ATWT Update Thursday 7/10/03


As the World Turns Thursday 7/10/03

By Loretta

After showing Katie the necklace, which Chris gave her for her birthday, Alison accepts Chris’ dinner request. Katie watches Chris and Alison make “eyes” at each other. Alison asks Katie if she acted this way with Simon. Katie says yes and she still thinks about him. Alison tells Katie that she is still a virgin, but that may change this evening when she has her date with Chris. Katie suggests Alison not rush into having sex. Later alone in Rick’s room, Alison hears noises outside the closed door. Alison opens the door and finds a person dressed in a cloak sitting in a wheelchair.

Susan is shocked after Rick proposes marriage to her. Susan says she would love marry him but she must talk to Alison and Emily first. Susan tells Rick that if he allows her time to tell the girls, that she will marry him. This pleases Rick and he kisses Susan. Rick announces he will persuade his physician to discharge him today since he is too happy to remain hospitalized. After being called by Susan to come to the hospital, Emily arrives. Susan tells Emily that she has some great news to tell her and Alison about, regarding Rick. Emily suggests that Susan not spoil Alison’s birthday with news of Rick.

At the police station Emily asks Hal what he is doing about Rick Decker. Hal remains silent. Emily then tells Hal that Dr. Daniels told her that he feels Rick is the serial killer. Hal says Dr. Daniels had no business telling her this. Emily says Hal should not be angry with Dr. Daniels, since she cornered him to tell her the truth. Hal only tells Emily that the situation is under control and suggests she stay out of it. Emily gets a call from her mom (Susan) asking her to pick up Alison’s birthday cake and meet her at the hospital. Susan says Rick is coming home from the hospital today. Hal gets a surprise visit from Will, Jennifer and Barbara. Hal is thrilled to see Jennifer.

Craig and Rosanna arrive home to Fairwinds. Craig tells Rosanna he has a surprise for her, something that will be symbolic of their marriage. Rosanna finds a large cactus in their living room. Craig and Rosanna then begin to make out on the couch. Outside the door, Lucy and Aaron prepare for their camping trip but hear Rosanna loudly giggling. Lucy opens the door and sees Craig and Rosanna preparing to make out on the couch. Lucy tells her dad (Craig) that she and Aaron will be staying in a tent instead of the camper he (Craig) rented during their camping trip to Wisconsin. Craig tells Lucy she is too young to stay in a tent alone with Aaron. Lucy insists she is responsible and she intends to go. When Lucy and Aaron leave for another room, Craig tells Rosanna that they will follow them up to the campsite. Rosanna cannot believe Craig is doing this. Later, Rosanna reminds Lucy to be responsible. Lucy insists she will. Aaron gives Craig the phone number of the ranger’s office and the campsite. Once the kids leave, Craig tells Rosanna to get in the car, so he can follow Aaron and Lucy up to Wisconsin.

Jack and Carly arrive home from Montana with Sage and a sleepy Parker. Carly and Jack are surprised to see Emma, Holden and Lily inside their living room. Emma, Holden and Lily yell surprise. Holden explains to Jack how James Stenbeck helped free Lily and Rose, but he does not know why. Jack says James probably did this to get Barbara’s attention. Holden feels there is more to it that that. Emma wonders why nothing stops James and jokingly suggests putting a stake through his heart. Rose arrives and tells Lily she broke up with Dusty. Rose begins telling Lily that she realizes she never really wanted to marry Paul, especially with the interference from his parents (James and Barbara). Lily insists this is because Dusty came along. Rose says she can’t mourn Paul her entire life, not while she can have Dusty. Lily tells Rose she cannot believe she would go with a man (Dusty) who humiliated her and put their life in danger. Rose gets fed up and leaves. After Emma, Holden and Lily leave, Jack suggests they open their wedding gifts. Carly tells Jack that he is the only gift she needs. They hug.

Dusty runs into Molly at the Lakeview lounge where they share a drink and a chat. Dusty tells Molly that Rose broke up with him. Molly tells Dusty that Rose is crazy for dumping the guy who saved her life (Dusty). Dusty says that Rose still has not gotten over Paul’s death, but even more is that Lily and Holden are persuading her to keep away from him (Dusty). Molly tells Dusty that if he really loves Rose, he should wait for her. Dusty says he is tired of playing games with Rose. Molly tells Dusty she would like to friends with Dusty. Dusty laughs at Molly’s remark. Molly says the wedding put her in a depressed mood since there were so many happy people there. Dusty tells Molly she can get any man she wants. Rose arrives and before speaking to Dusty, warns Molly to keep away from her man (Dusty). Molly tells Rose it is nice to see her back in Oakdale.

Jennifer begins to cry as she looks at Paul’s memorial. Barbara consoles Jennifer and offers her a position at BRO, which Barbara plans to start again. Paul (who is still believed to be dead) is standing on the other side of a wall, listening to Barbara and Jennifer’s discussion. Barbara begins wildly making plans to have Jennifer move in with her. When Barbara goes to start the car, Paul hears his sister Jennifer lovingly speaking to his (Paul) memorial, pretending that he is there. Paul realizes how much Jennifer loves him. After Jennifer and Barbara are gone, Paul stares at his memorial plaque as he sees a vision of his mom (Barbara) who tells him she loves him very much and only broke up him and Rose because she (Rose) is wrong for him. Paul tells his mother (in his dream) that she is to blame for his unhappiness. Next Paul has a vision of Will and Jennifer who say they will never have their own life and will spend their lives trying to please their mother (Barbara). Paul tells them that you can never please Barbara and they cannot let her control their lives. Paul then says his life is about to change and he begins tearing up his memorial plaque.

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