ATWT Update Wednesday 5/21/03


As the World Turns Wednesday 5/21/03

By Loretta

Emily, Rose and Craig are released from jail. Henry is upset because he is not. Rose goes to have breakfast with Lily. Rose arrives at Al’s Diner and sits with Lily. Rose thanks Lily for posting her bail. When Rose’s Roller Palace salon comes up, Lily tells Rose that she bought Dusty out of the salon, so it now belongs all to her (Rose). Lily hands Rose these legal papers. Although Rose says she wanted to start her business by herself, she is obviously pleased. Rose says she wished Dusty were with her to share in the opening of her business. Lily does not understand how Rose can automatically have “feelings” for Dusty, especially since he lied and hurt her (Rose). Rose says that after she returned from Italy, she felt different about Paul, and tried hard to make herself believe that she was still in love with him. Lily asks Rose if she is going to go after Dusty. Rose says no, since what she shared with Dusty was not strong enough to put back together. Rose says she has genuine feelings for Dusty and feels guilty for having drawn Paul away from Oakdale.

Emily arrives home and finds Alison. Alison tells Emily she is hurt that she did not tell her that she (Emily) kidnapped Barbara Ryan. Emily says she had to keep that a secret. Emily reminds Alison that she (Alison) is lucky that Barbara did not press charges against her for tackling her to the ground, then sitting on her (Barbara) at the fashion show. Alison is surprised that Emily got released from jail for kidnapping and she (Alison) was jailed for arson. Alison says she seems to be the only one punished for being stupid. Emily apologizes for being stupid and putting her family in jeopardy (regarding the kidnapping). Alison leaves, saying she must be someplace. Hal phones Emily to ask where Rose is. Hal explains that he received some bad news about Paul. Hal arrives at Al’s to tell Rose that Paul’s plane has been found, but it went down in the Atlantic.

Craig, newly released from prison, feels confident that Marshall will persuade Barbara to drop the charges. Craig is off to the Snyder farm to find Rosanna. Suddenly Rosanna arrives at the farm in dirty clothing and cuts on her face. Rosanna says her car broke down last night and her cell phone died, so she decided to walk home in the morning. Emma draws Rosanna a bath. Afterwards Rosanna asks Craig what he wants. Craig says he wants her to come (Rosanna) back home. Rosanna reminds Craig that she has been his wife for weeks and she still not has slept with him or watched TV or had a meal with her new husband (Craig). Rosanna insists Craig only returned to Oakdale for Carly. Rosanna says Carly is not a problem for her any longer, since she imagined her life without Carly, but then she realized that Craig still has an obsession with his ex-wife Sierra. Craig insists he is no longer attracted to Sierra. Rosanna asks Craig to leave. Craig gently kisses Rosanna goodbye. Craig says he will do whatever it takes to get her back. Rosanna says she needs time.

Marshall visits Barbara. Marshall tells Barbara that he is representing Craig, who wants her to drop the charges against him and his party (Rose and Emily) if she makes a deal with him. Barbara say if she makes a deal with Craig, it will be on her terms. Barbara says that she will drop the charges against Craig, Emily and Rose if Craig sells her Monte Carlo for $1.00. With a smile, Barbara says that she and Paul will create a new design house. Marshall phones Craig with Barbara’s offer. Marshall says Barbara is not joking and wants his answer within one hour. At first Craig refuses, but then accepts Barbara’s offer. Marshall informs Barbara of this and tells her he will draw up the legal papers. Barbara feels this will bring Paul back into her life. Craig then asks Rosanna to help him with a matter.

Charlie impatiently waits with Dusty for Molly and Stuart (Charlie’s associate) to return with the money. Charlie gets a call from Stuart (who was guarding Molly) who says that he and Molly are on their way with the money. At Java, Mike runs into Molly with Stuart at her side. In order to protect Dusty, Molly pretends that Stuart is her boyfriend and they kiss passionately. Mike asks Molly who this guy is. Molly tells Mike that “Stuart” is a guy she just met and they hit it off. Mike looks at Molly and Stuart in disgust. Molly and Stuart arrive at the abandoned building with the money. Molly tells Dusty she is glad he is still alive. Dusty asks Molly if Stuart tried to come on to her or hurt her. Molly says no, but says she had to kiss Stuart in order to make Mike believe that he was her boyfriend, so Mike would not get suspicious. Dusty says he feels responsible for Mike not wanting to be with Molly any longer. Molly says her relationship with Mike was over a while ago, since he (Mike) slept with her cousin and Mike wouldn’t give her a chance to come back in his life. Dusty goes to check outside to be sure it is safe to leave. Dusty comes back and thanks Molly again for saving his life. Dusty tells Molly that if he ever has a daughter, he will name her Molly. Molly laughs. Dusty says he must get out of Oakdale.

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