ATWT Update Friday 5/30/03


As the World Turns Friday 5/30/03

By Loretta 

Margo tells Jack that Carly didn’t disappear because of the humiliation she endured at the fashion show, but because he (Jack) believed she was involved again in a secret project with Craig Montgomery. Margo tries to convince Jack that he does not have enough evidence against Rosanna. Hotheaded Jack ignores Margo’s facts about the evidence and walks out.

At the farm, Craig suggests to Jack that he question Hal Munson since Carly had parked her car there and since Hal is Parker‘s father. Molly and Mike drop by the farm and learn from Emma that Jack arrested Rosanna for Carly’s disappearance. Mike asks Craig if Rosanna is guilty. Craig tells Mike that it is not possible that Rosanna had anything to do with Carly’s disappearance. Mike does not believe Craig. Annoyed, Craig tells Mike to go back home and chop some wood. Mike says he is only concerned for Carly and the baby’s safety. Mike starts to leave but runs into Katie who arrives with some flyers, which state Carly as a missing person. Katie gives a stack to Craig and says she will post the remainder around town. After meeting with Marshall Travers, Craig returns to the farm. Lucy and Aaron arrive. Lucy gets upset when she learns that Craig hired a rapist (Marshall Travers) to represent Rosanna. Craig says he is only trying to keep his wife out of prison. Lucy says that Rosanna will never allow a rapist to represent her.

Standing outside the farm with Mike, Katie drops her stack of flyers. Katie blames Mike’s kiss that he planted on her the other day, cause her to drop these flyers. Mike humorously says from now on, he will not kiss her and just treat her like a friend. Mike stays with Katie in the woods, as she posts a flyer up on a building door. Hearing a noise, Mike walks over into the woods. Mike comes upon a body buried inside a stack of leaves. Katie and Mike stand over this body. Mike feels it is the body of Carly and the baby. Katie disagrees and says Rosanna physically could not bury her out here. Mike tells Katie that he promised Carly that he would always take care of her. Jack and the police arrive. Jack gets hysterical, immediately thinking it is Carly. Margo pulls Jack away from the body. Margo tells Jack they will know the body’s identity once the medical examination is completed. Jack and Mike look at each other. Obviously both are convinced it is Carly. Katie cries. Mike says he is going to the morgue with Jack. Katie comes with him. Jack, Mike and Katie arrive at the police station. Inside the morgue, the medical examiner stands over the body, he is reading the results. Katie, Mike and Jack stand over the body and prepare for the results, which will now be given.

Evelyn Hart is at the police station and tells Margo that she hated telling Jessica Griffin that her (Jessica) working again for the D.A. office is out of the question. Margo agrees. Margo says she will remind Jessica that Evelyn did not mean for her to take this personally.

After getting a call, Craig learns that Jack is at Fairwinds searching for more clues. Losing his patience with Jack, Craig immediately heads for the Lakeview to speak with Marshall. Craig says he wants to hire Marshall, so he explains Rosanna’s situation and how Jack Snyder is convinced that she killed Carly Tenney. Marshall agrees to represent Rosanna.

At the Lakeview, Jessica watches Marshall and his attorney toasting to his career. Marshall says he wants to call a truce with Jessica. His lawyer reminds Marshall that Jessica placed a restraining order against him. Marshall ignores this fact and walks over to Ben and Jessica. Marshall tells them that since Oakdale is a small town, they are bound to run into each other. Ben reminds Marshall of the restraining order and that he will call the police if he does not leave them alone. Jessica tells Marshall that they will respect his privacy and ask that he respect theirs. Once Marshall is out of sight, Ben reminds Jessica how they must get Marshall out of their lives. Jessica tells Ben to drop it. Jessica says that Marshall is right, they are bound to run into each other, so they must be civil to one another. Ben agrees and kisses Jessica. Marshall sees them kiss and frowns. Marshall’s lawyer reminds him of the restraining order. Marshall says he can’t help having feelings for Jessica. Jessica gets a phone call from Margo. Margo fills Jessica in on Rosanna Cabot’s situation and tells her that Rosanna will need representation. Jessica agrees to represent Rosanna. Jessica is thrilled to have a client.

After Lisa and Barbara leave for Kim’s house, Kim thanks Rose for her talk with Barbara, which helped Barbara’s mental state a great deal. After Kim leaves, Dusty arrives to check on Rose. Rose tells Dusty she is worried about Barbara because as expected, Barbara is not handling Paul’s death too well. Dusty tells Rose he needs to start his life over and perhaps in another town other than Oakdale. Dusty says that she should concentrate on her business, not him. Rose figures out that Dusty is not running away from her, but from that man who left her that $50.00 tip. Rose tells Dusty this. Dusty finally tells Rose that Charlie was the man who gave her that large tip and that he is an old acquaintance from Chicago. Dusty says Charlie is in Oakdale trying to get more payback from him (Dusty). Dusty says the only way Rose will be safe is if he leaves town, since Charlie wants him to obtain money from Lucinda Walsh, which will involved Rose. Rose says he cannot keep running away, especially since all the people who love him are in Oakdale. Dusty says his life is not worth anything. Dusty says he must protect her and he intends to leave. Rose tries to stop Dusty. Rose asks Dusty how much money Charlie wants so she can get it for him. Duty tells Rose he will not get her and Lucinda involved. Molly, who stands outside Rose’s door, hears this conversation. Without knocking Molly enters and advises Rose to not give Dusty any money. Molly tells Rose that Dusty gave this same speech to her and she (Molly) gave him the money. Molly says that Dusty faked his whole situation. Molly says Dusty is pulling the same thing on another stupid woman (Rose). Molly advises Rose to kick this joker (Dusty) out of her life.

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