ATWT Update Wednesday 5/28/03

As the World Turns Wednesday 5/28/03

By Loretta

Jessica wakes up Ben (who as sleeping overnight on her couch). Jessica tells Ben he does not need to camp overnight at her house to protect her. Jessica tells Ben that he does not need to constantly worry about her. Ben senses something different in Jessica’s attitude and it concerns him. Jessica feels like she hurt Ben by telling him this. Jessica says it is time she goes back to work and especially since her doctors feel it is time for her to get on with her life. Ben then tries to convince Jessica to go on a vacation with him, to a tropical island. Jessica gives in and agrees. Jessica says she will talk to her friend Joanna who is a travel agent. Jessica phones District Attorney Evelyn Hart and asks to speak with her.

Bonnie arrives at the shelter but finds the kids there extremely unhappy when they see her. After the kids walk away, Isaac arrives with a cup of iced coffee for Bonnie. Bonnie pretends that everything is going great at the shelter. The shelter’s director tells Bonnie that many of the kids have complained about her and feel she is pushy. Bonnie says she will not try so hard. This upsets Bonnie, especially when he advises her that perhaps this is not the best place for her community service to be completed. Bonnie finally tells Isaac that things are not going well for her at the shelter and she may petition the court to place her somewhere else. Isaac tells Bonnie that she will make the right decision. Isaac leaves for work. As Bonnie is checking on her makeup, shelter occupant Sara stares at her. Bonnie sees Sara looking at her and asks the youngster to come talk with her. When Sara shows an interest in Bonnie's cosmetics, Bonnie applies lipstick on Sara, but when she tries to make conversation with her, Sara gets uncomfortable and abruptly leaves. When the shelter director suggests again that Bonnie may wish to finish her community service elsewhere, a confident Bonnie insists she will remain at this shelter.

Lily visits Rose at her house. Rose is busy getting rid of Paul’s belongings, which she still had her house. When Rose starts to cry over Paul, Lily asks her to come stay with her and Holden. Lily is surprised to hear that Dusty will be staying in Oakdale. Rose senses Lily’s displeasure with this. Lily tells Rose that although she may not agree with this, she (Rose) has the right to her own decisions (regarding Dusty). Lily offers to help Rose with Paul’s memorial service. Barbara’s name comes up and Lily reminds Rose that Barbara loved Paul very much and how it is very difficult to lose a child. After Lily leaves, Dusty arrives to see how Rose is doing. When Rose mentions the $50.00 tip that her first client left her, she describes him to Dusty. Immediately Dusty realizes this customer was Charlie. Dusty hugs Rose and tells her that as long as he is around, no one will hurt her (Rose). Without knocking, Barbara arrives and finds Rose locked in an embrace with Dusty. Barbara, in a mood for a good fight asks Rose where Paul is. Rose starts crying and tries to tell Barbara to sit down. Barbara keeps mouthing off and tells Rose she is disgusting. Dusty finally puts a word in and tries to tell Barbara about Paul. Barbara won’t give either one a chance to speak so Rose finally blurts out that Paul is dead. Barbara stares in disbelief.

Dusty arrives at Oakdale Memorial to see John Dixon but instead he runs into Stuart (Charlie’s associate. Stuart mentions Rose D’Angelo to Dusty and wonders if Rose has kept Dusty in Oakdale. Stuart asks Dusty is he is staying in Oakdale because of Rose, Dusty denies this. Stuart reminds Dusty that he better not have any tricks up his sleeve, because he is being watched.

At Fairwinds Rosanna says to herself that she hopes Carly will forgive her. After speaking to Craig on the phone, Mike visits Rosanna asking her if she knows of Carly’s whereabouts. Rosanna snaps at Mike for showing such concern for Carly. Rosanna tells Mike that she will never have any peace in her life until Carly is gone. Mike becomes suspicious of Rosanna. Rosanna tells Mike that Jack thinks she killed Carly. Rosanna thinks that Jack sent Mike here to ask questions. Mike denies that Jack had anything to do with this visit and says she (Rosanna) is not capable of murder. Rosanna accuses Mike of being like every other man in Oakdale: only concerned with Carly. After hearing Rosanna scream further about Carly, Mike leaves in disgust.

At the station Jack is still confident that Rosanna had something to do with Carly’s disappearance. Craig gets a call from Rosanna who insists that Craig convince Jack that she had nothing to do with Carly's disappearance. Craig hangs up on Rosanna while she is still speaking. Craig tells Jack that he owes his wife (Rosanna) an apology. Later, Craig and Jack arrive at the farm with a search warrant. Jack says he is looking for a scarf, which belonged to Carly. Jack questions Emma if she saw Rosanna with this scarf. Emma says no. Jack and his accompanying officer begin searching the farm grounds and locate Carly’s black scarf in the bushes. Rosanna arrives at the farm in a craze and starts hitting Craig and telling him that he ruined everything. Craig insists he is trying to help Rosanna. Craig asks Rosanna if she is hiding something. Jack presents Rosanna with Carly’s black scarf. Rosanna says nothing.

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