ATWT Update Monday 5/5/03

As the World Turns Monday 5/5/03

By Loretta

Alison has just been released from the women’s detention facility. As soon as Alison walks in the door after her jail release, Rick walks in with a bottle of champagne for him and Susan. Alison sarcastically asks Rick who he is. Susan says she invited Rick, who is a physician, to live with them. Alison is shocked and angry that “Dr. Champagne” (Rick) is going to live with them. Emily explains to Rick that Alison just got released from the women’s detention facility. Susan explains that Rick just took a position at Memorial hospital and needed a place to stay. Alison tells Rick that he should live at the Lakeview. Alison is further shocked to learn that Rick is her mom’s (Susan) boyfriend. Susan tells Alison that although she is glad she is home, if she does not change her attitude, she will ground her (Alison). Rick announces he will go back to his room at the Lakeview for the night. Emily suggests that she, Susan and Alison go to Al’s for a milkshake to celebrate Alison’s release. At Al’s Susan tells Emily that she may be on the verge of something wonderful with Rick. Alison returns to the table with coffee. Alison tells her mom that she must be sick of everybody else getting some action and that is why she now has a boyfriend (Rick). Susan tells Alison that having Rick in her life does not mean she loves her any less. Susan asks Alison to accept this. Alison agrees. Rick drops by Al’s and tells Susan he will spend the night at the Lakeview. Alone with Susan, Rick tells her he does not want to come in between her and Alison, but he still intends to move in with her. Alison tells Emily that she does not trust Rick.

Molly arrives at Mike’s. Molly tells Mike that the FBI is after Dusty (who is involved with a crime syndicate for money laundering) and she is frightened. Molly says the FBI wants her to rekindle her romance with Dusty so she can obtain information from him. Molly tells Mike that she won’t do this since she was already threatened by Dusty‘s business associates. Mike advises Molly to go to the police. Molly says she won’t do this either. Mike makes Molly promise to check on that FBI agent’s credentials and if she questions his legitimacy, to call Jack. Molly tells Mike that she feels safe at his house. Molly asks Mike if she can spend the night at his house. Mike says she can. Molly tells Mike that she will sleep on the couch. After kissing Molly, Mike tells her that he wants her so bad. Molly says that if they make love, it will just confuse things more.

Jack tells Barbara to back off her kidnapping investigation. Jack tells Barbara that he knows she intended to break up Paul and Rose. Jack asks Barbara what her next plan is to destroy Rose is? Barbara reminds Jack that Rose and Carly destroyed her life. Barbara tells Jack that Carly Tenney would have benefited from her kidnapping, so all her facts make sense. Jack says without evidence, his hands are tied. Barbara says Henry Coleman is her witness. Jack tells Barbara that she must have paid Henry handsomely for him to agree to be her witness. Barbara phones D.A. Evelyn Hart and tells her that she has a witness in her kidnapping investigation. Barbara tells Jack that Evelyn wants to see them both in her office the next morning. Jack tells Barbara that she continually blames other people for her problems. Barbara reminds Jack that if he had been doing his job the right way, he would have rescued her from the boathouse earlier and they would not be standing here discussing this.

Mitzi runs into Paul at Al’s Diner and sits down with him. Paul asks Mitzi how Rose feels about Dusty. Mitzi tells Paul not to get any false ideas about Rose and Dusty. Paul says that Dusty is not who he thinks she is. Mitzi says she could tell he was not a Boy Scout. Mitzi leaves.

Dusty knocks on Rose’s door. Rose shouts for him to go away. After a few minutes has passed and believing he left, Rose opens her door. Dusty pushes himself in. Dusty asks Rose to listen to what he has to say. Rose tells Dusty to make it fast. Dusty tells Rose that when they became partners, he had a problem with cash flow, so he borrowed the money from Barbara. Dusty says he paid Barbara the loan back with interest. Rose thinks Dusty is joking. Dusty says Paul found out about this and he is going crazy. Rose is angry and asks Dusty why he did not tell her this. Dusty says that Barbara did not know what the loan was for. Dusty assures Rose that they solely own the salon shop. Dusty says Paul is angry since Jack played Dusty’s phone messages from Barbara for him, making Paul think that him (Dusty) and Barbara were involved in some plot. Dusty then begins talking badly about Paul. Rose gets angry and slaps Dusty in the face. Dusty then takes Rose in his arm and kisses her passionately. Rose starts kissing him back but then pushes him away. Dusty says there is something happening between them. Rose says she can’t let this happen. Rose tells Dusty to leave. Frustrated and crying, Rose walks back in her house, shutting the door. Dusty tells Rose he has fallen in love with her. As Dusty leaves, Paul arrives. Seeing the mental state Rose is in, Paul asks Dusty what he did to her. Paul tells Dusty to explain to Rose about the plot that he was involved in with his mother to break them up. Angry Paul grabs Dusty and Rose tells Dusty to leave. Paul tells Rose he will stay with her until she calms down. Rose says she needs to be alone. Outside Rose’s house, Paul tells Dusty that he intends to destroy him.

At the hospital, Chris finds his dad (Bob) staring at the bed that was occupied by the now deceased Mr. Cromly. Chris tells Bob that he overheard John’s discussion with him. Chris says that making a medical mistake does happen so he should not be so hard on himself. Chris tells Bob that Mr. Cromly’s autopsy report may indicate that he died from something else - not Bob‘s medical error. Chris advises Bob to get a checkup. Bob insists he is fine.

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