ATWT Update Thursday 5/29/03


As the World Turns Thursday 5/29/03

By Loretta

Molly sits at the Java Underground bar and tells Isaac she is working on a big story. Gangster Charlie arrives and retrieves Molly’s pen, which she dropped on the floor. Charlie asks Molly if she knows a Dusty Donovan. Molly says no and leaves. Charlie approaches Molly again and says he remembers seeing her with Dusty at the Lakeview. Molly still denies this and says Dusty has left Oakdale. Charlie phones Dusty and tells him that Molly McKinnon thinks he (Dusty) left Oakdale. Dusty warns Charlie to leave his friends alone. Charlie orders Dusty to meet him now at Java Underground. Dusty arrives. Charlie feels that Dusty only remained in Oakdale for Rose, since Rose is related to wealthy Lucinda Walsh. Charlie sarcastically tells Dusty that he got a wonderful facial from Rose D’Angelo and says he intends to obtain lots of money from Lucinda, with Rose and Dusty’s help. Dusty says Rose is off limits. Charlie reminds Dusty that he protected him from other criminals in the past, so he (Dusty) owes him big time. Charlie says that he intends for Rose and Dusty to squeeze lots of money out of Lucinda for him. Dusty says he wants no part of this. Charlie threatens Dusty if he does not help him. Dusty agrees and says he will set up this latest project...but warns Charlie to keep away from Rose in the process.

After Rose blurts out that Paul is dead, Barbara thinks Rose is playing a joke. Rose says nothing. Barbara tells Rose she is making a sick joke. Barbara reaches for the phone to phone Hal for the truth. Rose says Hal will tell her (Barbara) the same thing, that Paul is dead. Barbara gets hysterical, stating that she must call the coast guard. Dusty says the coast guard found Paul’s plane wreckage and there were no survivors. Barbara says Paul could have swam to shore. Dusty says there was an eyewitness to Paul’s crash. Barbara cries hysterically, telling Rose and Dusty to leave her alone. Rose and Dusty go outside, giving Barbara time alone. Rose tells Dusty she will phone Kim and Lisa to come over for Barbara. Back inside Rose’s house, Barbara is full of regrets, saying that she thought her life would change when she bought Monte Carlo for $1.00 from Craig, and that Paul would learn to love her again. Barbara says she only wanted her son to look at her with love rather than disgust. Barbara tells Rose that she must be happy to see her suffer now. Rose says that although she (Barbara) did terrible things to her (Rose), she does not want to see her suffer. Barbara says that Paul died hating her (Barbara). Rose says that no matter what she (Barbara) did, Paul loved her and understood that she was protecting him. Lucinda arrives and offers her sympathy to Barbara. Lucinda says that every day she thinks of her grandson Bryant (who died in a car accident). Kim and Lisa arrive and hug Barbara. Kim suggests that Barbara stay with her overnight. Barbara agrees. Before Barbara leaves she asks Rose if she thinks Paul would have forgiven her. Rose says Paul would have probably stayed away from her for awhile, but he would return and never stop loving her. Rose tells Barbara that Paul told her that kids owe their parents a lot of chances in life. Rose’s talk seems to have absorbed with Barbara. Barbara sincerely thanks Rose.

At Jessica’s request, Evelyn meets with her. An enthusiastic Jessica tells Evelyn she wishes to go back to work at the D.A.’s office. Evelyn tells Jessica that although she is a talented lawyer and she respects her, working in a D.A.’s office is no longer an option for her. Jessica asks Evelyn for an explanation. Evelyn says since she went public with the rape, it may be hard for her (Jessica) to prove convictions in court, since rape is an emotional issue for men and women. Evelyn says Jessica’s past would hurt the D.A.’s office in court. Jessica does not want to accept this explanation. Evelyn suggests that Jessica go into her own private practice. Evelyn wishes Jessica the best and leaves. Jessica cries and goes to see Ben at Java Underground. Ben says that Evelyn’s decline may be a blessing in disguise. Ben says that Jessica can spend more time with him. Jessica says she thought that Marshall could not touch her career, but he has ruined it. Later we see Marshall dining with his attorney nearby Ben and Jessica. Marshall is pleased that he has been reinstated as an attorney and says that his phone is ringing off the hook. Marshall and his attorney toast to his career (Jessica sees this).

After finding Carly’s black scarf in Emma’s garden, Jack asks Rosanna what she did with Carly. Rosanna denies this. With Mike alongside him, Jack demands an explanation from Rosanna. Craig tells Rosanna not to talk to anyone but a lawyer. Rosanna is angry with Craig for not telling her that Jack was going to be at the farm. Rosanna apologizes for snapping at Craig. Craig asks Rosanna for the truth about Carly. Rosanna gives Craig an icy stare and tells him she has no need to explain anything to him. Jack orders lab tests to be done on the gardening tools. Craig tries telling Jack that Rosanna hid the scarf because he (Jack) was so accusative towards her and she was frightened. Rosanna is brought down to the police station for Jack to question her. Rosanna says she hid the scarf, which Carly gave her, as she was frightened since the whole town seemed to be accusing her of Carly’s disappearance. Rosanna says she has no idea where Carly is. Jack says if he finds out that she (Rosanna) had something to do with this, he will make her pay. Jack orders an officer to question everyone who attended the fashion show. Rosanna returns to the farm and finds Craig there. Rosanna tells Craig that he must feel that she killed Carly. Craig says he wants to help her. Rosanna says Carly went away on a whim and she will come back on a whim. Rosanna says she wonders if Craig will ever stop his obsession with Carly. Back at the station, Jack gets the lab results back from the gardening tools. After examining them, Jack heads off to see Rosanna Cabot. Jack arrives at the farm and arrests Rosanna because he found Carly’s blood on one of the gardening tools. Rosanna cries and tells Craig she is scared. Craig says he will do whatever it takes to get her (Rosanna) out of this mess. Craig orders Rosanna not to be scared. Jack takes Rosanna off to jail crying.

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