ATWT Update Wednesday 7/9/03

As the World Turns Wednesday 7/9/03

By Loretta

At the hospital Alison tells Katie how Bob Hughes collapsed and had a stroke. Alison tells Katie that today is her 18th birthday but everyone seems to have forgot. Chris drops off a bag of items which Alison left in his car (Alison expects Chris to hand her a birthday present). Katie tells Chris she is sorry to hear about his dad’s (Bob) illness. Chris leaves. Alison is hurt that Chris forgot her birthday. Katie reminds Alison that Chris is going through a lot right now, so she can see why he forgot this special day. Katie reminds Alison that now that she is 18, she can vote and get a credit card. Alison is not amused. When Katie leaves, Chris surprises Alison with a beautifully wrapped birthday present. Alison is too excited with this gift. Alison opens it to find a beautiful necklace. Chris says the necklace is not as beautiful as the woman who will wear it (Alison). Chris and Alison kiss.

In his hospital room, Rick frightens Emily, who has come to find her mom (Susan). Rick (seeing the scared look on Emily’s face) asks Emily if she is frightened of him. Emily lies and says no. Susan arrives and wonders why Emily is acting strange. Emily leaves. Rick tells Susan he knows that Alison and Emily know about the killings which occurred at his former hospital, San Francisco Mercy. Rick says he knows that her daughters fear him. Rick asks Susan if she told them about the killings at Mercy Hospital. Susan says yes, since she felt she must be honest with her daughters. Susan tells Rick not to worry, since Gordy is the police’s main suspect now. Rick says he can understand why her daughters are protective of her (Susan). Rick says that Dr. Daniels is trying to frame him. Susan says this is ridiculous. Rick says he wants Alison and Emily to not feel he is a suspect, because this will cause problems in their relationship. Rick says he will do something to prove to her daughters that he cares for her (Susan). Rick asks Susan to marry him.

In the front of Holden and Lily’s house, Dusty wants to know why Rose is giving him the brush off. Rose tells Dusty that she still has not mourned for Paul yet. Dusty says she must rid herself over the guilt she feels over Paul and not worry if Lily disapproves of her relationship with him (Dusty). Dusty asks Rose why Paul is constantly on her mind now. Rose tells Dusty that when she was tied up in that noose which Brackett tied her into, ready to die, someone set her free. Rose does not tell Dusty that she saw Paul let her free her from the noose. Rose says maybe she has some unfinished business to take care of before she moves on with her life. Dusty tells Rose to take her time, but that she should remember that he loves and cares for her. Dusty says he cannot wait for her forever. Dusty tells Rose that Paul is dead and she needs to get over it and on with her life. Dusty leaves. Rose feels that Dusty is right.

Barbara visits Paul’s memorial plaque and puts a red rose on it. Jennifer back from Milan and surprises her mother (Barbara) with a visit at Paul‘s memorial. Barbara and Jennifer hug. Jennifer says she only came to Oakdale to visit Paul’s memorial. Barbara wants to know why Jennifer never returned her phone calls, even when she left a message about Paul’s death. Jennifer says she did not return her calls because she was mad at her (Barbara), but because her life is a mess. Jennifer says she can’t discuss much now, but there was a man involved. Jennifer says she is completely broke and will not be going back to Milan to model. Barbara instantly asks Jennifer to move in with her at the Lakeview Suites. Jennifer asks Barbara to tell her about Paul. Barbara only says that Paul was angry with some people (Rose and Dusty) and got mad, then took off in his plane. Barbara mentions nothing to Jennifer that she (Barbara) was responsible for Paul and Rose’s breakup. Paul is standing on the other side of a wall listening to their discussion. Jennifer begins to cry and says she misses her brother (Paul). Barbara hugs her and says they will take care of each other.

Tom surprises Margo with a visit at the station. Tom plants a big kiss on Margo and says their schedules are too conflicting to spend time with each other and he is tired of it. Tom tells Margo that he is now the new District Attorney of Oakdale. Margo asks Tom if he made the right decision, since he is used to having his own law practice. Tom says he took this position to enable them to spend more time together. Tom tells Margo that she has had lunch more times with Evelyn Hart (the former D.A.) than with him (Tom). Margo gives Tom a huge kiss, saying this is a preview of what is to come this evening.

At the police station, Dr. Daniels brings Hal a file containing information on the serial killer suspect and their victims. Hal advises Dr. Daniels to keep his mouth shut regarding the serial killer suspects. Dr. Daniels tells Hal that he still strongly feels Dr. Rick Decker is a suspect. Before Hal leaves, he asks Dr. Daniels to keep his opinions (on the suspect) to himself). Emily phones Dr. Daniels and asks to meet with him. Emily arrives and asks Dr. Daniels to provide information for her about Rick Decker. Dr. Daniels says he is unable to for confidentiality purposes. Emily asks him to look her in the eye and say that her mother (Susan) is safe being around Dr. Decker. Dr. Daniels only says that since Rick Decker has been hospitalized, there have no killings at the hospital. Emily is speechless.

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