ATWT Update Friday 6/13/03


As the World Turns Friday 6/13/03

By Loretta 

Hanna examines Carly and advises her that the baby is coming soon. Carly says she is not ready to bring her daughter into her world yet, since she is unsure of how Jack and Mike will deal with it. After being chased out of Carly’s room for yet another disturbance, Jack and Mike sit on the porch with Katie. Katie suggests that they give Carly a Native American celebration instead of getting in Carly‘s way (Katie is reading a book about Native American birthing rituals). In Carly’s room, Katie starts this blessing and begins the ritual chant; followed by Jack and Mike repeating this chant. Next Carly is given some blessing beads. Jack stands up and says he wants the baby to have his mother’s fire, beauty, stamina and struggle to survive. Mike interrupts Jack’s lovely speech by reminding Jack that the baby may be his. Carly gets irritated and announces that she will settle things once and for all. Carly says she wants the baby to live with her and Jack, but it is ok for the baby to have two fathers (referring to Mike). Again interrupting, Mike tells Carly and Jack that their relationship never lasts, which will be an unstable environment for the baby. Mike tells Jack he may not be a good father. Angry, Jack walks out of the room. Alone with Katie, Carly begins having labor pains. Later, Carly speaks alone to Mike and reminds him that he can see the baby any time he wants and their daughter will be greatly loved since she will have two fathers. To get Mike out of Carly and Jack’s way, Katie suggests to Mike that they go find a convenience store. Mike is not eager to go, but he finally gives in and goes with Katie. While on the road in search of a convenience store, Mike realizes their car is out of gas. Finally alone, Jack holds Carly in his arms and tells her that he wishes they could be by themselves for the baby’s birth. Carly says he may get his wish since Katie got Mike out of the way and that her water broke a few minutes ago. Jack smiles. Carly puts her hand on Jack’s face and they kiss.

At Memorial, Dr. Daniels finds out that Nurse Krebs was injected with a drug causing a heart attack, which caused her death. With Bob and Chris present, Hal questions Dr. Daniels’ theory, especially since the doctor wishes to exhume the bodies of the other patients who died similarly. Later at Java Underground, Chris, Bob and Kim dine together, they agree that Gordy has been acting strangely lately. Chris says he is worried since Alison Stewart went out with him. As Bob leaves, he runs into Gordy. Gordy tells Bob that there is something he needs to discuss with him. Gordy begins telling Bob he always wanted to be the kind of doctor he is and he apologizes for his past behavior. As Gordy further talks to Bob, Hal arrives and explains that earlier this evening, Gordy was caught trying to get rid of another drug vial. Gordy insists to Hal that he is innocent.

After finding Gordy tossing out the drug vial in her wastebasket, Alison approaches him about it. Alison asks if he intended to kill her or her mother. Gordy says he can explain this. When Alison tries running, Gordy stops her. Gordy tells her that when Katie dropped that vial, he picked it up and wanted to hide it because he was afraid everyone would automatically accuse him of the suspicious deaths at Oakdale. Gordy also says that someone planted another drug vial in his coat pocket earlier. Alison agrees to keep this a secret for Gordy. Susan and Rick arrive home. Alison and Gordy seem strange, so Rick asks them if everything is ok. Alison says they were only deciding on where to go out. As Alison walks him out the door, Gordy thanks her for keeping his secret. Just after Gordy leaves, Alison shows Susan and Rick the drug vial that Gordy tossed in their wastebasket. Alison announces she dated a serial killer (Gordy). Later on, Alison arrives with Susan and Rick at Memorial and hand over the drug vial that Gordy tossed away. Rick says the vial will be tested to see if this contained the same drug, which was found in Nurse Krebs’ bloodstream at the time of her death.

Still held captive in the well, Rose tells Lily she feels Dusty will rescue both of them. Lily feels Rose is being over-positive regarding their freedom. Rose and Lily decide to think about good things like how Holden beams every time Lily walks into a room. Lily and Rose’s positive thoughts are interrupted as Charlie tosses them down some food in a bucket. Rose says this is a good sign that they are being fed, since Charlie must want them to look presentable upon their release. Rose insists that once Charlie gets his money, they will be free.

While Margo is questioning Dusty at the police station, Charlie calls and leaves a message instructing that only Dusty is to deliver the ransom money. Holden and Lucinda arrive with the ransom money and learn that Rose has also been kidnapped. Holden insists he will deliver the money to Charlie but Dusty insists he should do this, since if he gets shot, it will not matter. Lucinda agrees with Dusty. Charlie leaves a message again indicating for Dusty to deliver the money in 30 minutes. Margo allows Dusty to make the ransom delivery. Dusty arrives at the ransom pickup site and sees Charlie waiting for him.

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