ATWT Update Friday 7/4/03


As the World Turns Friday 7/4/03

By Loretta 

Carly hands Sage to Jack and says her eyes look like her dad’s. Jack looks funny at Carly. Carly tells Jack that the DNA results were delivered today and there is no question about it - he (Jack) is the father. Jack takes Sage in his arms and kissing her, says he loves her. Jack says he has never been happier. Jack tells Sage he will be the best father to her. Carly says there is only one problem, telling Mike. Jack says he will help Carly tell Mike. Mike comes over to Jack and Carly and says he already knows that Sage is Jack’s. Carly tells Mike that she intended to tell him this evening. Mike says it was only right that the father (Jack) know first. Mike (holding back tears) sincerely tells Carly and Jack congratulations on their wedding and their beautiful little girl. Alone with Mike, Carly tells him she is sorry but that he (Mike) is still her friend. Carly tells Mike he would have made Sage a great daddy and someday he will. Mike says he hopes so. Carly leaves for the reception. Katie tells Carly it is her fault that Mike found the letter. Carly says he would have found out this evening anyhow. Katie tells Carly that Molly knows, but she forced it out of her (Katie). Katie apologizes for making a rude remark about her cousin Molly. Carly tells Katie to forget it. Jack tells Mike he knows what he is going through (referring to baby JJ). Mike tells Jack that he had better take good care of Sage. Jack tells Mike that whenever he throws a party, he is always welcomed. Near the reception, Jack thanks Carly for giving him a family. Jack picks up Parker and says he is happy they are a family. Mike begins to cry. Mike finds Molly standing near him and asks her how she found out he is not Sage’s father. Molly says it doesn’t matter. Molly tells Mike that he deserves the same happiness as Jack and Carly. Mike begins to cry again, saying he doesn’t know if he can get over this. Katie finds Molly holding Mike in her arms.

Back inside the Montana cabin, Mike asks Katie what she is holding behind her back. Katie says it was a letter she found, which is none of her business. Mike realizes that letter states the DNA results. Mike obtains this letter from Katie. Mike is devastated and walks out onto the porch. Molly asks Mike what is wrong. Mike tells Molly he needs to be alone at the moment and he walks away. Molly asks Katie what she did to Mike. Katie says Molly it is none of her business. Molly presses Katie for what she is hiding. Katie tells Molly that Mike just found out that Sage is not his.

At the police station, Margo phones Holden and Dusty on the road, informing them that the well is located near a hunting lodge. Margo then learns that Brackett escaped. Holden picks up Lily’s voice on his phone. Lily hears Holden on the cell phone, which was dropped in the well days earlier. Lily says that Rose managed to climb out. Holden tells Lily he will be there in a few minutes. Lily tells Holden she loves him, then she is unconscious. Holden and Dusty arrive at the well. Holden calls out to Lily but she does not answer. Holden climbs down the well and finds Lily who is barely conscious. Rocks and dirt fall on them. Holden calls out for Dusty but he does not answer. Holden manages to carry Lily up out of the well to safety. Margo arrives and asks where Dusty is.

Margo phones Dusty who learns that Brackett escaped. Margo says she and the search team will be at the well site soon. Outside the well, Bracket grabs Rose as she began her search to look for help. Inside the hunting lodge, Brackett tells Rose she will die. Outside Dusty makes his way inside the lodge. Dusty states “Oh my God Rose!” Dusty finds Rose alive but she is hanging from the lodge ceiling like a stuffed animal, while Brackett is hiding behind the door with a gun, waiting for Dusty.

Bonnie arrives at the shelter to drop off her completion of community service hour’s form. Troy tells her to leave them on the desk, since at the moment the shelter is having a crisis. Isaac tells Bonnie that she obviously hasn’t forgotten about Sara. Bonnie gets a call from Sara who wants to know why they do not hang out any more. Sara says she will personally apologize to Dr. Daniels for borrowing his PDA machine. Bonnie tells Sara she is proud of her. Isaac tells Bonnie that having Sara in her life will just bring her problems.

At the hospital, Sara apologizes to Dr. Daniels for stealing his PDA machine. Dr. Daniels reminds Sara that one learns from mistakes. Sara asks Dr. Daniels to be sure to tell Bonnie about her apology and visit. Dr. Daniels agrees. Dr. Daniels notices that Sara is running a fever. Sara says this happens all the time and it is nothing. Dr. Daniels insists on examining her. Bonnie and Isaac arrive. Bonnie tells them she apologized to Dr. Daniels and that she is sick. Bonnie and Isaac say they hope she gets well and say they must leave. Sara falls down and complains of dizziness (Bonnie and Isaac thinks she is faking). Dr. Daniels walks to Sara and asks for emergency help.

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