ATWT Update Tuesday 5/6/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 5/6/03

By Loretta

Alison learns that Susan has to cancel their day out due to her (Susan) hospital appointments. To make up for this, Susan gives Alison the keys to her car and platinum credit card. Alison thanks Susan. Rick arrives and offers to take them to breakfast. Susan urges Alison to come with them. Alison refuses Rick’s offer and says that she would rather starve. On her way to Al’s, Alison runs into Katie. Katie tells her that Aaron and Lucy are inside Al’s. Alison arrives and sees Aaron and Lucy kissing. Seeing Alison, Lucy immediately thinks she escaped from prison. Alison goes over to their table and tells Lucy and Aaron that she saved the life of the warden at jail, a deed which gave Alison freedom. Lucy and Aaron get frightened looks on their faces when Alison explains the scar on her hand (a fight in jail which included a knife). Alison apologizes to Lucy and Aaron for everything she did to them. Lucy asks Alison is she is really sorry. After Alison leaves, Lucy gets a voice mail from Craig (her dad) saying that there are major changes in store for her. Given the cold shoulder by Aaron and Lucy, and finding out the Al’s french fry cooker is broken, Alison leaves in a depressed state. Alison comes to the hospital and runs into Chris. Chris is glad to see her and asks her to breakfast. After they’re done breakfasting, Chris tells Alison that he never saw a woman pack away more food than her. Alison tells Chris that Dr. Decker (Rick) moved into their house and she does not trust him. Chris tells Alison to give Rick a chance. This angers Alison. They begin arguing about Rick. Alison says Chris is taking sides, she gets angry with him and walks away. Chris goes after Alison.

Kim runs into John at the hospital. Kim tells John how Bob seems upset lately. Kim learns that Bob may be responsible for a patient‘s death. John tells Kim that Bob may have ordered the wrong medication dosage to Mr. Cromly. Kim runs into Rick. Kim introduces Chris to Rick. Chris tells Rick he heard many good things about him and his research. Bob comes along and sees the worried look on Kim’s face. Kim asks Bob why he did not tell her about losing his patient. Bob asks Kim how she found out. John walks by and tells Bob that he told Kim. John holds the autopsy report, which proves that Bob, was not responsible for Mr. Cromly‘s death. John offers to buy Bob a cup of coffee. Kim still has a worried look on her face.

Katie arrives at work. While putting new sheets on a bed, Jack tells Katie that the cops are looking for her roommate (Henry). Katie immediately phones Henry with this news. Soon Henry runs in the room and tells Katie to not tell anyone that she saw him. Henry asks Katie to help him escape from the police.

Dusty phones Rose. Rose quickly hangs up on Dusty. Mitzi asks Rose what happened. Mitzi tells Rose that Paul asked her if there was anything (more than friendship) between her (Rose) and Dusty. Mitzi tells Rose she thinks she (Rose) has feelings for Dusty. Rose snaps at her and tells Mitzi not to ask questions. Paul arrives and asks Rose if she still plans to use Dusty’s money. Rose says yes. Paul asks Rose why she would take money from a woman she despises (Barbara) and Dusty who lied. Rose says there is no difference. Rose tells Paul she is tired of him always choosing his mom (Barbara) over her. Paul then plays the cell phone messages from Dusty to Barbara for Rose to listen to. Rose says that is just Barbara playing tricks with them. Paul asks Rose if she has feelings for Dusty. Rose says yes...that she is grateful to him. Paul does not believe her. Rose tells Paul she loves him and admits she made some big mistakes. Paul tells Rose she must choose him unconditionally. Paul leaves. Rose cries. Mitzi comes back in the living room. Rose tells Mitzi what happened with Paul. Rose tells Mitzi that when she is with Dusty, he seems to know everything she is thinking and she does have some feelings for him. Mitzi asks Rose if she wants to break Paul’s heart. Mitzi reminds Rose that she can have a life of happiness with Paul. Rose gets a call from Dusty. Rose tells him she is giving up the salon. Dusty tells Rose to meet him at the salon. Rose arrives at the salon to find Dusty and the salon all decorated and ready for business. Rose is happy. Dusty says the contractors worked on the salon all night. Dusty tells Rose she must re-consider about closing up this shop.

Barbara arrives at the Lakeview and sits down with Dusty. Barbara buys him breakfast. Dusty tells Barbara he wants cash paid in full when he beds Rose this evening. Barbara asks Dusty if he still feels guilty for breaking up Rose and Paul. Paul tells Barbara that Paul is not his friend any longer.

Barbara and Jack arrive at the police station to talk to Evelyn Hart about her witness (Henry) in her kidnapping investigation. Evelyn feels Jack has a conflict of interest and did little for Barbara’s investigation. Evelyn tells Jack to put an APB out on Craig Montgomery and asks that Henry, Rose and Emily be called in for questioning. Jack informs Hal about this. Hal says they must protect their women.

Carly arrives at Fairwinds to show Rosanna her cell phone call log receipts, which prove she has not been in contact with Craig. Carly tells Rosanna (in the garden) she wishes to get along with her, especially that they are working together. Rosanna is not eager to be friends with Carly. Carly insists that she had an affair with Craig years ago, but now he is just her friend. Rosanna tells Carly to leave. Carly stays and continues lecturing Rosanna. Carly tells Rosanna not to let Monte Carlo die, just for Craig‘s sake. Carly leaves. Craig arrives and surprises Rosanna.

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