan gives Alison her birthday presents. Alison wonders where Katie is. Susan wonders where Rick is. Dr. Daniels arrives and learns what just happened to Alison. Hal tells Dr. Daniels to search the hospital with him for Gordy. Hal enters Rick’s room and finds a person (wearing a cloak) sitting in a wheelchair.

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