ATWT Update Friday 6/20/03


As the World Turns Friday 6/20/03

By Loretta 

Craig joins Rosanna at the Oakdale pool area and ignores her chatter. Rosanna tells Craig she is going to run off with the Oakdale All Male Nude Revue, but Craig still ignores her. Craig is busy watching Aaron and Lucy kiss in the pool. Rosanna tells Craig to stop staring at Lucy and Aaron. Tired of being watched by Craig, Aaron suggests to Lucy that she accompany him on a vacation to Wisconsin. Lucy agrees with this idea. Lucy and Aaron join Craig and Rosanna at their table. Aaron says he offered to help in the search for Lily and Rose, but his dad (Holden) was against it. Rosanna suggests she take them out on a boat for the 4th of July. Aaron says he and Lucy planned on taking a camper trip to Wisconsin. Craig does not think this is a good idea. Aaron suggests all of them go together and says it will be fun. Aaron tells Craig he will give him a chance to think about this. Rosanna tells Craig that he owes Aaron an apology for his behavior. Craig says he doesn’t want the two of them going away alone together so they can have sex. Rosanna reminds Craig that Lucy and Aaron already did. Craig says that is true, but Lucy cannot remember it, so he doesn’t want Aaron bringing that memory back. Craig tells Aaron and Lucy that he found a fold out camper for them to drive to Wisconsin in. Lucy hugs Craig for this. Craig warns Aaron to make sure he keeps Lucy safe. Alone with Rosanna, Craig says this camper he rented for Lucy and Aaron, lets everyone look in and gives the campers no privacy.

Alison meets Chris at the hospital. Hal is waiting to question Chris. Chris is questioned by Hal and Dr. Daniels (Bob is present). Hal asks Chris what he was doing with a bottle of potassium chloride in his locker. Chris says he planned to put that drug in Gordy’s locker to set him up and see his reaction, which may give the police clues, but then he had second thoughts about doing this, so he placed it his own locker. Bob suspends Chris for this. Hal tells Bob that he wants to clear Chris, not implicate him, Bob says he understands. Hal tells Chris he is sorry he had to involve him in this. Chris says he intends to find out who the serial killer is. Hal warns Chris to keep out of this investigation. Bob looks through his files and comes up with a piece of interesting information (we don’t know what this is yet). Susan tells Alison that something was found in Chris’ locker. Alison says Chris would not do anything wrong and can’t understand why he is a suspect in the serial killings. Alison says she will find out herself what is going on. Alison asks Chris what he did. Chris gets angry and yells at Alison. Chris apologizes for his behavior and tells her that he did something stupid and got suspended. Alison says this must be a big deal. Alison says he can sort things out and she won’t bug him with a thousand questions. Later with Susan, Alison tells her she is tired of acting mature, since Chris just told her that he wants to be alone with his thoughts.

Rose panics down in the well (since Stuart was trying to help save them earlier but was killed). Rose yells out for help. A sleepy Lily tells Rose that she feels this well will soon cave in. Rose says she will try and climb for the top of the well by imagining a hot bath and chocolate eclairs are waiting up there for her. Rose says she doesn’t like to leave Lily (who is drowsy). Rose tells Lily that she knows for sure that Dusty is innocent.

At the police station Lucinda, Holden, Margo and Molly direct their anger at Dusty. Holden feels Dusty was behind Stuart’s death. Dusty denies this and reminds them that they should have let him handle this. Dusty says someone big is behind this kidnapping. Holden suggests they question Barbara Ryan. Lucinda wants to offer a reward in her newspaper, but Margo says no, that they cannot go public with this. Back home, Holden prepares to make a statement to the kidnappers on TV station WOAK. Kim arrives to help out. Molly and Holden go on the air. With the cameras on, Molly introduces Holden, who says that Lily is the mother of three children and they intend to pay the ransom money, with no questions asked. Holden pleads with the kidnappers to bring Lily and Rose home safely. During this statement, Margo gets a call from someone who says that Barbara Ryan is with McCann. Margo tells Lucinda they have a break in the case, and she rushes off. Dusty phones John to ask him to bring Barbara down for questioning. Barbara arrives at the station. Dusty tells Barbara that he feels she and James are behind the kidnapping. Dusty says he will keep her out of jail if she brings Lily and Rose home. Once Dusty mentions James, Barbara pays attention. Dusty tells Barbara to go ask James if he is behind the kidnapping. Barbara says she will never put herself under James’ thumb again, not for anyone. Barbara arrives back home and is greeted by Margo, who informs her they have a lead in the kidnapping, involving her. Barbara allows Margo inside her apartment and finds a dead Stuart lying on her (Barbara’s) couch.

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