ATWT Update Wednesday 6/25/03

As the World Turns Wednesday 6/25/03

By Loretta

At the poolside, Sara apologizes to Bonnie for stealing Dr. Daniels tape recorder. Bonnie tells Sara that Troy is on his way back to take her back to the shelter. Sara cries and wants a second chance. Troy arrives and asks if Dr. Daniels will press charges against Sara. Bonnie says she is not sure. Troy tells Bonnie that Sara has stolen before. Sara offers to return Bonnie’s gifts and asks her (Bonnie) not to hate her. Sara hugs Bonnie. Bonnie tells Sara she will see her at the shelter. Sara is obviously disappointed. Bonnie goes to the hospital to deliver Dr. Daniels recorder. Bonnie says that Sara from the shelter stole it. Dr. Daniels says he will not press charges and holds no grudges against her (Sara). Dr. Daniels tells Bonnie that he hopes she won’t give up on Sara and says she (Bonnie) can still influence the youngster. Bonnie is impressed with Dr. Daniels and tells him he is a nice man. Dr. Daniels seems to be mutually impressed with Bonnie.

Carly tells Jack that she can’t wait until Parker sees Sage. Jack asks Carly if she wants to fly back home to Oakdale but Carly doesn’t want to yet. Carly tells Jack they need to focus on first getting married. Jack and Carly kiss. Rosanna, Carly and Parker arrive. Craig delivers Carly’s legal documents that she asked for. Craig brings Parker inside the house to surprise Carly. Craig first hides Parker from Carly, and then little Parker pops out and hugs Carly. Standing beside Sages’ crib, Parker asks Carly if they can keep her. Carly says of course they are keeping Sage. Rosanna makes small talk with Jack on the porch. Rosanna tells Jack that he owes her an apology for accusing her of kidnapping Carly. Jack says he has no need to since he was scared at the time. Jack finally apologizes to Rosanna, who accepts. Back inside the house, Craig mentions that Rosanna is waiting outside and wants to apologize to her (Carly). Jack agrees and advises Carly to accept Rosanna’s apology (this infuriates Carly). Rosanna enters and faces Carly. Carly tells Rosanna that she knows she hates her.

While Lily is near unconsciousness, Rose screams out loud for help. Rose tells Lily that when you’re from New Jersey, your mouth is the last thing to go. Rose feels Lily’s forehead, which is much warmer. Rose insists they will soon be found. As Rose yells for help again, rocks and dirt fall on top of them (a demolition crew seems to be outside). Rose says after a few more explosions, more rocks will fall which will allow her to build a ladder and climb up the well. Rose asks Lily to cheer her on as she lifts the heavy rocks.

At the police station Molly offers the help of FBI investigator (Agent Brackett) who can maybe help Rose and Lily. Margo says they don’t need him, but Holden insists and takes Molly up on her offer. Agent Brackett arrives (at Molly and Holden’s request). Agent Brackett’s presence makes Margo angry. Margo insists she knows her job and doesn’t need Agent Bracket. Dusty arrives after seeing James and says that he (James) admitted he is involved in the kidnapping. Agent Brackett asks Margo why Dusty is not behind bars for the kidnapping.

Barbara arrives at James’ cell. James tells Barbara when she took Paul away from him a long time ago, he still feels the rage. James reminds Barbara that Dusty will pay for betraying Paul (regarding Rose) and so will she (Barbara) for driving Paul to his death. Barbara bites back at James’ hurting remarks. James tells Barbara that she seems more bold and offers to strip her to check for wires. After telling him to go to Hell, Barbara tells James that one of his men grabbed the wrong twin (Lily). Grabbing Barbara by the back of her neck, James tells her that he finally realizes she (Barbara) obviously loves and has faith in him, since she came to see him today for help. Dusty hears James mention Rose’s name, so he enters the cell area. Dusty asks James where Rose is. James says he gave Holden everything he needs to find them. Disgusted with James’ riddles, Dusty leaves. Barbara shuts the door and asks James what he has in store for her. James tells Barbara that she will pay for killing their son, but he won’t do a thing. James says that when she lies in bed that night she will see Paul as an infant and at the age of five in his red cowboy boots. James continues to stir up memories of Paul, causing Barbara to cry. James says if she allowed him to help raise Paul, he would have grown up a different man and would have loved her, the way he (James) loves her (Barbara) ... and would still be alive. Barbara can’t say a word but is full of tears. James tells Barbara that he has something planned for her, which won’t be pleasant. Barbara leaves James’ cell and tells Marshall that she thought she was strong, but James still gets to her. Barbara says that she won’t let him or Dusty or anyone drag her back into James’ life.

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