ATWT Update Wednesday 6/11/03

As the World Turns Wednesday 6/11/03

By Loretta

Someone pears at Bonnie thru the house window as she arrives home from a shopping spree with goodies for her and her mom (Jessica). Bonnie realizes her mom is not home but also that someone is looking at her through the window. This peeping tom is Sara. Bonnie lets Sara inside. Sara is enthused about the clothes Bonnie just bought. Sara says she saw her new red skirt hanging up in Fashions. Sara asks Bonnie if she has to work for her money. Bonnie says he has a job and works for a living, even though she is a real “duchess.“ Bonnie offers to serve Sara some High Tea but Sara says she is not into drugs. Bonnie says that kind of tea is not drugs, but a flavored “tea.” Bonnie phones Troy (the shelter director) to notify him that Sara is with her. Sitting down to tea in the living room, Bonnie tells Sara the most important thing in life is what you make of your life, not how much money one has. Jessica arrives and is introduced to Sara. As Sara stands up to shake Jessica’s hand, she drops the tea; gets embarrassed and leaves the room. As Sara goes to get a towel, Bonnie tells Jessica that Sara followed her home. Jessica think that is strange behavior and suggests Bonnie stick to the shelter rules (not bringing this minor home with her). Bonnie gets defensive and says they were only playing dress up and enjoying tea and cookies. Jessica tells Bonnie that she doesn’t even know Sara’s background. Sara comes back out, cleans up the mess and apologizes. Troy arrives and reprimands Sara for going against the shelter rules (coming to Bonnie’s house). Sara explains she saw Bonnie shopping and followed her home (without Bonnie knowing this). When Sara leaves the room, Troy reminds Bonnie that the kids at the shelter have problems and she is not trained to handle certain situations. Bonnie tells Troy that she and Sara were only having fun. Jessica tells Troy they will have court papers drawn up so Bonnie can legally visit with Sara. Troy agrees. Once Troy leaves, Bonnie is annoyed at her mom and tells her she didn’t need her help and could have handled this situation alone.

After spending the Wyoming night with Mike inside a double sleeping bag (on Jack and Carly‘s doorstep), Katie wakes up and asks Mike what the Hell he thinks he is doing (Mike has his arm around Katie). Katie jumps up and questions Mike why he is only wearing his shorts. Mike says he always wears shorts in the morning and he just put his arms around her to keep her warm (the Wyoming temperature is quite cool). Later on while Carly is getting an exam by midwife Hanna, Katie, Mike and Jack eat breakfast in silence.

After spending a romantic night with Jack, Carly wakes up in his arms. Carly says this moment with him is absolutely perfect but she is afraid she will screw things up again in their relationship. Jack says their marriage will be perfect from now on. Carly asks Jack to promise her this. Jack smiles and places his hand on Carly’s cheek. Jack reminds Carly that no matter whom the father of the baby Carly is carrying turns out to be, they will be her parents. Carly and Jack are interrupted by Katie and Mike who offer to make breakfast. Jack insists he is cooking for everyone, but Carly suggests to Jack that he allow Katie and Mike to cook it. Carly and Jack climb back on their bed. Carly tells Jack she’d rather have him lying next to her like this instead of him in the kitchen. Hanna arrives to check on Carly and tells Jack the baby has dropped and is ready to be born, perhaps even in a day or two.

Rose arrives at the police station to speak with Margo. Margo is angry that she (Rose) agreed to allow Dusty to find Lily himself. Rose tells Margo if she brings the police into this mess, Charlie is sure to kill Lily. Rose tells Margo that Charlie meant to kidnap her, not Lily, so she has a plan to trade herself for Lily. Margo tells Rose she won’t help the situation by doing this. Margo pleads with Rose not to do this but Rose insists and heads over to Lily’s house. Rose phones Dusty but Charlie picks up Dusty’s phone pretending to be him. Rose tells Dusty (Charlie) that she is at Lily’s house and that Margo plans to call the cops on him. The doorbell rings and it is Charlie.

Dusty phoned Charlie and asked to speak with him. When Charlie arrives, he is informed by Dusty that he kidnapped the wrong woman (Lily). Charlie doesn’t believe Dusty. Dusty says Rose and Lily are twins. Dusty tells Charlie to hand over Lily to him. Charlie now tends to believe Dusty. Charlie phones Stuart (his associate), informing him that they kidnapped the wrong woman and orders him to fix this problem. Charlie tells Stuart to look for a wedding ring on the woman locked in the well. Stuart phones Lily down in the well and tells her to send up her wedding ring for proof and the ransom. Lily says she is hurt and needs a doctor. Stuart ignores Lily’s request. Lily says she is Rose, confusing Stuart. Stuart phones Charlie with this info. Charlie orders Stuart to feed Lily/Rose and he will find the real Rose. Dusty tells Charlie he will take him to the real Rose. As they leave together, Charlie knocks Dusty on the head. Dusty is unconscious. Margo finds Dusty and asks him what happened. Dusty tells Margo that Charlie was going with him to find Rose but Charlie must have knocked him out. Dusty says that he must find Rose before Charlie does.

After suffering a fall as she tried to escape the water well, Lily is unconscious. Lily wakes up but is injured. Lily yells for help and says she think she broke something. As Lily (pretending to be Rose) is sent some food down, Stuart’s cell phone falls down. Stuart warns Lily not to pick the phone up but Lily does and phones Rose. Rose asks Lily how and where she is. Lily tells Rose she thinks she is at the bottom of a well. Rose says that Dusty will be right over. Lily loses her cell connection.

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