ATWT Update Wednesday 6/4/03

As the World Turns Wednesday 6/4/03

By Loretta

Hearing Rose’s screams, Dusty rushes inside Rose’s Roller Palace by breaking thru the glass door. Dusty breaks Rose free from this man and wrestles him (one of Charlie’s thug friends), but he manages to get away. Dusty comforts Rose who is crying and scared. Dusty tells Rose that this man was working for Charlie. Rose tells Dusty she knows he is telling her the truth. Margo arrives and questions Dusty about this recent ordeal. Lily arrives and can’t believe what just happened. Rose says that Dusty fought off the man who was attacking her. Rose steps outside with Margo for questioning. Alone with Lily, Dusty says he stayed in Oakdale to get Rose through Paul’s death. Lily says her family can help Rose and he (Dusty) can help by leaving Oakdale. Lily warns Dusty to stay away from Rose. Rose arrives and Dusty says he will repair the shop door for her. Dusty offers to drive Rose home but Lily interrupts and says she will drive Rose home. Dusty leaves to speak with Margo in private. Dusty describes to Margo the man that attacked Rose. Margo tells Dusty to do Oakdale a favor and leave. Back inside the Roller Palace Lily tells Rose that she is trashing Paul’s memory for suddenly taking up with Dusty Donovan. This comment angers Rose. Rose says Dusty is not lying and she cares for him. Lily says Dusty is no good and is trash. Lily and Rose begin to argue. Rose tells Lily that she thinks she is better than her, just because she (Lily) has a perfect life (a good husband and children). Rose tells Lily that she must think she is “Jersey Trash.” Lily apologizes for insulting her. Rose tells Lily she doesn’t need her in her life any longer. Lily asks Rose to not shut her out. Lily is speechless and walks out. Rose phones Dusty crying. Rose tells Dusty that she needs to be with him that night.

At the hospital Alison asks Katie to get some mistletoe for her since she has a plan to make a certain guy (Chris) kiss her. Watching Alison and Katie walk by, Gordy (an intern) tells Chris that they are two fine women. Gordy asks Chris if he is seeing Alison. Chris says no, that Alison is just a kid. Gordy walks away and meets up with Katie who while cleaning a patient’s room finds an empty vial bottle underneath the bed. Gordy advises Katie to throw out this vile but Katie insists she must report this to head nurse Krebs. Gordy says Katie will get some innocent nurse fired for this. Just then Nurse Krebs walks in and finds Katie with her hands in the vile/syringe container. Katie explains what just happened (finding the vial and how Gordy suggested she toss out this vial). After reprimanding Gordy for this, Nurse Krebs warns Katie to not discuss this matter with anyone.

At a meeting at the Lakeview, Bob introduces a forensic pathologist (Dr. Daniels) he hired to investigate the questionable deaths at Oakdale Memorial. Dr. Daniels was hired by Bob to investigate case files to find out the reasons behind Memorial’s recent mysterious deaths. Dr. Schiller (Carly’s OBGYN), John, Susan and Rick are present. Later back at Memorial, Rick reminds Susan that Bob Hughes medical examination proved that he had nothing to do with those patients’ deaths. Rick kisses Susan goodbye before he goes to make his rounds. Gordy asks Alison out on a date. Alison makes a face and declines him. Alison asks Katie if she found her some mistletoe. Katie delivers Alison some right on the spot. Alison is delighted. Later on Katie finds Nurse Krebs's body on the floor inside a patient room and screams. During a thunderstorm, Bob asks Alison (who is alone at the nurse’s station) if she is keeping her on things. Alison says yes. Bob tells Alison that he is pleased to see her doing such a good job. Alone, Alison pages Dr. Chris Hughes to the nurse’s station. Due to the storm, the lights flicker. A patient wearing a blue cloak type robe wheels themselves down the hallway past Alison. This frightens her and Alison screams. Chris arrives. Alison tells Chris to close his eyes as she has a surprise. Chris does. While holding mistletoe above them, Alison plants a lingering kiss on Chris‘ lips. Chris obviously is enjoying this kiss but breaks it off. Chris says this is the wrong place (the hospital) for this. Alison asks Chris if he likes her. Chris says yes, but she is just a kid. Chris suggests that Alison find a boy her own age. Angry Alison finds Gordy and tells him that she will accept his offer for a date the next evening. Alison tells Gordy she will be dressed to kill.

Hanging out at the Lakeview bar, Craig tells Molly that Parker is the only one who can help them find Carly. Molly says she won’t bring Parker into this. Dr. Schiller (Carly’s BOGY) runs into Molly and advises her that she can forward Carly’s medical records to where ever Carly is. Dr. Schiller also says this may be a good idea since Carly’s pregnancy is complicated and whoever delivers her baby must know of her medical history. This makes Molly realize that Carly’s soon-to-be pregnancy is dangerous and agrees to have Craig question Parker. Molly says she will stay with Parker while Craig questions him. Craig agrees and says for Molly and Parker to meet him at Al’s Diner. Later at Al’s, Molly and Parker arrive and sit with Craig at his booth. Craig has lots of treats for Parker: chili fries and every kind of ice cream sundae. Craig asks Parker about his mommy (Carly). With chili sauce on his face Parker says mushie bells. Craig tries to figure out what Parker means. Craig asks Parker if mushie bells is a perso’s name or a place. Molly realizes that Parker must mean where Carly grew up, in Muscle Shells, Montana.

At a Montana mountain cabin, Carly tells her friend she doesn’t know what to do about her life. Alone, Carly starts reminiscing how she first met Jack, their dance at the Halloween party and they’re recent wedding (we see clips of this). While Carly is listening to music, her friend walks in. Carly tells her how when Parker was little, she would often dance with him by placing his little feet on top of hers. Carly realizes that her whole life she has been running away from someone or something. Carly tells her friend she has come to a decision, that she intends to build a home for her baby girl and Parker.

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