ATWT Update Monday 6/30/03

As the World Turns Monday 6/30/03

By Hilary

Molly arrived in Montana for Jack and Carly's nuptials. Rosanna said it was bad luck for Craig and Rosanna return from their horseback riding with Parker. Craig doesn't like that Mike is going to sleep next to Katie. Rosanna says it's bad luck for Carly and Jack to sleep in the same bed the night before the wedding. Rosanna suggests the women sleep inside and the men sleep on the porch. Allison tells Emily she is afraid of Rick, and Emily admits she is a bit suspicious of him, too. Rick is shocked back to life, and Susan tells Walker he must feel foolish for accusing Rick of the murders. The fake Agent Brackett tells Dusty he intends to push him out of the plane after take-off, but Margo manages to stop the flight in time.

Katie explains that she and Mike are sharing a sleeping bag for warmth, but Craig doesn't buy it. Molly arrives and surprises Katie, Mike, and Craig. Rosanna and Carly try to convince Jack to sleep on the porch. Susan tells Allison and Emily that Rick is in the ICU. Chris accuses Gordo of trying to kill Rick. Dusty thanks Margo for saving his life. Margo interrogates the fake Agent Brackett, and then Holden attacks him, demanding the whereabouts of his wife.

Katie welcomes Molly, saying Carly will be happy to see her. Molly and Katie go inside for the "bachelorette slumber party." Carly is thrilled, and introduces Sage to Molly. Carly says Sage will love Molly as much as she does. Jack and Craig are forced to share a sleeping bag. Emily questions why an injection of potassium chloride wouldn't kill Rick like it had the others. Rick awakens, and groggily tells Susan and Walker he had found Nurse Krebs's diary, but was attacked after he'd only read a few pages. Chris asks Gordo where he was when Rick was attacked. Hal wants to question Chris and Gordo, but first asks Allison if she knows where Chris and Gordo were at the time of the attack. Margo pulls Holden off the fake Agent Brackett, and then tells him to leave the police work to her. The "agent" says he doesn't care whether the girls live or die.

Margo allows Dusty and Holden to listen to her interrogate the "agent." Dusty suggests they offer him something to get him to talk. Molly says Carly and Jack should take a honeymoon. Carly, Molly, and Katie tell Rosanna that Craig doesn't deserve her. The girls all discuss their lack of honeymoons. Katie jokingly suggests they write to the president, demanding a mandatory two-week honeymoon for every marriage. Craig tries to pay Jack to let him use the sleeping bag alone, but Jack refuses. Craig asks Jack to tell him a bedtime story, and Mike and Parker laugh. Rick asks Walker to apologize for accusing him of murder, but Walker refuses. Susan reassures Rick that Walker's opinion doesn't matter to her. Emily deduces that Walker believes that Rick may have made his own heart stop to deflect suspicion. Allison tells Hal she didn't see Chris or Gordo during the attack. Allison tells Emily she thinks Hal suspects Chris of the murders.

Craig teases Jack as they share their sleeping bag. Jack insists they put a pillow between them. Craig then mockingly tells Jack he loves him. Inside the cabin, the girls toast to true love. Neither Chris nor Gordo have alibis during Rick's attack, so Hal tells John he wants them both relieved of duty while the investigation continues. Hal then orders Allison to take a leave of absence and stay away from the hospital for her own protection. She tells him she hates him. Emily doesn't appreciate Hal's attitude with Allison. Holden offers the "agent" anything he wants for information about the twins. "Brackett" says Stenbeck will kill him if he gives up any information.

Holden promises the "agent" he will be safe. "Brackett" says he already has what he wants: Holden will never see his wife again. Hal tell Chris to stay away from the hospital, but he refuses, saying he will visit his father. Allison tells Chris she knows he is innocent, but he says she should stay away from him for her safety. Jack and Mike switch sleeping bags, but continue to tease each other, amusing Parker and Mike. The girls say goodnight, thanking Carly for letting them share her special day.

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