ATWT Update Monday 5/12/03

As the World Turns Monday 5/12/03

By Loretta

Sierra tells Craig that she intends to take both Aaron and Lucy back to Monteyga with her. Craig begins yelling at Sierra and finally asks for another chance. Sierra tells Craig that Aaron loves Lucy unconditionally and that he has stood by Lucy through good and bad times. Craig agrees to accept Lucy’s relationship with Aaron, as long as Lucy remains in Oakdale. Alone with Lucy, Sierra tells her that her dad agreed to accept Aaron, but she knows that he (Craig) is lying. Sierra suggests to Lucy that they must beat her dad (Craig) at his own game. After hearing her mom’s plan, Lucy tells her that it sounds like she (Sierra) is practicing for battle. Sierra reminds Lucy they are and that they must stand strong and get Rosanna to help them. After getting a call from Sierra, Rosanna arrives at Fairwinds. Sierra tells Rosanna that she hoped she (Rosanna) would be interested in showing Craig his true ways.

Jack and Carly walk into their house to find Henry eating their dinner. Carly tells Jack to call the police. Henry tells Carly not to call the police, because if he goes to prison, Jack goes with him. Henry tells Jack that if he calls the police, he (Henry) will tell them that Jack is withholding evidence in Barbara’s kidnapping investigation. Carly and Jack head back to Monte Carlo. Carly senses Jack is upset about something - she is right. Back at their house with Henry, the world “blackmail” came up in their conversation. Jack asks Carly why Henry blackmailed her. Carly explains how Henry knew that she had sex with Mike the night before her wedding, became pregnant, and he threatened to spill the beans unless she gave him $50,000. Carly asks Jack why he is protecting her. Jack says he is just doing his job. Carly tells Jack that she feels he is protecting her as he (Jack) still loves her. After Jack leaves to get lunch, Craig arrives and surprises Carly. Craig tells Carly that Rosanna walked out on him. Carly tells Craig that he deserved it. Craig asks Carly to talk to Rosanna for him Craig promises Carly that if she does, she will get “reviews for a lifetime.“ Craig mentions that he may not attend the Monte Carlo fashion show, since he intends to keep Barbara away from it. Shocked, Carly asks Craig if he plans to kidnap Barbara again. As Carly says this, Jack walks in the door. Jack asks Craig if he plans to kidnap Barbara again.

Molly enters Dusty’s empty room at the Lakeview. As Molly starts looking through Dusty’s briefcase, someone comes up behind her and places their hands across her mouth. It is Agent Brackett who agrees to let Molly go if she does not scream. Finally able to talk, Molly tells Agent Brackett that she will be happy to obtain information about Dusty Donovan for the FBI. Agent Brackett tells Molly that in order to obtain information from Dusty, she may have to rekindle her romance with him (Dusty). Molly says she may not have to go that far. Agent Brackett informs Molly that he feels Dusty is waiting for a big payoff from someone. Agent Brackett agrees to provide Molly with protection and offers to give her an exclusive story, since he knows she is a journalist. Later when Dusty arrives, he finds Molly lying down provocatively on his bed. Dusty tells Molly that he had a bad time at the party and hurt many people that he knew since childhood. As Molly and Dusty start getting cozy in bed, Molly starts asking him various questions about his business. After Molly leaves the room, Dusty looks in her purse and finds Agent Brackett’s business card. When Molly returns, Dusty tells Molly that he is not in the mood for intimacy this evening. Molly leaves and on her way out, she runs into Katie. Molly exchanges insults with Katie. Katie tells Molly that soon Mike will find out just the kind of woman she really is.

At Rose’s grand opening of her salon, Paul enters and tells everyone that his mom (Barbara) paid Dusty to break him (Paul) and Rose up. Dusty says nothing. Paul tells Rose that his mom would have paid anyone any amount of money to come between them. Barbara tells Paul that when Dusty came to Oakdale, he was broke, so she simply paid his hotel bills. Barbara denies having anything to do with trying to come between him (Paul) and Rose. Rose asks Dusty for the truth. Dusty tells Rose that Barbara hired him to break up her (Rose) engagement to Paul. Rose is shocked. As Rose leaves with Paul, Barbara tries to stop Paul. Back at her house, Rose tries to offer Paul an apology. Paul tells Rose an apology is useless. Paul asks Rose how she could cheat on him (Paul) with his best friend (Dusty). Rose starts to cry and tells Paul that she loves him. Paul tells Rose that she is like his mother (Barbara), in that she uses people to get what she wants. Rose tells Paul she is willing to try again with him. Paul tells Rose that he wants to forget her. Rose tries to keep Dusty from leaving. Rose tells Paul that he was the best thing that ever happened to her. Paul tries his hardest to keep from getting emotional. Despite Rose’s pleas, Paul walks out. Alone with Dusty at Rose‘s Rollar Palace, Lily questions him why he took money from Barbara to hurt Rose and Paul. Dusty tells Lily that he realized that being decent and honest gets you no place in life. Lily is angry and leaves with Holden. After Paul walks out on her, Rose takes out her engagement ring from Paul. Rose suddenly gets up and takes off to find Paul.

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