ATWT Update Tuesday 5/27/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 5/27/03

By Desi

Carly has been missing for 48 hours. Hal is starting to worry; however, Margo is skeptical according to past occurrences. Jack searches Roseanna's car under Roseanna's objections. Jack accuses Roseanna of kidnapping Carly and Roseanna doesn't know what to say. Hal asks Parker what he recalls of the last night Carly was seen by asking Parker to draw a picture with words. Jack threatens Roseanna by saying if she hurts Carly, he will make her pay. Parker wasn't much help but he did reveal what might be a clue, Mushy Bells. Jack knows Roseanna has Carly's scarf but if he brings up having seen the scarf in Roseanna's car, it would mean admitting that Jack has searched her car without a warrant.

Craig seems sure Roseanna is innocent and did not kidnap Carly. Sierra asks Craig to keep his promise to let Aaron and Lucy be together. As Sierra is leaving, Roseanna walks in and Sierra reminds Craig to "do the right thing. "Roseanna tells Craig that she thinks Jack is trying to frame her for kidnapping Carly. Sierra meets Lucy and Aaron outside. Sierra asks Lucy and Aaron to be a friend to Roseanna, as she has done with them. Roseanna tells Craig about Jack's accusations and his warrant to search her car. Craig comforts her when she gets emotional and says he's going down to the police station. Lucy has doubts if Roseanna is coming home and asks her about it. Roseanna says there are mixed feelings between Craig and herself because he walked out on her on their wedding night. After Lucy and Aaron leave the room, Roseanna says if only Carly can forgive her.

Bob and Chris talk and Chris make a point of his views on John Dixon. John walks up and hands Bob a letter of recognition and tells him, "Sign it before someone else dies. "John Dixon seems to be doing everything in his power to make Bob Hughes step down from his position as Chief of Staff. Chris explains to Decker his concerns about his father's health. Bob is suffering from minor strokes, Chris is informed. Which makes sense to Chris cause it explains his father's forgetfulness. Decker says that Bob's condition is treatable. John keeps pushing Bob to sign the form. Finally, Bob gives in and decides to sign the letter. Decker tells John to back off because those patients' death were not caused by Bob's mental health. Allison talks to Chris about his father and they share a passionate hug and almost-kiss. Chris's pager goes off before they kiss and he leaves. Allison wonders if that really happened. Emily enters the room and talks about Paul. A while later, Allison is mad because after Chris and she share a hug and almost-kiss, Chris is treating her like a child. Bob is sure something at the hospital is wrong and intends to find out what.

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