ATWT Update Tuesday 6/3/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 6/3/03

By Dee

Carly refuses to eat her dinner. There seems to be another woman there but it is someone never seen before. Carly talks to the woman about why she doesn't want to eat. The woman says she is not concerned about her not eating, but about the baby she's carrying.

Allison wanted to talk to Chris about the kiss they almost shared. Rick and Allison are left alone Rick tells Allison that he sees Chris giving her romantic looks when Allison is not looking. Rick also says Allison needs to make adjustments because Chris is older than she is. Rick tells Allison she needs to appear older and think like an adult when somebody says something she doesn't agree with. Allison says she thought Chris was proud of her for going to jail, for accept responsibility. Allison excuses herself saying she needs to do some sophisticated things. Allison returns a while later. Rick says her and her mother have to go to a meeting.

Roseanna asks Emma and Marshall to leave the room so that she can talk to her husband alone. Jessica is confused to hear that Marshall is Roseanna's lawyer when Margo told her that she would be representing Roseanna. Roseanna is outraged that Marshall Travers is her lawyer. Marshall tells Jessica that he is Roseanna's lawyer. Roseanna has to choose between Jessica and Marshall. To Craig's disappointment, Roseanna chooses Jessica. Roseanna tells Craig her decision was not political, it was practical. She claims she does not want a rapist representing her. Jack isn't happy about Jessica being the lawyer either. Craig invites Marshall Travers to stay for the trial. In the courtroom, Jessica says the Ms. Hart is trying to move the charges up to murder even though they have no body. Jessica says the only thing Roseanna is guilty of is having an argument with her sister, nothing more. The bail was set for $250,000 and Roseanna congratulates Jessi.

Dusty shows up at Rose's beauty shop and tells her to cancel appointments because of Spangler. He tells her never to bet on something you can't win. Mrs. Hughes arrives just in time before Rose and Dusty kiss. Dusty claims to Rose that's he'll leave but doesn't. Rose tells Dusty he's supposed to be gone and Dusty says she's the girl who's supposed to tell the truth. Dusty says if your too stubborn to close up shop then he will. Rose says if Dusty wants to help then leave town. She makes it clear she doesn't need nor want Dusty's help. A male customer enters wondering if they take males. Dusty says no immediately but Rose says yes, just ask this happy customer Mr. Donovan. Dusty leaves the beauty shop and gets into a car with a strange guy. Mitzi takes Mrs. Hughes home for Rose and Rose is alone with the male customer. He locks the door and asks what he's doing. He replies making sure no one bothers us. Rose struggles with the male customer.

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