ATWT Update Thursday 6/12/03


As the World Turns Thursday 6/12/03

By Loretta

Young Sara overhears Bonnie arguing with Jessica for her interference regarding Sara’s visits. Bonnie threatens to move out if her mom (Jessica) does not stop interfering in her life. Bonnie says she wants to be a woman who wants to be trusted and respected. Sara comes back into their living room. Sara apologizes for being the cause of Bonnie fight with her mom. Sara tells Bonnie that she often has bad fights with her parents. Sara says she is at the shelter because she does not fit in. Bonnie then tells Sara how she did not fit into Oakdale when she first arrived either. Bonne assures Sara she did nothing wrong. Bonnie then starts re-arranging Sara’s hair and gives her some hair clips. Sara says she cannot pay for them. Bonnie tells Sara the clips are a gift (Jessica sees this and disapproves). Bonnie then applies makeup on Sara along with fashion tips. Ben arrives and Bonnie introduces him to Sara. After Bonnie and Sara leave, Ben senses Jessica’s dissatisfaction with this Sara situation. Jessica tells Ben how Sara was not invited, but instead she (Sara) followed her home from the mall. Ben doesn’t see what the problem is. Jessica tells Ben that she feels Bonnie is trying to act more responsible than she is. Jessica says that Bonnie is incapable of changing Sara’s life. Ben sits down with Jessica and advises her to talk to Bonnie about this situation. After giving Jessica a neck massage, Ben leaves for the hospital. Bonnie arrives back home excited about Sara’s enthusiasm. Bonnie tells Jessica she intends to expand Sara’s horizons. Jessica stops herself from commenting to Bonnie about these plans.

Alison arrives at Oakdale Memorial but is told to go home by a cold Chris. Chris apologizes to Alison for his abruptness. Alison smiles and asks Chris if he is still hung up about her date with Gordy. Chris changes the subject and advises her to stay away from the hospital, as there is someone going around killing people. Alison is shocked but glad that Chris cares about her. Chris insists to Alison that he is only her friend. Alison gets fed up and walks away from Chris. Alison marches over to Gordy and asks him to have lunch with her. Alison arrives at her house with Gordy. Gordy gets cranky and asks that she make them lunch. Alison tells Gordy to stop acting crazy. Gordy apologizes. While Alison goes to change for their lunch, Gordy takes out a vial from his pocket. Gordy places this vial in a wastebasket. Alison catches Gordy doing this and asks him what he is doing. Alison takes this wastebasket and finds this drug vial. Gordy asks Alison to give him the vial back.

Hal, Dr. Daniels and Bob try to find out what drug was contained in the vial, which Gordy was found with. Before Hal and Dr. Daniels arrive to question Gordy, we see Gordy hide another drug vial in his coat pocket. Hal, Bob and Dr. Daniels start questioning Gordy about that vial which was found by him. Gordy says he knows nothing but Hal tends not to believe him. Once Hal leaves, Bob questions Gordy about his nervous behavior. Gordy says he is stressed out since no one seems to believe that he had nothing to do with Nurse Krebs's death. Bob tells Gordy he understands. Later, Dr. Daniels arrives with the lab results from Nurse Krebs’ death, which indicate Oakdale Memorial has a serial killer on their hands. Bob says that Nurse Krebs must have found out the truth and was murdered by this killer.

Lucinda arrives at the police station and tells Margo that she has gotten Lily’s ransom money together. Lucinda asks Margo how she plans to bring Lily home if the kidnappers do not free her after given the ransom money. Lucinda pours out her heart to Margo, reminding her how Lily is the mother of three small children and she should have a chance to see them grow up. Lucinda tells Margo she wants Lily ... and justice. Lucinda leaves in a fury. Margo is notified that Dusty escaped police custody.

Speaking with Rose on the phone, Lily’s cell phone weakens, ending their conversation (this phone was accidentally dropped by kidnapper Stuart). Charlie arrives at Rose’s house. When Rose opens the door, Charlie can’t believe that Rose is actually a twin. Charlie knocks Rose out with a drug and has her brought inside the same well as which Lily is being held captive in. Rose wakes up and finds Lily standing over her. Rose tells Lily how she went over to her house, then Charlie put something over her mouth, which made her unconscious. Rose starts apologizing to Lily for getting her in this mess. Lily reminds Rose that they are two tough broads. Rose realizes that Lily’s arm is hurt. Lily asks Rose to promise her that if one of them has a chance to get out, she (Rose) must be the one. Rose insists that Dusty will free them both.

In the grasp of police officers, Dusty fights them off and manages to escape. Dusty heads to Rose’s house but she is not there. Instead Margo and her officers greet Dusty. Dusty insists that Margo allow him to find Rose and Lily. Margo finds Dusty’s pockets full of buttons from Lily’s jacket and a receipt from a pet store (the puppy with the ransom note). Dusty says Charlie Spangler planted these items on him when he lay unconscious. Dusty is now taken to the police station and questioned by Margo. Margo begins reading Dusty his rights.

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