ATWT Update Thursday 6/5/03


As the World Turns Thursday 6/5/03

By Loretta

Upon entering an empty hospital room, Katie finds Nurse Krebs on the floor unconscious. Hearing Katie’s screams, Chris and Bob run into this room. Katie says that before she found Nurse Krebs, she saw a guy in a wheelchair who then vanished. This frightened her. John and Bob are unable to save Nurse Krebs. Rick mentions to John and Bob that Nurse Krebs phoned him the other day and told him about the empty vial bottle which was found under the bed of one of the patients who suddenly died. John tells Rick that it is strange that Nurse Krebs would call him to report an incident like this. Dr. Daniels (the forensic pathologist hired by Bob) says there is a possibility that Nurse Krebs informed someone at the hospital about that missing vial and whoever was responsible for this, murdered her. John does not agree with this theory and states so. Chris announces that John probably is trying to frame his dad (Bob) since he wants Bob’s position as Chief of Staff. John tells Chris he is crazy for making a statement like that. John walks away angry. Bob says that all of them should keep their mouths shut until they find out more information. Alone, Bob and Rick ask Dr. Daniels if he feels Nurse Krebs could have been murdered. Dr. Daniels says he must do much more investigating until he determines this and suggests to Bob that the Oakdale police be contacted.

Mike arrives at the hospital and sits with Katie who is shaken up about finding Nurse Krebs on the floor unconscious. Katie says lately every time she walks into a patient’s room, they seem to die. Katie says now Memorial will probably assign her to the morgue so she cannot do any more damage. Mike giggles but tells Katie that the patients’ deaths are not her fault, just a coincidence. Mike tells Katie that since he has met her, she has brought him lots of good luck. Hearing loud thunder, Katie sort of reaches for Mike...and their eyes meet. Katie immediately looks away. Mike says he will stick around until the storm stops. At the nurses station, Gordy asks Alison if their date for the next evening is still on. Alison says of course. Chris tells Alison and Gordy that Nurse Krebs is dead and will be sent to the morgue. Alison mentions to Chris that she has a date with Gordy. Chris virtually ignores Alison however.

Holding Parker on his back, Craig arrives at Hal’s with Molly. Hal is annoyed at Molly for allowing Parker to dine with Craig present. Craig and Molly enter Hal’s house. Little Parker is beside Jack (who is present). Craig tells Jack he knows where Carly is. Craig says he got this answer out of the mouth of babes (Parker). Molly then says that Carly is in Muscle Shells, Wyoming, or as Parker calls it “Mushie Shells.” Parker also shows them the picture that he and his mommy (Carly) drew which indicates this Wyoming town. Craig tells Jack that he knows he won’t thank him for finding Carly, but says he (Jack) is welcome just the same. Craig leaves. Outside Jack tells Molly that since Carly has been away, he could not think of living his life with her. Molly advises Jack to take the next flight out to Montana. Jack hesitates and says he is concerned that the baby is Mike’s. Molly says that should not make a difference. Convinced by Molly, Jack announces he if off to Montana. Molly smiles.

At the Wyoming cabin, Carly tells her friend she intends to start her life over again, in a new place. Carly gets an exam by a physician, who indicates so far so good, but he feels Carly should not move around yet and should remain at the cabin until she gives birth. Later on, Carly packs her suitcase despite her friend’s reminder that in her condition, she should stay put. Looking at Parker’s photo, Carly says she must leave since she needs to raise her family.

Lily arrives at the Lakeview to meet with Lucinda. Lily says to Lucinda that Rose hates her since she told her (Rose) that Dusty is no good for her. Lily says that Rose accused her of being trash. Lucinda says that Rose is as tough as old boots, so Lily should not worry. While Lucinda and Lily are chatting, a strange man looks at them through a door. Lucinda advises Lily to not pressure Rose so much, that eventually Rose will come to her senses regarding Dusty. Trying to find Rose to apologize, Lily arrives at Rose’s house. Mitzi answers and informs Lily that Rose went out. Lily tells Mitzi that Rose bit her head off when she advised her that Dusty is dangerous. Mitzi agrees that Dusty is a danger to Rose. While Mitzi leaves the room for a moment, Lily hears a noise outside. Lily opens the door and finds a little puppy, then a man grabs her and Lily vanishes. Mitzi walks back in the living room, finds the little puppy, but no Lily. Mitzi realizes something happened to Lily. Margo arrives and finds a near hysterical Mitzi. Mitzi describes to Margo what happened leading up to Lily’s disappearance.

Still storming outside, Rose arrives at Dusty’s room at the Lakeview. Dusty suggests they order some food but Rose changes the subject, saying they need to be honest with each other. Rose looks into Dusty’s eyes and puts her arms around him. Dusty and Rose begin to kiss, but he breaks off Rose’s grasp and says they must stop this. Dusty says he must stay away from her since he cannot let anything happen to her. Dusty says Rose should go. As Rose reaches for the door, Dusty takes Rose in his arms. They kiss passionately. Dusty stops and asks Rose if she is sure she wants to continue with this. Rose says yes and they begin making love, ignoring the ringing phone. Rose decides to answer the phone. It is Mitzi who tells her that Lily has disappeared. Mitzi says Lily’s purse is gone and the door was open and everything is too strange. Rose tells Dusty about this and says she must leave. Rose arrives and Mitzi explains that Lily came over to apologize to her (Rose). Mitzi hugs Rose and insists that Lily will be found. Margo asks Dusty if he knows who may have kidnapped Lily. An officer walks in the room, holding the puppy. This puppy has a note attached to it‘s leg which states “she is safe for now, wait for ransom call.”

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