ATWT Update Friday 6/6/03


As the World Turns Friday 6/6/03

By Loretta 

Mike arrives at Memorial and finds Katie answering the phones at the nurse’s station. Katie tells Mike that currently Gordy is being questioned about Nurse Krebs’ death. After Mike gets a phone call from Molly regarding Carly’s whereabouts, he leaves. Chris gives Katie a message from Mike saying that if she needs rescuing later, he (Mike) will be there. Katie smiles. Hal is called to Memorial about the recent patient deaths. Hal tells Bob, Dr. Daniels, Susan, Rick and John that he should have been called sooner. Dr. Daniels explains that Nurse Krebs was injected with some lethal drug and he believes she was murdered. John feels that Bob’s negligence is to blame for the patient deaths, not some mystery killer.

Molly phones Mike from the Lakeview to inform him they have news of Carly’s whereabouts. Mike says he will be right over. Mike arrives and Molly tells him that Carly is in Muscle Shells, Wyoming. Mike says that maybe he should go to Wyoming and see how she is doing. Molly tells Mike that Jack just went up there, so he (Mike) should give them some time alone. Molly says that some time alone also may give them (she and Mike) to discuss some things. Mike realizes that Molly wants to get back together with him. Katie arrives much to Molly’s disappointment. Mike tells Katie that Carly is in Wyoming. Katie tells Mike that he was correct about her (Katie) being his good luck charm. Molly gets disgusted with Katie’s presence so she leaves. Mike tells Katie he may go to Wyoming to check on Carly. Mike asks Katie to come with him. Katie agrees and Mike thanks her. Katie and Mike walk off hand in hand.

Jack arrives at Carly’s Wyoming cabin and finds her wedding ring on the table, but no Carly. A few minutes later Carly walks in the door. Jack asks her how she could leave without saying a word to anyone about where she was going. Carly says she was fine since she has a midwife with her and just got examined by a physician. Jack wants to know why she took her wedding ring off. Carly says because when you are pregnant your fingers swell. Jack asks Carly if she loves him. Carly says yes but she can’t continue this life of arguing and mistrust with him (Jack). Carly says she loves the sereneness she has felt the last few days, and tells Jack he can go back to Oakdale if he wants. Carly walks into another room. Jack follows her. Jack says he has been through Hell since he thought she (Carly) and the baby were dead, since they found a dead body in the woods. Jack tells Carly that he doesn’t care who the father of that baby is, since he will love the baby like he does Parker. Jack tells Carly he loves her and wants this baby girl in his life. Carly smiles and asks Jack if he is sure. After Jack says he is positive, Carly and Jack hug. When Jack closes the curtains in the bedroom Carly asks what he is doing this. Jack says because when he first kissed her it was dark. Carly says they are starting over - again. Carly and Jack kiss.

Rosanna arrives a free woman at Fairwinds. Craig announces that Carly is alive and the charges against her (Rosanna) have been dropped. Craig says he found out last night. Rosanna asks Craig why he didn’t let her know last night so she could be released from jail sooner. Craig insists he was negotiating her release with the D.A. Craig says he wants to marry her again ASAP. Rosanna asks Craig why she would want to marry him again. Craig says because she loves him and life is boring without him. Rosanna says she will think it over. Craig says her to dress formal and the wedding is scheduled for this very day. Outside Fairwinds, Craig and Lucy prepare the garden for the soon-to-be-wedding. Lucy says Craig’s best man will be Aaron. Inside the house, Aaron tells Rosanna that he is clueless as to why anyone would marry Craig but says that Craig loves her and will fight for her just like he does for Lucy. Rosanna asks Aaron if she thinks Craig can be trusted. Aaron says that Craig still can’t be trusted, but he is confident that he loves her. Craig overhears this conversation. A few minutes later Craig meets Aaron and asks him if he will stand up for him. Aaron smiles and says he just did. Craig says he just heard his conversation with Rosanna. Craig thanks Aaron for this. Aaron smiles and says he will be his best man. Given the look on Craig’s face, he seems to have had a change in heart about Aaron. The wedding begins in the garden. Rosanna walks down the aisle wearing a black strapless dress with her hair up. Before the minister begins the ceremony Rosanna warns Craig that if he pulls more stunts on her like he did recently, this is the last time she will marry him. Craig says “I do” before the minister has a chance to ask him. Craig and Rosanna speak their own vows in their own words. After rushing the ceremony, Craig takes Rosanna in his arms, bends her backwards and kisses her. They are now again ... husband and wife. Back inside Fairwinds Craig and Rosanna prepare for their honeymoon. Craig and Rosanna make love.

After finding a ransom note for Lily, the phones rings. A voice states that if they want Lily back, it will cost them 10 million dollars and they will send further instructions. Lucinda arrives and wants to know what is being done about finding Lily. Dusty offers to help but Lucinda tells him “absolutely not.” Alone with Dusty, Rose asks if Charlie Spangler is behind this. Dusty says yes. Dusty puts his jacket on and says he is going to speak to Charlie about Lily‘s kidnapping. Dusty says he was not involved in this kidnapping and asks Rose to trust him. Rose does and kisses him. Rose tries stopping him but she is unsuccessful. Dusty says that he is the only chance that Lily has to survive this kidnapping. On her way to question Rose and Dusty, Margo runs into Molly who tells her that Dusty is a con man who should not be trusted.

Chris asks to speak with Alison but she gives him the brush off, saying that she is in a hurry to prepare for her date with Gordy. Susan hops off the elevator and asks Alison if she really has a date with Gordy. Alison says yes. Susan tells Alison that Gordy is too old for her. Alison shoots back saying that Rick is too young for her. Susan runs into Alison who is coming out of Emily’s house and holding a handful of Emily’s clothes. Susan says she will not allow her to go out with Gordy, who is sexually active. Alison says she has no intention of sleeping with anyone she hardly knows. Alison says that one little date with Gordy can not hurt. Susan finally agrees and suggests they go shopping to find her something appropriate to wear. Alison is excited. Later on Alison arrives at Memorial with her hair up and dressed sophisticatedly, looking for Gordy. Chris sees her and is impressed. Alison asks Chris if he has seen Gordy. Chris mentions to Alison that she is only 17 years old. Alison says that she will turn 18 next month. Gordy arrives wearing a suit and tie, ready for his date with Alison. Chris warns Gordy to watch it with Alison, since she is only 17 years old.

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