ATWT Update Thursday 5/15/03


As the World Turns Thursday 5/15/03

By Loretta

At the hospital, intern Gordon tries his best to ask Katie out, but she declines. Katie tells Gordon she would not walk to the water machine with him, let alone a date. Gordon and Rick hear Bob misdiagnosing a patient. Rick covers this error for Bob. Afterwards, Gordon tells Katie that Bob is “losing it” and the entire staff is covering for him. Katie overhears Gordon cracking jokes about Bob Hughes’ memory. Katie tells Gordon to stop the jokes. Chris walks by and hears this. Chris reminds Gordon of all the great things his dad (Bob) did for Memorial. Gordon says he was only kidding. Rick hears this discussion and tells Chris that if he needs to talk with him about his dad, he is available. Rick tells Chris that he also noticed Bob’s forgetfulness lately. Chris tells Rick that his dad agreed to have a check up. After her fight with Barbara, Alison arrives for work and meets Katie. Alison runs into Chris. Alison tells Chris about her fight with Barbara. Chris warns Alison to stay out of trouble or she will wind up in jail again. As Chris walks off, Alison has a big smile on her face and she says to herself that Chris wants her. Katie, whose feet are sore, asks Alison to take a patients blood pressure for her. Alison cheerfully agrees. Alison enters the patient’s room, but finds she is close to death. Alison calls for help. Chris, Bob and two nurses walk in but they are too late. The patient is dead. Alone with Bob, Chris asks him what happened?

Dusty received a visit from one of his shady business associates. This associate hides when Lily arrives (Dusty had called for her). Dusty tells Lily he is trying to fix things for Rose, so he asks Lily to buy his partnership out of the Roller Palace. Lily hesitates. Dusty tells Lily that this is Rose’s dream, so Lily gives in and writes Dusty a big check. Before she leaves Lily tells Dusty she never wants to see him again. Dusty’s business associate walks back in and tells Dusty that Charlie wants the rest of his money in 48 hours...or else. Dusty endorses Lily’s check to him and assures he will pay the remainder soon.

Molly meets with Agent Brackett at Al’s to inform him that Barbara hired Dusty Donovan to break up her son’s engagement with Rose D’Angelo. Mr. Brackett seems disappointed with this little bit of information. Dusty phones Molly and asks her to come over. Molly agrees. When Molly arrives, Dusty finds her in his room phoning Agent Bracket of the FBI. Molly denies having had contact with the FBI regarding him, but later she gives in and tells Dusty that she intended to provide information about him for the FBI, but now has changed her mind. Dusty tells Molly he needs money badly and if his “boss“ finds out the FBI is on to him, he (Dusty) will be killed. Dusty asks Molly to tell the FBI that she knows nothing. Molly agrees to do this. When Dusty tries to kiss Molly, she turns away. After Molly leaves, the big boss Charlie visits Dusty. Dusty tells Charlie he intends to pay him off and if his plane goes down...there will be lots of cash. Dusty tells Charlie that Molly McKinnon will be part of his plan. Molly meets with Agent Brackett at Al’s and tells him that she knows nothing else about Dusty and she wants out of this agreement. Agent Bracket tells Molly she can’t get out of this.

At the Lakeview, waiting for the Monte Carlo fashion show to begin, Hal tells Rose that Paul’s plane is missing. Emily tells Hal that Alison overheard her talking to Carly about Barbara’s kidnapping, which she denied having anything to do with. The fashion show begins with Carly’s introduction of the models. Upstairs Jack tells Craig he is under arrest for Barbara’s kidnapping. Craig asks Jack to keep Barbara away from the fashion show, for Carly‘s sake. During the show several audience members hear screams...those of Barbara Ryan. To keep Barbara from entering the showing, Alison jumps Barbara and they both fall to the ground. Barbara screams for someone to get Alison off of her. Hal arrives and pulls Alison off of Barbara. Snippy Alison asks Barbara what her problem is. As Barbara hears Carly’s voice mentioning “stars and night,” she realizes that Craig stole her idea for the designs. Barbara tries to walk in the show but Hal and Craig block her path. Barbara finally makes her way into the show and announces that Carly’s designs were stolen from her. Carly tells Barbara she is out of her mind. Barbara calls Carly a no talented slut. After exchanging more insults with Carly and Craig, Barbara leaves, but tells everyone that she will see them in jail. Lisa asks Carly if she stole Barbara’s designs, making Rosanna begin to wonder about this also. Jack tells the group that Carly has talent and respect for herself, so she would not steal designs. Jack tells Rosanna that Craig if going to be arrested for Barbara’s kidnapping, Rosanna tells him to be sure and give it lots of publicity. Barbara arrives back with her original design sketches, which prove similar to Carly’s. Rosanna tells Craig that Barbara is right. Barbara tells Hal to arrest Carly, Rose, Craig and Emily. Frustrated Carly walks away, but is followed by Craig. Carly tells Craig that now he has ruined everything for her and her career is over as a designer. Jack walks in and asks Carly and Craig if they were in this plot together.

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