ATWT Update Tuesday 5/20/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 5/20/03

By Loretta

Molly sits inside her car and finds Dusty in the back seat. Molly tells Dusty that he must leave Oakdale or the county, since he is in danger. Dusty asks Molly to take him to some old abandoned building so he can hide. Molly tells Dusty that earlier she told Agent Brackett of his (Dusty) involvement with Charlie Spangler. Molly arrives with Dusty at the abandoned building. Dusty tenderly thanks Molly for everything she has done for him. Dusty insists that Molly leave for her safety. As Molly is leaving, two of Charlie’s associates arrive. Each of these men grabs Dusty and Molly. Once Molly sees Dusty tied up and beaten, she offers to pay them the money Dusty owes them. Since Molly cannot withdraw the money until the next day, Charlie’s associate tells Molly he must come with her to be sure she does nothing funny, like calling the police. When Molly leaves with her guard, Dusty laughs with Charlie. Dusty obviously had planned this since he knew Molly would help him. After Dusty is untied, he tells Charlie that he was right about Molly helping him.

At Al’s Diner, Barbara approaches Sierra with the news that Craig is in jail. Barbara says Craig may spend the next 20 years in jail, where he belongs. This is news to Lucy, who thinks Barbara is lying. Marshall visits Barbara at her booth and tells her that it looks like she needs his attorney services...again. Lucy is worried sick about her father (Craig) being in jail and she wants to help him. Sierra tells Lucy that if they help her father (Craig) again, he will go back to his old ways. Sierra also adds that her father may learn a lesson by remaining in jail. Lucy still doesn’t go for this. After visiting Craig in jail, Sierra returns to Al’s and informs Lucy that she left Craig in jail so he can learn a lesson. Aaron seems to agree with Lucy’s mom (Sierra).

Arguing outside the police station, Rosanna tells Carly that she wishes she would permanently leave Oakdale. Hal breaks them up. Hal tells Rosanna to cool off. Carly leaves. Hal phones Alison to update her on Emily. After Alison hangs up with Hal, Carly arrives. Carly tells Alison that she just had a big argument with her sister Rosanna. Carly is obviously hurt by Rosanna’s earlier words. Alison tells Carly that when Emily feels sad, holding Daniel helps her. Alison goes to retrieve little Parker for Carly. Carly gets a phone message from Jack asking for her forgiveness. Parker sits down and colors with his mom (Carly). Parker says he wants to draw pictures of home. Carly asks Parker where home is. Parker says home is with Jack. Will arrives home and tells Carly that her sister Rosanna was just standing outside the front door, but now has left.

Back at the Oakdale jail, Carly fails to answer Jack’s phone messages, so Jack threatens Henry for involving him (Jack) and Carly in this mess. After Jack tells Henry that he owes Carly big time, Henry yells for the guard. Henry announces to Hal that Jack should be released since he (Henry) lied. Henry says that Carly and Jack asked him to stay with them not knowing that he was involved with the kidnapping. Hal tells Rose that he still has no news about Paul.

Craig tells Evelyn that he needs to speak to his wife. Evelyn leaves to go obtain everyone’s court date. Margo arrives and is surprised to see Craig, Jack, Henry, Emily and Rose behind bars. Craig tells Margo that Barbara is the only one who can help them get released. Jack tells Margo that he needs to speak to Carly to see if she is okay. Margo allows Craig to phone Rosanna. Before Craig has a chance to call, he runs right into Rosanna at the station. In a private room, Craig asks Rosanna to persuade Barbara to drop the charges against him. Rosanna laughs in his face and tells Craig he is crazy. Just then Sierra arrives. Rosanna tells Sierra that Craig asked her (Rosanna) to convince Barbara to drop the charges against him. Sierra tells Rosanna that Craig is used to getting what he wants. Sierra and Rosanna leave. Outside the door, Rosanna tells Sierra that it was nice speaking to Craig on her terms. Rosanna then leaves to speak to Carly. When Rosanna arrives at Carly’s front door, she changes her mind and leaves.

Marshall Travers arrives at the station and is urged by Margo to leave. Marshall remains and offers Craig his attorney services. Craig returns to his cell, saying Rosanna declined to persuade Barbara to drop the charges. Evelyn informs everyone that their hearing will be the next morning. Craig suggests to Evelyn that he intends to persuade Barbara Ryan to drop the charges, since this is an embarrassment for the Oakdale police.

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