ATWT Update Monday 5/19/03

As the World Turns Monday 5/19/03

By Loretta

Molly arrives at Dusty’s room and finds his face bruised. Molly places a cold compress on his bruised face. Dusty tells Molly she is an angel. Molly asks Dusty who beat him up. Dusty says it was Charlie Spangler from Chicago and that he threatened to kill (Dusty) him if he does not get his money. Dusty tells Molly he is scared. Molly kisses Dusty. Molly says maybe they can call the police or FBI. Dusty says nothing can save his life because he is in too deep. Molly suddenly gets angry and tells Dusty that everything he says is a lie. Molly asks Dusty if expects money from her. Dusty says he is telling the truth, that is life is in danger. Molly tells Dusty that she knows he had himself beaten up so she would feel sorry for him and give him money. Dusty tells Molly to get out of his room since she is not safe with him. Dusty pushes Molly out of his room. Molly then phones Agent Brackett and asks to meet him. Dusty phones Charlie, advising him to get the boys ready. As Molly gets inside her car, Dusty surprises her in her back seat. Dusty promises Molly that she will not get hurt. Molly meets with Agent Bracket. Molly tells him that Dusty mentioned a Charlie Spangler. Agent Bracket tells Molly that Charlie Spangler is dangerous, so he intends to keep away from him and advises Molly to do the same. Molly realizes that Dusty made really be in danger.

Chris meets up with his grandmother (Nancy) to discuss his dad (Bob). Chris suspects his dad may be suffering from beginning Alzheimer's. Nancy agrees to talk to Bob about getting a medical exam. As Nancy leaves, Kim arrives. Chris tells his mom (Kim) that Bob may have made another medical error, causing a patient’s death. Kim sadly says that she cannot believe that her Bob may not be himself. Bob arrives, which make Chris and Kim leave (so Nancy can talk to him alone). Newly arrived Nancy tells Bob that she heard of the errors he has been making lately and suggests he get a checkup with a geriatric specialist. When Bob hesitates, Nancy advises him to do this for the people who love him.

At the hospital John tells Bob that Mrs. Palmer’s autopsy report is on its way, which will prove if he (Bob) was responsible for her death. John suggests to Bob that he step down from his position as Memorial’s Chief of Staff. John tells Bob that maybe his health is causing his medical errors. John suggests to Bob that he see Dr. Rick Decker (Susan’s boyfriend) who is a geriatric specialist. Bob asks John if he is trying to get rid of him. John says no, that he has always respected him as a physician. When Bob walks away, Dr. Decker tells John that he is worried about Bob Hughes. After chatting with his mom, Bob arrives back at Memorial. Bob asks Rick to meet with him to discuss something personal. Rick agrees to meet with Bob the next day.

At the police station, Barbara tells D.A. Evelyn that she wants Craig, Emily, Rose and Hal arrested since they were all involved in a massive cover up regarding her kidnapping. Craig announces that this situation is his entire fault. Craig tells Evelyn that he is responsible for Barbara’s kidnapping and that Jack knew nothing about this cover up. Henry is then brought in, screaming that he will disclose everything he knows about Barbara’s kidnapping. Henry then states that Rose, Emily and Craig kidnapped Barbara and that Carly and Jack hid him at their house. Jack decides to tell Evelyn that he knew that Rose, Emily, Craig was involved in this, but he kept quiet to protect them. Evelyn says it seems the entire police force seems to be involved in this case. Evelyn tells Hal that they seem to have a case against Henry, Craig, Rose, Emily and Jack. Hal offers to go to jail, but Jack reminds him he will be more help outside of jail. Hal reads Emily her rights as he hugs her. Hal walks everyone down to their cells. Rose tells Emily that jail is similar to being locked up in the spa. Jack is then brought to his cell and visited by Hal. Jack tells Hal that he doesn’t think Carly will forgive him this time. Jack then meets his roommate, Henry Coleman. Henry apologizes for spilling the truth to the police. Jack tells Henry to shut up. Barbara then visits the gang in jail saying that she cannot believe that they are finally behind bars. Craig asks Evelyn if he can contact his wife.

Meeting Rosanna outside of the police station, Carly explains that she did not steal Barbara’s designs and says that Craig is to blame. Rosanna tells Carly she wants her out of Oakdale. Hearing arguing inside the police station Carly heads inside and finds out that Emily, Rose, Craig and Jack are being arrested. Carly tries to state that Jack had nothing to do with Barbara’s kidnapping. After Carly tries talking once more to Jack, he gets angry with her. Hurt by Jack’s harsh words, Carly says she should have went back home. Carly leaves and once again meets Rosanna. Carly tells Rosanna that she was right all along about Craig, that he is obsessed with her (Carly). Rosanna tells her to shut up. Carly tells Rosanna that she knows they are sisters and feels they should get along. Rosanna says nothing. Carly gives Rosanna a scarf that she had intended to give her after the fashion show. Carly tells Rosanna she may leave Oakdale. Rosanna tells Carly she will make sure it happens.

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