ATWT Update Friday 5/23/03


As the World Turns Friday 5/23/03

By Loretta 

John makes his rounds around Memorial, asking a few of the staff about Bob Hughes’ behavior on the day Mrs. Palmer passed away. John questions Katie about this. Katie says she noticed nothing unusual about Bob. Katie drops this subject and asks Alison to help her deliver the lunch trays. John advises Alison and Katie to keep this discussion about Bob quiet. Alison asks Katie why she lied to John about Bob’s behavior. Katie says the Hughes are family friends, but tells Alison that Bob obviously did seem “out of it” on the day Mrs. Palmer died. Alison advises Katie to tell John or Chris the truth, since if this were to happen again, she (Katie) will feel responsible. Katie agrees that she should speak to Chris about this. Katie later tells Chris that John was asking her questions about Bob’s (his dad) behavior that day. Chris thanks Katie for telling him. Later, Alison speedily wheels Mr. Roth outside of his hospital room. Alison parks Mr. Roth right outside his room so she can help Katie finish making his bed. When Alison goes to fetch Mr. Roth, she finds his wheelchair empty. Alison has no idea where Mr. Roth is.

Craig is forced to accept Lucy and Aaron’s relationship because, if he does not ... Sierra will whisk Lucy and Aaron off to Monteyga with her. Sierra advises Craig to put aside his stubborn side and apologize to Rosanna. Sierra reminds Craig that they can no longer keep Lucy from seeing whom she wants to. Just then Aaron and Lucy walk in hand and hand. Sierra prods Craig to explain to Aaron and Lucy that he will accept their relationship. Sierra also makes Craig apologize to Aaron for his behavior. Aaron asks Craig if he really means his words this time or is this an act - again. Sierra suggests to Craig that he show Aaron and Lucy his “insurance policy.” Sierra then takes out two tickets (for Lucy and Aaron) for Monteyga. Sierra tells Lucy and Aaron that if Craig goes against his words, he (Aaron) and Lucy are welcome to come with her to Monteyga. Pleased with her daddy’s decision, Lucy hugs Craig. Aaron thanks Craig and shakes his hand. Alone with Craig, Sierra says she will leave for Monteyga in the morning.

At the farm, Jack arrives to question Rosanna about Carly, since she was the last person to see her. Rosanna tells Jack that she and Carly argued at the police station the other night. Rosanna says afterwards her car and cell phone broke down, so she slept inside her car and when morning broke, she walked home. Jack doesn’t buy Rosanna’s story and asks her where the cut on her forehead came from. Getting sick of Jack’s questions, Rosanna finally tells him that Carly told her she wished she could vanish off the earth and that she (Rosanna) offered to help her. After Jack lectures Rosanna about Carly’s innocence regarding stealing Barbara’s designs, Rosanna tells him that he should feel guilty the way he treated Carly after the fashion show fiasco. Alone with Emma, Jack tells her that he has a gut feeling that Rosanna may have hurt Carly. Outside while Rosanna is planting flowers, Jack warns her not to leave Oakdale.

Dusty tries to help Rose deal with Paul’s death. Rose says she is to blame for Paul’s death, as well as Dusty. Rose says she does not know how she will live with this guilt, since Paul lost his will to live when he realized she (Rose) no longer loved him. Rose is angry with herself for not being honest with Paul when she returned from Italy. Dusty asks Rose to imagine Paul walking through her door right now and to ask herself, if she would begin to plan their wedding. Rose tells Dusty this statement makes no sense. Dusty reminds Rose that no matter what happened, this situation would have the same end results. Dusty says when it is your time to go, you go. Dusty tells Rose he will see her through this ordeal. As Rose begins crying, Dusty takes her in his arms. Holden and Lily arrive; who obviously heard the news of Paul. Lily tells Rose she is sorry about Paul. Holden tells Dusty to keep away from Rose. Rose tells Lily she wishes to plan a memorial service for Paul’s family and friends. Lily offers her help. Lily suggests that Rose stay with her and Holden. Rose says she needs to be alone. Dusty phones Rose. Rose tells Dusty that she is planning a memorial service for Paul, so she thinks he (Dusty) should stay in Oakdale. Dusty agrees and says he will see her later. Rose agrees.

Kim and Chris stay with Bob as he prepares to undergo an exam by Dr. Rick Decker. Bob asks Rick to keep his test results confidential. Rick agrees. After completing his exam, Rick tells Bob that his results should be available within one week. When Kim offers to walk Bob back to his office, Bob jokingly asks Kim if she thinks he forgot where his office is located. Kim chuckles. Later on Susan fills Rick in on John Dixon. Susan says that although John respects Bob as a physician, John wouldn’t mind seeing Bob step down from Chief of Staff, since John is hungry for this position himself. After hearing Rick make comments about his eagerness to fill Bob Hughes’ shoes at Memorial, John exchanges harsh words with Rick. Later on, Chris tells John that he is aware that he was questioning the staff about his dad’s behavior. John admits it did, but for Bob and Memorial’s sake. John tells Chris that if this had happened to him (losing a few patients recently), he would be much harder on himself. John runs into Bob and suggests that he (Bob) step down from Chief of Staff. Bob says he cannot do that yet.

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