ATWT Update Monday 6/9/03

As the World Turns Monday 6/9/03

By Didi

The lady in the cabin turns out to be a woman named Hannah. She talked to Jack and told him he was being a jerk. Hannah was prepared for such occasions. She made plans for a sexy night between Carly and Jack. She told Jack to pump Carly a warm bath to relax her muscles and also bought a sexy nightie for Carly. Hannah says she'll be back after their finished. Jack knocks on the bathroom door, where Carly has hidden herself. He tells her he has a surprise but she says she doesn't want it and to go away. He pretends to be hurt and she rushes out to make sure he's okay. He tells Carly to close her eyes. When she opens them, she sees a tub filled with bubbles waiting for her. She believes he only wants to see her naked. Jack says he was going to go for a walk and does, but later returns claiming he forgot his ice-cream. It's Carly's favorite so he gives her a few bites of his ice-cream. He gives her a massage while she's still relaxing in the tub. After that, the two share a few strawberries on the bed. He gives her an locket with Parker's picture and their wedding picture in it. Jack was counting stars when Carly says she knows Hannah planned the whole thing. But she also says Jack did good on following them. She asks Jack to go to bed with her, again.

Chris offered to track Alison and Gordo down but Hal said no thanks. When Chris left, Hal said he didn't trust Gordo and said he was going to call an "emergency". Gordo knows Alison is just going out with him to make Chris jealous. He tells her that he's going to have to kill Chris now so that she will like him and not Chris. Gordo's beeper goes off just as Gordo was going to kiss Alison. Alison told him that she was going to sleep at her sister Emily's house since her mother wasn't there. Molly found Chris at a bar. He tells her about Alison and how he casually drops in different bars, hoping she's there. After Molly leaves, Chris's cell-phone rings. It's Hal asking Chris to go to his house, just in case Alison and Gordo went there after their date. As Gordo is leaving, he kisses Alison and Chris happens to see it.

Margo is mad that Rose let Dusty leave even though she knew what's going on. Rose tries to convince Margo that Dusty has nothing to do with Lily's disappearance. Holden shows up and says convince him that Dusty's on their side. A police officer shows up before Dusty can talk to Spangler's guy. Holden tells Rose to tell him everything she knows about Spangler. Dusty walks in with the cop behind him and Holden punches Dusty hard. Holden told Dusty to tell him where his wife was. Holden is convinced Dusty is in on the plot and tells Rose he's only in it for the cash. Margo asks Dusty to go to the station with her. She says think of it as protective custody. Holden tells Rose that if she doesn't help the police identify Spangler and if something happens to Lily, Dusty will be the only family she has. Rose asks Holden to stay because he's the only family she has. She tells Holden that whoever kidnapped Lily meant to kidnap her. Holden tells Rose that he's known Lily for a long time and he is afraid of losing her. The kidnappers sent over something. Lily's jacket that has blood on it. The police produced a sketch of Spangler with the information Rose told them. Dusty won't say if it looks like Spangler. Margo tells Dusty she hopes he's happy for killing an innocent woman.

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