ATWT Update Thursday 5/8/03


As the World Turns Thursday 5/8/03

By Loretta

Paul asks Jack what information he has on Dusty Donovan. Jack says he only knows that Dusty is involved in something with his mother (Barbara). Paul tells Jack that Dusty is after Rose emotionally and is using her. Paul tells Jack that when Dusty returned to Oakdale, he pushed Rose and Dusty into a friendship, and now Dusty is causing Rose to lie to him. Paul also says that Rose and Dusty are becoming more than friends. Jack suggests that if Paul really loves Rose, he should look past Dusty, as he did in his relationship with Carly. Jack tells Paul that Carly slept with Mike Kasnoff the night before his wedding. Paul tells Jack that Rose is not safe with Dusty around, especially that he is working with Barbara. Paul then gets a call from Rose who asks him to come over. Paul leaves. Barbara then visits Jack at the station wanting to know why Henry Coleman has not been brought in yet. Barbara reminds Jack to do his job, while he still has one. Jack tells Barbara she should have been put in jail a long time ago.

Visiting with Rose, Lily notices her unusual behavior. Rose starts crying and says that she does not deserve Paul. Rose says she has been kissing Dusty and enjoying it. Rose says she has always been a sucker for bad boys and Paul, who always does the right thing, sometimes suffocates her. Rose says she can’t help the way she feels when Dusty is with her, especially when he kisses her. Lily suggests that Rose step back from Dusty. Rose says she can’t. Lily tells Rose that maybe marriage is not for her right now. Rose says she does not know what she wants. Lily tells Rose not to let Paul dangle, so she must be honest with him. Before Lily leaves, she hugs Rose. Dusty arrives at Rose’s (Rose is wearing a black slip) to take her to the grand opening of her salon. Rose tells Dusty to leave because she can’t control herself when he is near her. Rose tells Dusty that she loves Paul. Dusty begins walking closer to a shaky Rose. Rose starts to back away from Dusty, but he continues to come closer. Dusty tells Rose he can’t help the way he feels about her. Rose says she is not being fair to Paul. Rose says whatever is going on between them (her and Dusty), it must stop. Dusty tells Rose that if Paul loved her that much, he would have married her a long time ago and prevented her from going to Italy. Dusty takes Rose in his arms and they kiss longingly. Paul stands outside Rose’s house, hesitating to knock on her door. Without knocking, Paul walks in on Dusty and Rose kissing. Paul tells Dusty to get his filthy hands off of Rose.

Dusty arrives at Barbara’s apartment before he heads to the opening of Rose’s Roller Palace. Dusty tells Barbara that in a few hours Paul will leave Rose, so he wants a check now. Barbara says he will get his money as soon as she has proof. Dusty tells Barbara he is not proud of himself for coming between Rose and Paul, but he needed the money desperately. Barbara tells Dusty he is a weak greedy man. Dusty tells Barbara that when Paul finds out that his best friend (him) and fiance betrayed him, it will kill him. Barbara insists it will not. Dusty tells Barbara she is a cruel, bitter failure. Barbara says nothing.

Sierra arrives at Fairwinds and thanks Rosanna for taking good care of Lucy. Sierra mentions that Craig just visited her in Montega. This sets off Rosanna’s temper. Rosanna asks Craig how he could leave her on their wedding night, and spend it with his ex-wife. Sierra apologizes for upsetting Rosanna. Rosanna gets angry and leaves the room. Alone with Craig, Sierra tells Craig he only asked her to come to Oakdale to make Rosanna jealous. Craig reminds Sierra that Rosanna lied to him behind his back (about Aaron and Lucy). Sierra tells Craig that the next time Rosanna throws him out, he cannot come back to her. Rosanna, who is packed and ready to leave Fairwinds, asks Craig why he spent his wedding night with his ex-wife. Craig assures Rosanna that he did not have post marital sex with Sierra in Monteyga. Craig brings up the fact that Mike Kasnoff visited her while he was away. Rosanna says she wanted to have sex with Mike and rub it in his face, but she didn’t because she still loves him (Craig). Craig tells Rosanna he still loves her. Craig says he intends to send Lucy back to Monteyga, because she is coming in between their marriage. Rosanna says Lucy and Aaron have nothing to do with their marriage and that he (Craig) is being selfish. Rosanna tells Craig that she loves Lucy because she means so much to him (Craig), plus Lucy is the only child she will ever have. Rosanna tells Craig that he cannot take Lucy away from her. Rosanna calls Craig a monster. Rosanna suggests they get an annulment ASAP. Craig says sending Lucy away is temporary. Rosanna says she won’t allow Lucy to leave. Rosanna tells Craig that he did not leave her on their wedding night because he was angry that she helped Lucy and Aaron, but rather to avoid being arrested for Barbara’s kidnapping. Rosanna says this is so because when he left, she found a brochure in his drawer describing the cabin he hid Barbara in. Rosanna says the entire town knows that he (Craig) kidnapped Barbara. Rosanna tells Craig that he only returned to Oakdale for Carly and the fashion show. Rosanna tells Craig that if he wants to save their marriage, he must give up Monte Carlo.

Sierra takes Lucy and Aaron to Al’s diner to talk. Sierra tells Lucy that she is so proud of how she remained optimistic while she was confined to the wheelchair. Sierra tells Lucy that she must discuss something with her. Lucy immediately states that she is aware that she (Sierra) intends to send her back to Monteyga. Sierra tells Lucy that she and her dad (Craig) agreed that Lucy would be better off in Monteyga. Aaron immediately says that he will keep away from Lucy, so she can remain in Oakdale. Aaron’s statement immediately changes Sierra’s mind. Sierra tells Lucy that since Aaron obviously means so much to her, she will make sure she (Lucy) stays in Oakdale. Lucy tells Aaron to keep away from Lucy for a few days, so she can work on Craig. Aaron agrees.

Katie runs into Mike at the hospital and hands him her homemade lasagna. Katie tells Mike that she knows Molly moved back in with him, but she does not want to see Mike get hurt again. Mike jokingly tells Katie that he will put her lasagna in his freezer so Molly won’t eat it. Katie tells Mike that he is so handsome, nice and ... good with a hammer, which make women love him. Katie tells Mike that she will call him later, but not because she wants a romance with him. Mike asks Katie why she doesn’t want a romance with him. This catches Katie a little off guard. Katie says because she is a married woman. Mike agrees to come over to Katie’s and check her roof on the cottage. In return, Katie promises to cook Mike a roast beef dinner.

Bob apologizes to Chris for getting so upset when he (Chris) approached him about getting a checkup. Bob tells Chris how Mr. Cromly (now deceased) had been his patient for the last 30 years, so he feels like he let him down. Bob tells Chris he will go and have a complete physical. Chris leaves and reminds Bob that he will see him at the staff meeting that afternoon. Later Katie reminds Bob that the staff meeting is about to begin. Bob had forgotten. This memory loss obviously upsets Bob.

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