ATWT Update Monday 6/23/03

As the World Turns Monday 6/23/03

By Hilary

Jack and Carly discuss getting remarried in Montana. Katie and Mike offer to baby-sit Sage while they go pick up their license. Rosanna tries to comfort Emma about Lily's disappearance, while she tells Ro about Sage's birth. Ro says she is jealous of Carly's family. Holden is frustrated about the police's lack of progress, while Dusty says they are in over their heads. Barbara denies knowledge of how McCann's body appeared in her suite. Hal and Susan discuss concern over Bob's health. Bob discusses Nurse Krebs's diary with a mystery visitor. He warns them that unless the mystery person can convince him otherwise, he will go to the police and tell them who has been committing the hospital murders.

Margo asks Barbara who might want to set her up. Dusty tells Holden and Molly he thinks James is behind the kidnappings. He tells Molly he can get proof if he can get out of jail. Carly and Jack prepare Katie and Mike for their baby-sitting duties. Rosanna laments her inability to have children. Craig tells Emma that he and Rosanna will take Parker to Montana for Carly and Jack's wedding. While discussing Bob's health with Hal and Susan, Kim discovers Chris's suspension. Bob tries to talk to Hal, but instead collapses at his feet.

Bob is rushed to intensive care. Chris rushes to Bob's office to retrieve his medication. He confronts Gordo, who is in the office rifling through files on Bob's desk. Mike is overwhelmed by his feelings for Sage. Carly and Jack astound the county clerk with their strange story. Dusty works to convince Molly to help him out of jail, insisting that if he can get to Barbara, she can get to James.

Margo tells Dusty, Molly, and Holden about McCann's death. Molly suggests they let Dusty follow through on his hunch. Mike tells Katie he is afraid to bond with Sage, in case she isn't his. Katie tells him he shouldn't be afraid. The county clerk and his wife get a kick out of Jack and Carly. Emma likes Craig's idea about a trip to Montana, but Rosanna disagrees. She says she may never want to see Carly again. Walker says he wants Ben to take over Bob's case from Rick. Hal breaks up the fight between Chris and Gordo. Gordo says he only wanted to see his personnel file. Chris and Gordo accuse each other of harming Bob.

Ben, Kim, and Susan stand up for Rick to Walker. Kim says she wants Rick to remain as Bob's physician. Hal tells Walker he is determined to find out what Bob was trying to tell him before his collapse. Dusty demands that Barbara visit James, but she refuses. Katie convinces Mike that he shouldn't be afraid to bond with Sage. Carly calls Craig, asking him to send her copies of her divorce decrees and important papers that she needs to get her new marriage license. Craig tells Rosanna they are going to Montana.

Jack and Carly come home to find Mike feeding Sage. Rosanna says she doesn't want to go to Montana. Craig offers to take Parker himself, but she says no way. Rick tells Kim and Chris that Bob is in a coma. Barbara continues to refuse to see James, but Dusty bullies her, convincing her to do it for Paul.

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