ATWT Update Tuesday 6/24/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 6/24/03

By Hilary

Walker tells Ben that his PDA is missing. At the country club, Jessica warns Bonnie about giving too many gifts to Sarah. Sarah has Walker's stolen PDA in her tote bag. Hal refuses to let Craig and Rosanna take Parker to Montana, but Craig has coached Parker to convince Hal otherwise. Hannah says Jack and Carly are the talk of the town, then presents Carly with the mayor's wife's wedding dress. A semi-delirious Lily tells Rose she has been dreaming. Marshall tells Dusty he will help Barbara gain access to James.

Hal doesn't like Craig's tactics with Parker. Carly tries to refuse the dress that Hannah brings, saying it is too much; Hannah and Katie convince her to take it. Carly is worried that her papers have not arrived. Barbara begins to panic about meeting with James. She wails to Dusty that she has hurt all of her children, and that Paul was right to hate her in the end. Dusty tries to reassure her, but it doesn't work.

Sarah tells Bonnie she has had a great time with her; Bonnie says she has, too. Bonnie suggests taking Sarah to a spa in Chicago for a day. Walker discovers that whoever stole his PDA has been using it to download hip-hop music, which leads him to believe the thief is a kid. Jessica looks over at Sarah. Mike bonds more with Sage, and tells Jack that no matter the paternity results, he will always feel close to her. He asks Jack how he will feel about taking a back seat in their life if Mike turns out to be her father. Lily wants Rose to promise that if they get out of the well, she will stay away from Dusty. Barbara continues to refuse to see James. She then receives cards from James, with a note saying he is "anxiously awaiting her arrival."

Dusty and Marshall tell Barbara that she is safe, because the game would be over for James if she were dead. Barbara finally agrees to see James. Rose refuses to promise to cut Dusty out of her life, but Lily says that if anything happens to her and Rose stays with Dusty, Holden will never let Rose near their children. Carly tells Katie she is afraid that if Sage is not Mike's, it will break his heart. Mike tells Jack that if Sage is his, he wants to make the big decisions with Carly, and Jack agrees. Mike then says he will want Sage to live with him part-time, not just visit.

Walker tells Bonnie, Jessica, and Ben that his PDA has an alarm that will go off soon, and the thief will not be able to turn it off. Bonnie accuses Jessica of being a snob about Sarah. Hal continues to refuse to allow Craig to take Parker to Montana, but Rosanna reminds Hal of how much he wanted Will at his own wedding. Mike continues to lay out his plan for joint custody of Sage to Jack. Jack asks him to keep these ideas to himself until after the wedding.

Mike agrees not to discuss custody of Sage until after the wedding. Katie and Carly talk about how nice it will be to have a nice drama-free wedding. Hal doesn't want Parker to get in the middle of a mess with Carly and Rosanna, but Parker convinces him to let him go. Craig and Rosanna head for the airport with Parker. Jessica tells Ben she will back off of Bonnie. Bonnie hears Walker's PDA alarm go off in Sarah's bag. Rose agrees to not see Dusty again, but makes Lily agree to fight for her life in return. She insists that Dusty would do anything to help them, despite what Lily thinks. Barbara goes to see James.

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