ATWT Update Friday 6/27/03


As the World Turns Friday 6/27/03

By Loretta 

Molly arrives at the police station for news on Lily and Rose. Emily informs Molly that Carly just had her baby, Sage. Emily is surprised that Molly didn’t know. Emily says that Carly still does not know who the father is. Molly is obviously upset by this news and leaves. Emily gets a call from Alison who asks her to come to the hospital, since their mom (Susan) is asking to be arrested (Susan is protesting Rick‘s innocence). Emily tells Alison to let Hal handle Susan. Later Emily arrives at the hospital and Alison overhears her saying that suspicious murders occurred at the hospital Dr. Rick worked at previously.

Jack senses that something is bothering Carly. Carly says she wishes Molly were coming to her wedding. (Mike overhears this). Mike tells Katie that Carly wants Molly to be at her wedding. Mike says he can call Molly to come but he will not if Katie does not want her to. Katie tells Mike she wants him to do whatever makes him happy. Katie says that all this talk of the wedding got her thinking of the way a marriage is supposed to be, reminding her of Simon. Mike tells Katie that he will look out for her. Mike then phones Molly and invites her to Carly and Jack’s wedding. Molly hesitates until Mike says that Carly wants her there but felt it was too much to ask of her (Molly).

At the hospital Susan tries to convince Kim to keep Rick as Bob’s physician. Kim sticks to her decision, but tells Rick that he hopes he understands. Susan gets angry and says that if Rick is a killer, then she is, so the police can arrest them both. Hal tells Susan that they are out of cells. Kim starts crying and says her mind is made up and Ben Harris will be Bob‘s physician. Later we find out that Dr. Decker’s father was a very prestigious physician who was one of the first to perform a heart transplant. Dr. Daniels brings these facts up to Dr. Decker and says to him (Dr. Decker) that it must have been hard living up to his dad’s image. Dr. Decker tells Dr. Daniels he does not need to use psychology on him and accuse him of being a mad man. Nurse Krebs’ sister arrives to collect her sisters’ belongings, including her diary (Dr. Decker and Dr. Daniels hear this). Dr. Decker tells Susan that he feels that Nurse Krebs’ kept a journal and must have written something in there that will clear him. Dr. Decker intends to find out. While in Bob’s office, Dr. Decker phones Susan, telling her that he found Nurse Krebs’ diary. Susan and Dr. Daniels say they will be right there but when they arrive, they find Rick unconscious.

Gordy finds Chris going through his dad’s (Bob) belongings. John arrives and asks them what this is about. Chris says he was just retrieving some family photos to place in his dad’s room. John gets angry and warns Gordy and Chris about their behavior. John says that since the hospital is short handed, he will revoke Chris’ suspension. Alison walks into Bob’s office and tells Chris that she is scared of living under the same roof as Dr. Decker (Rick) so she will move in with Hal and Emily. Chris hugs Alison. Alison says she is afraid Rick will make her lemonade laced with cyanide. Later Rick asks Alison if she knows where Nurse Krebs’ kept her diary. Frightened, Alison says no and dashes off.

Holden finds Barbara sipping a drink at the country club poolside. Holden asks Barbara what James said to her regarding Rose and Lily. Barbara says James insulted her and talked in riddles regarding Lily and Rose’s location. Barbara says that James wants revenge on Rose, Dusty and her (Barbara - since he blames her for Paul’s death). Barbara says that James mentioned in his riddle words like “love, underground deep springs” and “caverns.”

Margo and Agent Bracket find Dusty standing over dead Stanley (who worked for Charlie). This makes Dusty look like the killer, which Agent Brackett states. Dusty says this is the work of James Stenbeck. Agent Brackett hauls Dusty off to the police station, against Margo’s wishes. Margo feels that Dusty will track down Lily and Rose. Agent Bracket says he will consider freeing Dusty, while he takes him to the station. Barbara and Holden arrive at the station to figure out what James’ riddles indicate. Dusty tells Barbara and Holden how he was just set up again by James (he was found standing over a dead body). Holden goes over James’ riddles again with Barbara and Margo. Holden figures the clues may indicate that Rose and Lily may be hidden inside a cave. Margo retrieves a map for Holden. Holden says he will immediately go out himself and search the various caves in Oakdale. Holden leaves on his search. Before Barbara leaves, she tells Dusty that James intends to punish him for betraying Paul. Agent Brackett takes Dusty off to Washington D.C. with him. Later the real Agent Bracket arrives. Margo is shocked.

While Rose yelled for help, her screaming caused more rocks to fall. Rose tells a very sleepy Lily that she intends to climb the rocks, but says she hates to leave her there. While Rose is climbing, Lily asks for her. Lily is frightened that something happened to Rose. Rose climbs back down and tells Lily she is ok.

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