ATWT Update Wednesday 5/14/03


As the World Turns Wednesday 5/14/03

By Loretta

Jessica is released from the hospital and is taken back home by Ben. Sitting on the sofa, Jessica tells Ben she is so happy. Ben makes Jessica some tea. Bonnie arrives and tells Jessica and Ben that D.A. Evelyn dropped the charges against Marshall, leaving him free to practice law in Oakdale. Jessica tells Bonnie to calm down and not dwell on it. After hearing this, Ben says he must leave for the hospital. As Bonnie is giving Jessica a manicure, Ben walks in the door. Ben says he did not go to the hospital, but instead says he went to talk with Marshall. Ben says Marshall will not be a problem.

At the Lakeview Marshall meets Mr. Hart (his attorney). Marshall learns all the charges against him were dropped and he will be able to continue to practice law. Marshall thanks him. Bonnie overhears this discussion. Bonnie tells Marshall that he should find someplace else to live because everyone in Oakdale knows that he freed James Stenbeck, lied about the election and raped her mother. After Bonnie leaves, Mr. Hart reminds Marshall that Bonnie is right, remaining in Oakdale may be difficult for him. Marshall says he will deal with it. Marshall refuses Mr. Hart’s offer to obtain a restraining order against Bonnie. Ben arrives and reminds Marshall that Jessica is off limits. Ben states that if he needs to speak to Jessica, he must go through their attorney, Tom Hughes. As Ben walks away, Marshall stands looking at Ben with a smile on his face.

At Al’s Diner, Katie is surprised by a visit from Mike. Katie apologizes to Mike for making Molly angry with him (about Molly meeting with Dusty). Mike tells Katie he could never be angry with her. They sit down in a booth and both order a chocolate shake with extra whip cream. Katie asks Mike if he will be disappointed if he turns out not to be the father of Carly’s baby. Mike says he will be a little disappointed. Katie learns that Carly is having a girl. Katie tells Mike that having a daughter will be so exciting and that he will be a terrific father. Katie tells Mike his daughter will fall madly in love with him. This makes Mike smile. Katie says if he does not turn out to be the father, it will still be ok. Mike smiles again and tells Katie she is right.

Hal arrives at Paul’s apartment to speak with Barbara (at her request). Barbara informs Hal that Paul became angry with her and left Oakdale. Barbara asks Hal to find Paul for her. Hal tells Barbara he will try and make some phone calls (regarding Paul’s whereabouts). Barbara then gets a visit from Rose. Barbara orders Rose to leave. Rose refuses. Barbara tells Rose that if she married Paul it never would have worked out. Rose tells Barbara that Paul will hate her for the rest of her life. As Rose walks out, Barbara continues screaming that Rose will go to jail for her kidnapping. Eager for Barbara to not attend the Monte Carlo Fashion show, Craig arrives to say he is sorry that Paul left. Craig tells Barbara that she must go find Paul. Craig reminds Barbara that Paul is humiliated and angry, so she must locate him before it is too late. Craig begins giving Barbara suggestions on how to track down Paul. Craig even offers Barbara Rosanna’s help. Barbara phones Rosanna and asks her if she can use her jet to fly to Europe to locate Paul. Rosanna says of course. Rosanna asks Barbara to come downstairs to attend the fashion show. Barbara agrees and tells Craig this. Craig laughs. As Barbara prepares to exit, Craig holds her back. Barbara wises up and tells Craig that he apparently does not want her to attend the fashion show. Craig tells Barbara that if she attends the showing, it will stress out Carly. Barbara doesn’t buy this. As Barbara tries to leave, Craig blocks her way. Barbara screams for help. Jack arrives and tells Craig he is under arrest for assaulting Barbara. Craig tells Jack he just destroyed his wife’s (Carly) career.

Rosanna arrives back at Fairwinds to collect her belongings. Craig is angry with Rosanna for going against his word and publishing photos of Carly’s designs for the fashion show in the newspaper. Rosanna asks Craig if he has something to hide (stealing Barbara’s designs). Craig says no, but the designs were to be kept secret until their debut at the fashion show. Craig says that this “unwanted publicity” will upset Barbara. Rosanna tells Craig that if he shows up at the fashion show, she will not forgive him. Craig asks Rosanna to be sure that Barbara does not attend the fashion show. Rosanna agrees. Craig tells Rosanna that he wants her back.

It’s at hectic day at Monte Carlo since this if the Monte Carlo Fashion show day. Jack comes across a cabin brochure (where Barbara was held during her kidnapping) and asks Carly what this is about.

Carly tells Jack that is not hers, but that Rosanna found it with Craig’s belongings. Emily arrives with Alison. Alone with Emily, Carly reminds Emily that if she wasn’t involved in Barbara’s kidnapping, this day would never have come for her. Alison hears this and asks Emily if she broke the law. Carly steps in and tells Alison that Emily did something against the law - but only because she (Emily) loves her (Carly). Rose arrives and wishes Carly good luck. After learning that Rose will not attend the show, Emily insists that she and Alison will hold a seat for Rose. Alison asks Emily if that “thing” she did that was illegal has anything to do with Barbara Ryan. Rose tells Carly that she just ran into Barbara at Paul’s apartment and they argued. Rose tells Carly that she is selling her hair salon but Carly advises Rose that she should hang on to it. While at Monte Carlo, Rose gets a call from Hal who says he has some news on Paul. Rose immediately leaves for the Lakeview.

At the fashion show Jack asks to speak to Rosanna. Rosanna tells Jack about the cabin brochure that she found at Monte Carlo. Rosanna tells Jack that she is sick of Craig and Carly always sticking together. Emily, Alison and Carly arrive. Rosanna tells Jack that Barbara just phoned her, saying that Craig is trying to get her (Barbara) out of town. Jack immediately goes up to Paul’s room (where Barbara is). Rose arrives and tells Lucinda, Kim and Lisa that she plans to close the salon, but they all agree that she keep it open. Rose considers this. Alison asks Emily if she kidnapped Barbara? Emily tells Alison she must keep quiet about this and changes the subject. Alison gets angry at Emily for not telling her about this sooner. Hal tells Rose that Paul and his plane are officially listed as missing. The fashion show begins just as Barbara arrives. Alison sees Barbara. Barbara tells Alison that her sister (Emily) will go to jail for kidnapping her. Alison tells Barbara that Emily did no such thing. To prevent Barbara from entering the show, Alison jumps on Barbara and they both hit the floor.

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