ATWT Update Wednesday 7/2/03

As the World Turns Wednesday 7/2/03

By Loretta

Carly tells Molly she fears Jack may leave her if Sage does not turn out to be his. Molly suggests Carly should postpone the wedding if she has any doubts about Jack. Carly says she cannot do that because she knows in her heart that Jack would never leave her if Sage is Mike‘s. Molly presents Carly with her bridal veil that she wore on her wedding day to Jake. Carly hugs Molly for this. Carly tells Molly how she may use this veil again if she marries - someone like Mike. Molly says that she cannot force Mike to propose to her. Katie walks in, obviously uncomfortable that Molly is there. Katie gives Carly some flowers to use as her bridal bouquet. Katie sees the veil that Molly presented to Carly, which leads to their discussion of Jake and Simon. Katie tells Molly that she should be glad that she had a taste of true love (referring to her marriage to Jake). Molly asks Katie why she is being so nice to her. Katie says she can’t stand the way she (Molly) treats Mike. Katie also says that Mike is usually sad or happy after he speaks with her (Molly). Katie tells Molly that she and Mike are only friends. Later after Carly realizes how happy she is, Molly comes and hugs her. Kissing cousins Carly and Molly look at a rainbow in the sky. Carly receives the DNA results. Carly’s mouth opens in shock.

Chris tells Susan and Rick that they must insist that Alison not work at the hospital until this case is solved. Frustrated since Alison turns 18 in a few days Susan says she can perhaps ground her for a few days. Susan is afraid Alison will hate her again for ordering her to stay home for her safety. Susan tells Rick she had a dream in which she was about to read Nurse Krebs’ diary, which would have revealed the serial killers identity. Later on, seeing Chris, Alison and Susan, Gordy announces that thanks to Alison, he is permanently barred from this hospital. Gordy yells that he is innocent. Hal tells Gordy that he will escort him out.

Hal tells Dr. Daniels to back off the staff questioning (Hal found Dr. Daniels questioning Rick). Dr. Daniels insists he must have answers. After Gordy is escorted off the hospital premises, Hal asks Alison if she intends to press charges against Gordy for attacking her. Alison says no. Later Dr. Daniels enters Rick’s room to inform him that Gordy attacked Alison Stewart. Rick asks if Gordy is their primary suspect now. Dr. Daniels says yes, but he pays close attention to Rick’s reaction. Rick says it must be terrible to have a killer’s mind (referring to Gordy). Rick tells Susan that Dr. Daniels said the case is closed since they have Gordy as a prime suspect. Rick keeps questioning Susan about Hal’s suspicions about the real killer. Rick says this nightmare may be over for him (Dr. Daniels is watching Rick from the room window).

Tumbling rocks cave in on Lily and Rose who are still inside the well. Rose sees that Lily is barely conscious. Rose manages to wake Lily up. Rose still insists on climbing her stairway made of rocks. Rose keeps telling Lily that she will see Holden again soon.

Responding to Holden’s television announcement promising ten million dollars to anyone with information leading to Rose and Lily’s whereabouts, James Stenbeck calls in the police station. James tells Margo that if he is allowed his own TV time, he will give them clues to the twins’ location. Margo gets angry and tells James that they don’t have time for his games and hangs up. James calls back demanding that Margo get him on the air in five minutes or else. James gets his way. Margo puts James on her speakerphone and he says that if they want to find Lily and Rose, they must find Johnny Stout first. James hangs up. Dusty and Holden immediately try to find the answer to James’ clue. Lucy finds the clue in a nursery rhyme, which mentions Johnny Stout. Thanks to Lucy recalling this nursery rhyme, Holden realizes that James hid Lily and Rose inside a well. Margo sends out search parties. Holden wants Bracket to give him confirmation on this clue. Bracket is escorted to the room where Holden and Dusty are. When Holden asks Bracket about a well, Bracket immediately starts to say “how did you find that out,” but stops himself. This is the confirmation, which Holden needed. Barbara arrives and tells Holden that based on James’ clue, she knows which well Lily and Rose are in.

After hearing Alison tell John Dixon that she feels Gordy is the killer, Gordy corners Alison in Bob’s office. Alison tries to push Gordy aside but he won’t let her. Alison screams. Gordy tells her to shut up. Chris hears Alison screaming. Chris runs in and finds Gordy grabbing Alison. Chris pushes Gordy off of Alison, then John walks in. John tells Gordy he had no right to grab Alison. Gordy says he was only trying to shut Alison up. John tells Gordy that as of now his services at Oakdale Memorial are terminated. John goes to find Hal and Dr. Daniels to explain what happened. Alison thanks Chris for helping her. Before he leaves, Chris tells Alison to be careful. Alison smiles as Chris walks away. Alison leaves a message for Chris on his phone in which she screams for help. Chris immediately runs back to Alison and realizes she was joking. Chris tells Alison not to start any fireworks. Alison tells Chris that she can promise him something more sexy than fireworks.

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