ATWT Update Thursday 7/3/03


As the World Turns Thursday 7/3/03

By Loretta

At the police station Barbara tells Holden, Margo and Dusty that she thinks Lily and Rose are inside the well near the old Stewart cabin, since James used to take Paul there when he was a little boy. Barbara said James would tell that rhyme to little Paul in order to scare him to prevent Paul from falling inside the well. Margo brings out the maps. Dusty and Holden go to search the areas within a three mile radius around the cabin. On the road, Dusty tries to make small talk with Holden. Holden tells Dusty he will never be a friend to him, since this whole kidnapping is his fault. Margo tells Barbara that she knows it was hard for her to do this. Barbara tells Margo that since she talked to James, she will never end up a hunter. The word hunter triggers something for Margo who heads to the hospital. Margo asks Susan if her ex-husband Dan Stewart was a hunter. Susan says Dan was a hunter and frequented a hunting lodge. Susan shows Margo where this lodge is located on a map. Margo phones Holden and tells him she knows where the well is. Back at the police station, Bracket breaks out of his cell and walks out wearing a police uniform.

Still inside the well, rocks cave in on top of Lily and Rose. Lily thinks Rose is unconscious, but she wakes up coughing from all the dirt. Rose insists she will still climb to the top. Rose successfully makes it to the top of the well and climbs out safely. Rose yells down to Lily that she made it! As soon as Rose intends to walk off to look for help, Bracket (disguised as a cop) grabs her.

Everyone prepares for Carly and Jack’s wedding. Watching Mike hold Sage, Molly asks Jack how he will deal with it if he turns out not to be Sage’s father. Jack tells Molly that even if Sage is not his, he will love her just as much as Parker. Watching Mike, Craig comments to Rosanna that he cannot understand what women see in Mike, since he is broke and dresses bad. Rosanna humorously asks Craig if he is involved with Jack, since the two of them shared a sleeping bag the other night. Craig says he does not like the idea of Mike seeing his sister Katie. Rosanna warns Craig to keep out of Katie’s business. Molly thanks Mike for calling her to attend Carly and Jack’s wedding. Molly tells Mike that she would like to talk about them. Mike says nothing. Molly noticed that Mike said nothing when he saw Katie. Carly is delivered the DNA results. Carly looks at the letter and says she cannot believe it. Katie, having walked in the room and seeing the shocked look on Carly’s face, asks her what if wrong. Carly says that this letter came at a bad time. Later Katie stands outside and talks to her daddy up in heaven about Simon. Katie realizes its almost near wedding time so she goes to alert Carly. The wedding begins with Katie walking out first. Bride Carly makes her grand entrance wearing a white dress with lilac and white flowers in her hair. Holding a feather, Hanna then begins the Native American wedding ceremony, which calls for the bride and groom to say why they love each other. Hanna then announces that each person witnessing this ceremony can offer a blessing as a gift, if they would like. Craig, the first to speak, says that Jack and Carly have his respect since they dealt with so many obstacles in their relationship. Rosanna wishes Carly and Jack joy. Molly says she is glad to be back in Carly’s heart, because without her, the world is a lonely place. Molly tells Jack and Carly that they have faith in people, which has taught her (Molly) to have also. Katie says that Carly and Jack have what everyone wants which is to have someone who loves them back. Parker says he wants food. Mike wishes them the best. Jack and Carly place their rings on each other’s fingers. After Hanna makes the final blessing, Carly and Jack are married and they kiss for a lengthy. After everyone congratulates the couple, Carly and Jack stand over Sage in her crib. Carly tells Jack that he is perfect and that she has something to tell him. Jack gives Carly his wedding gift, which is a necklace with the birthstones belonging to him, Carly, Parker and Sage. Carly picks up Sage while telling Jack that she has something for him also. Carly looks at Jack and says that Sage has her daddy’s eyes.

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