ATWT Update Tuesday 7/8/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 7/8/03

By Hilary

Craig asks Carly what's next for them. He wants to know what they will do without each other. Bonnie worries that something may be seriously wrong with Sarah. Troy comes to retrieve Sarah. Rose receives flowers from Dusty. She tries to lie to Lily by saying they are from Mitzi, but Lily sees through it. Dusty wants Margo to allow him to see "Brackett." Paul arrives at the prison to see James.

Craig is worried about leading a boring, domestic life. Carly tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself. Bonnie says she is not backing away from Sarah, but Troy says she has no authority. Barbara warns Dusty to stay away from James, but Dusty says he has to be stopped. He also warns Barbara not to even mention Rose's name. Lily is furious that Dusty is still trying to contact Rose. She says that she will never forgive Dusty for causing her family so much pain, and that she wishes that Paul was still alive so he could be with Rose, and Dusty would go away. Rose admits she thinks she saw Paul at the lodge, and thinks he saved her life. James tells Paul he staged Rose and Lily's kidnapping to get Paul to come out of hiding.

Bonnie continues to insist that Sarah stay with her because of her illness. She is worried that it will take too long to get a specialist if Sarah goes back to the shelter. Rose thinks Paul is now her guardian angel. Lily is thrilled when her children arrived home from their stay with Iva. Rose refuses to come to the phone when Dusty calls. Paul tells James that he paid the fisherman, who found him after his plane crash, not to tell anyone. He also says that he doesn't want anything from James.

Carly reassures Craig that Rosanna doesn't want him for his prestige, she wants a real family. She tells him to be happy with what he has. Carly says that now that she and Craig are related, they can never be "friends." James says he is giving Paul a chance to reclaim his manhood. Paul says no one will ever hurt him again. Dusty arrives at the Snyder home. Bonnie is furious that Jessica didn't help her keep Sarah. Jessica says Bonnie is not ready to be Sarah's mother.

Carly relents, and says Craig has to promise to be a gentleman from now on. Craig promises to be good, because he respects her. Jack walks in on Craig and Carly's hug. Bonnie insists she just wants to make sure that Sarah gets proper medical care. Bonnie says she wants to provide a foster home for Sarah with Bonnie. Dusty promises Rose that he will prove his good intentions to her and her family. Lily is upset when she sees Rose with Dusty. Barbara tells Margo she won't claim the reward money for helping find Lily and Rose. James tells Paul he needs to go home and get his revenge.

Jessica won't go along with Bonnie's idea. Bonnie says that is fine; she will do it on her own. Jack thanks Craig for being at the wedding, and he and Rosanna leave. Jack promises Carly things will be good from now on. Rose tells Dusty he just has to be patient. James goads Paul, taunting him about Rose and Dusty. Paul says if he ever gets the chance, he will kill James. After he leaves, James says, "Atta boy."

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