ATWT Update Tuesday 5/13/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 5/13/03

By Loretta

.Katie goes to Mike’s to inform him that she saw Molly coming out of Dusty’s Lakeview room. Mike makes Katie some tea, while she sits by the fireplace. After hesitating, Katie tells Mike that she saw Molly coming out of Dusty’s room at the Lakeview. Mike asks Katie if she was spying on Molly. Katie says no; she was delivering some papers to John Dixon. Katie tells Mike she does not want to see him get hurt, since every woman in Oakdale appears to come to him with their problems. Katie tells Mike he is such a nice guy, but suggests he stop being a doormat. Without knocking, Molly walks in and asks Katie if she is trying to steal Mike from her. Before Katie leaves, she softly reminds Mike to tell Molly to stay the Hell away. Alone with Mike, Molly asks him if Katie told him about her meeting with Dusty. Mike says yes. Molly tells Mike that her visit with Dusty was not what he thinks. Mike does not believe her. When Molly asks Mike if she can spend the night at his house, Mike says no. Molly leaves. Standing outside Mike’s house, Molly begins to realize that she may have finally lost Mike for good.

After Paul leaves her, Rose arrives at Dusty’s room. Rose tells Dusty that he succeeded in making a fool out of her. Rose asks Dusty how he could have ripped the heart out of his best friend (Paul). Dusty explains that he needed the money. Rose tells Dusty she hates him and she intends to make him pay. Dusty reminds Rose that he and Barbara could have never hurt Paul with her (Rose) help. Rose throws the keys to her salon at Dusty. Dusty tries to tell Rose to keep the shop. Rose says she will get a buyer and pay him back. Still in tears, Rose leaves. Dusty is obviously ashamed of himself.

Barbara tries to apologize to Paul. Barbara tells Paul that everything she did was for him. Paul tells his mom (Barbara) that he is leaving Oakdale in order to get as far from her as he can. Barbara promises to give Paul room in his life, if he remains in Oakdale. Paul is not in the mood to hear any more of his mother‘s apologies. Barbara tells Paul that if he married Rose, she would have cheated on him, so she had to protect him. Paul tells Barbara that Rose loved him for himself. Barbara says that she knows what it is like to have a cheating spouse (James). Barbara tells Paul that if he stays, they can travel. An angry Paul tells his mother he wants her out of his life. Barbara tells Paul she loves him. Paul reminds Barbara that she has lost all of her children: Jennifer, Will and him. Barbara reminds Paul that she spent her life trying to protect him from his father (James). Paul says he needed protection from her, not James. Dusty arrives and tries to talk with Paul, but Paul shoves him aside. As he leaves, Paul tells Barbara that he will see her in Hell. As Barbara tries to leave, Dusty orders her to stay. Barbara tries exiting, but Dusty picks her up and places her back in the room. Dusty orders Barbara to pay him since he broke up Rose and Paul. Barbara refuses, saying that she did not intend for Dusty to have Paul vanish from her life. Rose arrives to find Barbara in a frenzy. Rose learns from Dusty that Paul left Oakdale for good.

An imaginary James Stenbeck sits alongside Paul inside his plane. James reminds Paul that he is his son and he must accept his destiny. Paul tells James that he sounds like his mom (Barbara). Disgusted, James tells Paul he is sorry that he had to listen to his mom (Barbara) all these years. James asks Paul where he is going. Paul says the only place “left.” James tells Paul that since he is due for a trip, he will come along.

Sierra asks Rosanna to help her get even with Craig. Rosanna is not sure why Sierra wants her help. Sierra says she wants Lucy to be with Aaron, which means she will gain a happy daughter. Sierra says she does not want Lucy to choose between Aaron and her dad (Craig). Sierra assures Rosanna that she is not trying to win back Craig’s heart, and says that Craig considers her “an old slipper.” Rosanna asks Sierra about her plan. Before Sierra has a chance to explain it, Rosanna decides that for her to win back Craig, she must keep Monte Carlo away from him.

At Monte Carlo, Craig visits Carly and Jack. When Jack advises Craig against kidnapping Barbara again (to keep her from attending the fashion show and see her stolen designs), Craig reminds Jack that if he turns him (Craig) in to the police, then Carly would have to be arrested as an accomplice. Craig asks Jack if he wants to see his pregnant wife (Carly) in a jail cell. After Jack leaves, Craig makes jokes about Jack, which further annoys Carly. After Craig leaves, Jack returns with onion rings for Carly. Rosanna arrives and reminds Carly that there is work to be done. After Jack leaves, Rosanna tells Carly that she intends to be nice to her...since her husband asked her to. Carly asks Rosanna to help her steam the fashion show dresses. Rosanna says no, saying that is for the help to do. Rosanna walks out.

Craig phones Katie and asks her to meet him at Al’s Diner for ice cream. At Al’s, Katie arrives, already sensing that Craig is up to something. Craig asks Katie if she will help him keep Barbara away from the Monte Carlo fashion show. Katie refuses. Katie realizes that Craig stole Barbara’s designs.

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