ATWT Update Monday 6/2/03

As the World Turns Monday 6/2/03

By Dee

Jack discovered that the person that Katie had found in the woods was not Carly but someone Katie's husband had killed. The police questioned Henry Coleman and he confirmed that Simon killed the dead man in self-defense.

Jack tells Margo that he believes Carly has left town because of him, that she didn't want to be with him and Margo objects to that however.

Molly shows up at Rose's door-step and tells Rose not to give Dusty one cent. Rose finds this hard to believe so she asks Dusty if it was true. Then he told her the entire truth and Rose went to see Spangler. Rose meets up with Spangler at a cafe and she asks him about Dusty's scheme. Spangler quite shocked, denies that such a thing never happened. Dusty shows up just in time and they get into a fight and Dusty tells Spangler to pull out his "jade handle gun" and shoot him with it. Spangler finally decides to leave and whispers into Dusty's ear that "it wasn't over."

Rose says she wants Dusty out of her life for good but he claims that she will need him because Spangler will come after them both.

Jessica and Ben have a chance to get closer but Jessica pulls away after Bonnie brings up Marshall Travers. Ben accuses Jessica of using her work to get away from him. Naturally, Jessica tries to deny this, but Ben knows the truth.

Carly appears to be in a deserted cabin unharmed, staring out the window.

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