ATWT Update Tuesday 7/1/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 7/1/03

By Hilary

Susan tells Rick she wants him to be on bed rest for a few more days. Walker asks Rick why he is the only one who managed to live through an attack. Alison tells John she wants to come back to work, but Chris says he will make her go home. Henry arrives for a meeting with Dusty at the country club; he is carrying a box. Rose's leg cramps when she makes another attempt to climb from the well. Lucinda thinks money is the key to finding Lily and Rose.

Lucinda wants to offer a reward for the girls despite what Margo says; Holden agrees. Lucy knows Aaron is upset about his missing aunts. Henry says he reworked some walkie-talkies so they may pick up the frequency of the one the girls have. Barbara arrives to meet with John. Rick becomes upset by Walker's questions. He asks if fingerprints were found on the syringe used in his attack, but Walker wonders why he assumes the syringe was found. Hal arrives, and asks Walker to leave Rick's room. Alison tells Chris he can't order her around, and that she wants to keep her job because he needs her.

Chris says Alison is too stubborn. She says she needs to be there to help him. She tries to convince him that she will be safer there since Gordo is on suspension. Gordo asks for his job back, but John tells him to go home. Dusty confronts Barbara, demanding she help find the twins. Barbara realizes that James may have been giving her clues at the prison when he told her to remember Paul at birth, at two, at five, and at seven. Dusty asks if she can connect them, but she's not sure. Lucy wants Aaron to help Holden, but he thinks he should stay out of the way. She reminds him that he didn't stay away from her after her accident. They agree to follow Holden and Lucinda to the police station. Lucinda and Holden convince Margo to allow a small press conference, where they will offer a $10 million reward for finding the missing women.

Aaron insists that he be allowed to help in the search, over Holden's protests. Holden tells Aaron and Lucy they can man the phones at the police station. Lily passes out, and dreams of Holden; he tells her they will always be together, and says she needs to help him find her. When she awakens, she insists Rose lean on her. Barbara accuses Dusty of trying to do penance by finding the girls. She says she won't help him get the glory, although she will do what she can to help Lily. She even hopes Rose comes back, just so she can break Dusty's heart.

Walker says he doesn't appreciate Hal's attitude with him. Hal says Walker is too pushy. He tells Walker to back off. When Walker refuses, Hal says he will make his demands official. Alison tells John that Gordo must be the killer, while Gordo listens in. Rose dreams that Dusty found them. She tells him she loves him, but they can't be together because she promised Lily. She calls out Dusty's name in her sleep, and Lily overhears. At the press conference, Holden offers $10 million for the safe return of Lily and Rose. Someone calling himself "James Stenbeck" calls the police station.

More debris rains onto the girls in the well. The mysterious caller is the real James. He tells Margo if she puts him on live tv, he will give them all the answers they need. Chris tells Susan that Alison is insisting on coming back to work. John tells Alison that he will have to ask her mother for permission for Alison to return to work. Gordo confronts Alison alone in Bob's office, asking her how it feels to be alone with a killer.

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