ATWT Update Wednesday 5/7/03


As the World Turns Wednesday 5/7/03

By Loretta

At the hospital Rick whispers something in Susan’s ear, making her giggle. Chris suggests to Alison that she get a job and get a life of her own. Chris convinces Alison to get a job at Memorial as a nurses’ aide and says she needs a life of her own. Chris offers to put in a good word for her. Alison tells her mom (Susan) that she intends to apply for a job at Memorial. Susan tells Alison that her working at Memorial is not a good idea since she has a criminal record. This upsets Alison and she tells Susan that she must wish she never got released from jail. Alison walks away. Rick comes along and convinces Susan that Alison getting a job is a good idea, and will keep her out of their hair. Susan smiles and agrees. Chris tells Alison that Memorial will offer her a job as a nurses’ aide. Alison tells Chris that her mom does not want her working there. Susan comes along and tells Alison that she now feels that her getting a job at the hospital is a good idea.

At the station with Isaac and Tom at her side, Bonnie receives her sentencing from Evelyn Hart (for Bonnie’s involvement in Jessica’s shooting). Evelyn orders Bonnie to complete several hours of community service. After Isaac leaves, Bonnie tells Margo the truth. Margo tells Bonnie she should be careful what she tells her, since anything may incriminate her. Crying, Bonnie explains fully what happened the night she accidentally shot her mom. Bonnie tells Margo she can’t believe she only has to perform community service for almost killing her mom. Bonnie says she is ashamed of herself. Margo tells Bonnie just to do the best job she can working at the children’s shelter (her sentencing) and make her mom (Jessica) happy. Margo gets Bonnie to smile. Bonnie tells Margo that she knows why her mom always loved her.

At Dusty’s request, Rose arrives at the salon to find it ready for business. Dusty tells Rose he planned a grand opening party for her and invited all her family and friends. Dusty puts his arms around Rose and kisses her neck. Rose thanks Dusty for getting her salon ready but says she cannot accept it. Dusty feels Paul is taking everything away from her. Rose says she loves Paul and has great sex with him. Dusty tells Rose sex would be better with him and he slowly kisses Rose. Rose gets frazzled and says she can’t do this. Dusty tells Rose that she can keep the money and he will not see her again. Dusty says he will be a silent partner in her business, as he does not want her to throw this business away. Rose says no. Dusty tells Rose she deserves this business and he urges her to tell Paul about his “silent partner” deal. After Dusty has left, Paul arrives with flowers for Rose. They kiss. Paul tells Rose the salon looks beautiful. Rose tells Paul that Dusty surprised her by having the contractors work all night getting the salon ready for opening day. This angers Paul. Paul tells Rose to obtain a total cost from Dusty for the salon, then he will write him a check. Rose tells Paul that Dusty suggested he be a silent partner in this business. Paul tells Rose that Dusty is a liar and she should keep away from him. Rose disagrees. Paul tells Rose that he will get proof that Dusty is no good. Rose asks Paul to come to her grand opening party but when Paul learns that Dusty will be there, he refuses her offer. After Paul has left, Dusty returns. Finding Rose in a sad mood, Dusty urges her to take a long hot bath and put her something wonderful for her party. Rose agrees and leaves. After Rose is gone, Dusty phones Barbara and tells her to get his payment ready.

Carly brings Jack some lunch at the station. Carly asks Jack to not arrest Craig when he gets back, because she wants the Monte Carlo fashion show to go on as planned, since she worked so hard on completing the designs. Jack tells Carly no. Frustrated Jack tells Carly how Evelyn is hounding him to make an arrest in Barbara’s kidnapping. Carly thanks Jack for believing that she had nothing to do with Barbara’s kidnapping. Jack tells Carly he believed her since a kidnapping like that took too much planning. This angers Carly and she sarcastically thanks him for believing in her. Jack apologizes. Jack keeps quiet about a call Carly just received from Craig from Fairwinds. Paul later arrives and asks Dusty for proof that Dusty is no good.

Craig surprises Rosanna in the garden at Fairwinds. Craig asks Rosanna why Mike Kasnoff was visiting her while he was away. Rosanna sarcastically tells Craig they had a rendezvous. Craig is still upset for Rosanna allowing Lucy to see Aaron behind his back. Craig tells Rosanna he wants to make-up with her. Rosanna tells Craig it is too late. Craig calls Carly and asks how the designs are coming along. Carly says fine. Craig hangs up. Rosanna tells Lucy and Aaron that Craig is home. By the look on Rosanna’s face, Lucy and Aaron can tell things are not going well between her and Craig. Craig walks in and finds Aaron with Lucy. Rosanna walks in and accuses Craig of going to see Carly first, before coming home to her. Sierra arrives and hugs Lucy. Sierra thanks Rosanna for taking such good care of Lucy. Sierra says that Craig just visited her in Montega. Rosanna looks suspicious.

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