ATWT Update Monday 7/7/03

As the World Turns Monday 7/7/03

By Hilary

Sarah gets dizzy and collapses in front of Bonnie, Isaac, and Walker. Bonnie and Isaac don't believe her at first, but Walker does, which convinces Bonnie. Jessica is worried about Sarah's attachment to Bonnie. Ben worries that Jessica is reconsidering their engagement. Katie leaves Molly to comfort Mike about Sage's paternity. Katie tells Craig the news. Dusty finds Rose hanging in the barn, where one misstep would end her life. "Brackett" sneaks up from behind, and he and Dusty struggle over a gun. Just as Rose panics and falls, Paul saves her life. Dusty gets the gun and asks "Brackett" why he shouldn't just kill him right there.

Margo arrives and keep an eye on "Brackett" while Dusty goes after Rose. He finds her untied, and she doesn't know how she got there. Rosanna asks Carly if Sage is really Jack's. Katie is upset that she didn't get to comfort Mike. Mike tells Molly he has decided to stay in Oakdale. He says he has friends he would miss. Craig says if Katie cares for Mike, she should let him know. Mike and Molly decide to go their separate ways for good.

Bonnie is afraid she has been too hard on Sarah. Isaac again warns her about the girl, but says he will stay with her while she checks on the girl. Walker tells Bonnie that they want to treat Sarah, but they can't because she is a ward of the state. Jessica tells Ben she wants to marry him, but wants to postpone it. Carly resents Rosanna's questions about the test, and Rosanna apologizes. Mike offers to take Parker frog hunting for Jack. Craig thinks Jack married Carly because he knew about the baby all the time. Margo tells Rose that James was behind the kidnapping.

Rose is shocked that James actually led the police to her. Lily wants to know why Dusty is at the police station. Molly tells everyone at the wedding reception that Lily and Rose have been found. Bonnie decides to take Sarah home with her for the night, against Isaac's better judgment. Ben says he will be patient with Jessica.

Ben assures Jessica that she will eventually get past her fear from her attack. Isaac tells Jessica and Ben that he is getting fed up with Bonnie and Sarah. Carly and Rosanna agree to cultivate their new friendship once they return to Oakdale. Lily wants to take Rose home with her for the night. Holden tells Dusty to leave Rose alone.

Mike tells Katie he will not be leaving Oakdale. Parker asks Molly to dance. Rose remembers Paul cutting her down from the rafters, but tells Margo she doesn't know how she got down. Paul makes arrangements to visit James in prison.

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