ATWT Update Friday 5/16/03


As the World Turns Friday 5/16/03

By Loretta 

After seeing a patient die (Mrs. Palmer), Alison decides hospital work is not for her. Alison says she quits. Chris tries talking to Alison but she tells Chris to mind his own business. Despite Susan’s advice to stay with her new job, Alison drives herself home. Alison arrives home and finds Rick there. Rick asks Alison why she is trying to deal with something (a patient’s death) that an adult cannot even handle. After biting Rick’s head off, Alison calms down and begins to open up to him. Rick tells Alison how he reacted his first time at seeing a patient die. Susan comes home to see how Alison is doing. Rick tells Susan that he and Alison was exchanging war stories. Susan senses that Rick and Alison are finally bonding a little. Susan offers to take Alison out for french fries and a milk shake. Alison thanks Rick for his talk and apologizes for acting like a brat. Rick accepts Alison’s apology. Rick tells Alison that he feels she hates him (Rick) because her mom (Susan) dropped her new boyfriend (Rick) in her life and wants her to accept it. Rick suggests to Alison that she be nice to her mom because she loves her. Rick asks Alison to forgive him. Being smart, Alison asks Rick that if she forgives him, will he call her princess and if she can call him daddy. Rick asks Alison why everything has to be a joke with her.

Chris asks Bob what went wrong with Mrs. Palmer’s treatment. Bob tells Chris he cannot believe he (Chris) thinks he was responsible for Mrs. Palmer’s death. Chris denies this, saying he is only looking for explanations as to why the patient suddenly died. Bob gets angry and tells Chris that he is aware that the hospital staff feels he is “losing it” as a physician. John comes along and asks Chris what is wrong. Chris mentions that Alison is having a hard time accepting Mrs. Palmer’s death. John advises Chris to not get hung up over a nurse’s aide (Alison). Chris goes to Al’s Diner and runs into Katie. Chris tells Katie that he is very worried about his dad (Bob) since he (Bob) made another medical error (Mrs. Palmer). Back at the hospital, John holds Mrs. Palmer’s chart, and finds that Bob notated the wrong time to give Mrs. Palmer her blood pressure medication. Bob tells John that Kim and Chris were trying to get him to have a checkup. Bob says he will take full responsibility for this error and says he may resign as Memorial’s Chief of Staff.

Dusty tells big boss Charlie that if he wants to make more money, he has a plan involving Molly McKinnon. Charlie has his doubts until Dusty says that Molly would pay big bucks to save his life. Dusty says he and Molly are close. Dusty assures Charlie that they will have their money by the next evening. Charlie agrees but warns Dusty not to try anything funny. Dusty shares his plan with Charlie: Charlie is to beat up Dusty to make it look like his life is in danger, then Molly, seeing the danger he is in, will give Dusty his needed money.

At Al’s Diner, Molly tells Agent Bracket that she will no longer help the FBI with Dusty Donovan. Agent Bracket grabs Molly by her arm and orders her that when the FBI asks for help, she will oblige. Molly leaves to attend the Monte Carlo fashion show. Afterwards Molly is called by Dusty who sounds like he has been hurt and is in pain. Molly arrives at Dusty’s room and finds his face bruised. Dusty tells Molly that he will be dead by midnight.

At Monte Carlo’s disastrous fashion show, Barbara announces to the entire room that Carly and Craig stole her designs. Kim tries to calm Barbara down. Barbara tells Rosanna that Craig is so obsessed with Carly that he stole her sketches. In the back room Jack asks Carly and Craig what they schemed up together this time (the stolen designs). Craig tries calming Jack but Carly stops him and tells Jack the truth. Carly tells Jack that Craig stole Barbara’s designs, but before she can continue, Jack says he has heard enough. Unfortunately Jack does not believe a word Carly says and he walks out. Molly arrives and finds Carly frantically cutting up her designs. A tearful Carly updates Molly about this latest disaster. Carly tells Molly that she has lost everything and this is the end of her career. Barbara pressures Hal to arrest Rose, Emily, and Craig. Jack walks back in the main room and announces that the fashion show is now closed, since Carly admitted the designs were stolen from Barbara. Craig immediately tells Jack that Carly did not steal Barbara’s designs. Craig admits that he saw Bar Bar’s (Barbara) designs, then destroyed them. Craig says he only gave Carly Barbara’s “ ideas” of moonlight and stars. Angered by Craig’s confession, Rosanna slaps Craig in his face. Preparing for arrests, Jack reads Rose, Emily and Craig their legal rights. After Craig’s confession, Jack finds Carly, who is drenching her designs in lighter fluid. Jack and Molly are able to calm Carly, who is also choking from the lighter fluid fumes. Sitting down with Jack, Carly tells him that she thought her designs were her idea. Jack tries apologizing for not believing her but Carly says she wants nothing to do with him. Carly then heads off to the police station where Rose, Emily and Craig (now arrested) are waiting for the D.A. to arrive. Carly tells Craig that because of him the biggest opportunity of her life blew up in her face. Carly says she cannot believe that he (Craig) broke the law to help her. Craig tells Carly he just wanted her to be happy. Craig apologizes. Carly shouts at Craig that she does not want his friendship and she hates him for what he did to her. As Carly leaves the station Jack asks her what it would take to forgive him. This sets Carly off and she tells the group (Emily, Rose, Craig and Jack) that the next time anyone of them want to help her - they should stop themselves. D.A. Evelyn Hart arrives. Barbara tells Evelyn to arrest everyone, including Hal, since he protected Emily. As Carly walks out the door, Rosanna runs into her. Rosanna tells Carly she wants her out of Oakdale, away from her husband and company.

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