ATWT Update Thursday 5/22/03


As the World Turns Thursday 5/22/03

By Loretta

Today’s show opened with Bonnie pretending to introduce herself at the children’s shelter, in many different styles (including speaking in French). This is Bonnie’s first day at the shelter (where she will begin her community service work). Bonnie imagines her work at the shelter having had a huge impact on the children, who all thank her for calling their attention to the wonders of reading. Back to reality, Bonnie tells Isaac she is excited to have the opportunity to make an impact on children’s lives. Isaac tells Bonnie not to get her hopes up, since these kids may not be what she expects. Bonnie arrives at the shelter to find that Isaac may have been right. Bonnie tells Troy, the shelter’s director that she speaks French and Italian. An unimpressed Troy immediately puts Bonnie to work making lunch for the kids. Bonnie tells Troy that she expected the children to be younger. Afterwards as Bonnie is placing the tray of food on the table inside the recreation room, she notices the books which she brought for the children, are being used to hold a table up. Removing the stack of books, Bonnie drops the tray of food on the floor. Before Bonnie goes to buy more food, Troy orders her to sweep up her mess. Later, back at Java Underground, Isaac asks Bonnie how her first day at the shelter went. Bonnie lies and says she can’t wait to go back the next day.

At the farm, Craig tells Rosanna that Barbara Ryan agreed to drop the charges against him, if he sells her Monte Carlo for $1.00. Craig tells Rosanna he agreed. Rosanna refuses to allow Craig to sell her company (Monte Carlo) for $1.00. Craig tells Rosanna if she doesn’t agree to this, he will go to jail. Craig tells Rosanna that he needs her and asks her to give him another chance. Rosanna agrees - only if Craig accepts Lucy and Aaron’s relationship and apologizes to both of them. Rosanna asks Craig if he understands her. Craig accepts Rosanna’s terms and agrees to allow Lucy to see Aaron, who he refers to, as “Hair Boy.” After Craig leaves, Emma asks Rosanna what happened with Craig. Rosanna tells Emma that Craig wants her back and that he is selling Monte Carlo. Rosanna also says that she already took care of her other problem (Carly).

Barbara tells Marshall that she will be taking a 6:30 pm flight to Paris to search for Paul to offer him a position in her new design company. Marshall prepares to draw up her legal papers to finalize Monte Carlo’s $1.00 sale. Barbara is not sure if she wants to pay Craig the $1.00 for Monte Carlo in cash or write a check. After Marshall leaves, Barbara talks to Paul’s picture, saying she will make everything up to him. Will pays Barbara a visit. Will, wearing a concerned look, tells his mother that if she wants, he will live with her for a while. Barbara tells Will that is not necessary. Barbara tells Will she is flying to Paris that evening to offer Paul a position in her new company and also to convince Jennifer to return home with her. Will is happy with this news. Barbara intends to put her family back together.

Dusty arrives at Holden and Lily’s house looking for Rose. Holden tells Dusty that even if Rose was at their house (which she is not); he would not tell him. Lily agrees to let Dusty inside. After Holden reprimands Dusty for hurting Rose, Lily tells Dusty wear to find Rose (at her salon). At Rose’s Roller Palace, Hal tells Rose that the Canadian authorities found Paul’s plane wreckage and are treating it as a search and rescue mission. Hal says there is a chance that Paul could have swam to safety after his plane crashed. Rose wants to wait with Hal at the station for more news of Paul, but Hal suggests she stay at the salon. Dusty arrives to apologize to Rose. Dusty says he hated working for Barbara and hurting her (Rose) and Paul, but he needed the money desperately. Rose notices the bruises on Dusty’s face and asks him what happened. Dusty doesn’t explain what really happened to him; instead he tells Rose that he does have feelings for her. Rose does not buy Dusty’s words. Dusty says he is leaving Oakdale but wanted to tell her that she will be a success in her new business. Hal arrives with bad news. Hal explains to Rose that Paul’s plane crashed and exploded and there were no survivors. Rose begins to cry hysterically and lashes out at some bottles of nail polish. Dusty consoles Rose.

Jack arrives at Al’s Diner and asks Mike if he has seen Carly. Mike says no and asks if Carly if all right. When Jack leaves, Katie arrives. Katie tells Mike how her brother Craig kidnapped Barbara Ryan in order to allow Carly to design for Monte Carlo and that during it’s fashion show, Barbara publicly accused Carly and Craig of stealing her designs. Katie asks Mike if he intends to now search for Carly. Mike says he will let Jack find Carly. Katie is surprised at Mike’s new attitude and tells him she is proud of him. Mike plants a kiss on Katie’s lips. Katie asks Mike why he kissed her. Mike says he was just kissing her because she is his friend. Katie says that a “friend” doesn’t kiss another “friend” on their lips. Katie says she likes his friendship and that is all. Mike agrees and orders them a milkshake.

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