ATWT Update Friday 5/2/03


As the World Turns Friday 5/2/03

By Loretta 

After accepting Susan’s offer to move in, Rick is handed a key from her. Rick kisses Susan goodbye. After Rick leaves, Susan says to herself that she can’t wait! Emily tells Susan that Alison is getting released today. Tom is there and states that the warden (Regina) and judge agreed that Alison put her life in danger when she helped the warden escape being knifed, and that Alison’s life would remain in danger by staying in the facility. Susan tells Emily that she asked Rick to move in with her. Emily tells Susan that she should tell Rick not to move in. Emily feels it won’t work out having Alison and Rick living under the same roof. Susan says no, that she will not ruin her relationship with Rick by asking him not to move in. Susan says Rick will remain at her house. Susan says perhaps Alison and Rick may get along fine. Hal tells Emily that he has a bad feeling about this. At the women’s facility, Emily, Susan, Tom and Hal surprise Alison with the news that she is coming home. Alison is excited and smiles. Susan hugs Alison. Alison tells her mom that she wants to have breakfast with her the next morning...just the two of them. Alison also tells her mom she does not wish to fight with her any more. The warden (Regina) jokingly tells Alison that she does not want to see her back. Alison smiles and tells Regina she will not return to the facility. All packed, Alison suggests they all boogie on home. Everyone arrives home. Alison says she feels like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Alison thanks Tom again. Rick walks in announcing that he brought “them” a bottle of champagne. Rick asks Alison who she is. Alison tells Rick she is not company and she lives there. Alison asks Rick what his excuse for being there is.

At the hospital Kim tells Chris that she is worried about Bob. Kim asks Chris to suggest to his dad that he visit a physician about his occasional memory loss. While making his rounds, Bob checks on Mr. Cromly, a grumpy elderly man who complains that the bed sheets are itching him. Seeing Bob communicate with Mr. Cromly, Chris tells his dad that he is glad he still has lots of patience. Chris mentions to his dad to get a check up with a physician. Bob says he had a checkup three months ago and he is in fine health. Later, Chris runs into Katie. Katie tells Chris her job is going well. As Katie goes to check Mr. Cromly, she realizes his vital signs have stopped. Katie calls out for a doctor and states there is an emergency. John tends to Mr. Cromly. Unfortunately John could not save Mr. Cromly and orders Chris to have an autopsy done immediately on him. Katie is a nervous wreck and tells Chris that this is the first time she touched a dead person. Chris tries to calm Katie. Chris tells Katie that working in a hospital, does not make you get used to seeing patients die. Katie says maybe she would have not reacted so nervously, if Mr. Cromly looked ill. John sends a shaken Katie home. John tells Bob that Mr. Cromly died. John tells Bob that he feels he (Bob) may have made a mistake with Mr. Cromly’s medication. Bob says that he checked Mr. Cromly’s medication order twice. John tells Bob he has been pushing himself too much and perhaps it is catching up with him. John suggests that Bob take a vacation. John tells Bob that he fears Mr. Cromly’s family may file a lawsuit against Memorial and him (Bob). Bob asks John to keep this investigation quiet and that if the autopsy shows he (Bob) was responsible for his death, he will resign. Chris overhears this conversation.

Ben presents Jessica with an engagement ring. Jessica exclaims how beautiful it is. Ben asks Jessica if she needs more time to think over his proposal. Jessica immediately says yes. Jessica tells Ben she is sorry for having made so many mistakes the past few months. Ben says the past is done with, as is Marshall Travers. Ben tells Jessica they will have a wonderful life together. Jessica tells Ben she cannot wait to marry him. Marshall peaks in the door and finds Ben and Jessica happily spending time together. Marshall decides not to enter. Ben gets beeped and leaves to tend to his patients. After Ben leaves, Marshall arrives with flowers for Jessica. Marshall says that the D.A. will cut a deal with Bonnie for the shooting. Jessica thanks Marshall for his help regarding clearing Bonnie, but she tells him she will never forgive him for what he did to her. Jessica tells Marshall that Ben asked her to marry him and she accepted. Jessica shows Marshall Ben’s ring. Marshall is obviously disappointed. As Marshall leaves, Jessica instructs him to take the flowers he brought her with him. Ben arrives back in Jessica’s room. Jessica smiles and tells Ben that becoming his wife sounds so nice. Ben kisses Jessica goodbye and tells her he loves her.

A strange man who has been following Molly approaches her at the Lakeview bar. Showing his badge, he announces that he is a special agent for the FBI and asks Molly for information about Dusty Donovan. Molly tells him she thought he was a thug who wanted to kill her. Molly tells the agent that she barely knows Dusty, so he can leave her alone. The agent offers to buy Molly a drink. Molly declines but asks him why the FBI is looking for Dusty. The agent replies that Dusty was working for a crime syndicate in Chicago who used him for money laundering. The agent says Dusty over-extended himself and owes this syndicate lots of money. The agent tells Molly they need her to help them arrest Dusty. The agent begins asking Molly questions about Dusty and his business dealings. Molly mentions the two men who threatened her in her room, but she refuses to describe them. Becoming frightened, Molly says she wants no part of this investigation. As the FBI agent leaves he sees Molly phoning someone (she phones Mike).

At the police station, Dusty and Barbara are forced to speak to Paul. Paul asks them for the truth - now. Barbara tells Dusty that Paul insists they (she and Dusty) were involved in some plot, not legitimate business dealings. Paul plays the recorded cell phone messages Dusty left for Barbara, in which he desperately asks for money for Rose’s salon. Paul asks Barbara and Dusty again for the truth. Barbara doesn’t answer. Paul gets angry and says no one will leave the room until he gets answers. Dusty says that when Rose needed the down payment, he was low on cash, so he asked Barbara for the loan. Barbara smiles and agrees. Paul tells them they are still lying since his mom (Barbara) would never give a penny to help Rose. Barbara tells Paul that he is exaggerating. Paul says he will tell Rose to break all ties to him (Dusty). Paul says he is disgusted with them (Barbara and Dusty). Paul leaves in a rage. Barbara snaps at Dusty for allowing her cell phone and its messages to get in the hands of the police. Barbara tells Dusty he will not get another cent from her. Alone with Jack, Barbara tells him that he (Jack) must know that Rose, Emily and Craig were responsible for her kidnapping. Jack says he is aware of that. Jack orders Barbara to back off the kidnapping investigation or he will play more of her cell phone messages for Paul to listen to. Afterwards Dusty goes to Rose’s house.

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