ATWT Update Thursday 5/1/03


As the World Turns Thursday 5/1/03

By Loretta

.Chris visits Alison at the women’s facility. Alison has now been moved to a private room, but she is still getting threats from the other cellmates. Chris tells her not to get scared. Alison says the threats bother her but getting a hug from a hunky doctor (Chris) may help. Alison asks Chris why he keeps visiting her. Alison says he must have liked their kiss, so he came back for more. Chris says he is flattered but says that nothing is going to happen between them. Alison jokingly says that his visits give her something to live for. Alison’s dinner tray is brought in. On the tray there is a note. Alison reads the note, which is another death threat. Chris also reads the note and tells her not to worry. On Chris’ way out, Alison tries to kiss him. Chris chuckles. Outside Alison’s room, Hal tells Chris that Alison is going home. Chris smiles.

In the hospital, Jessica gets a visit from Bonnie. Bonnie learns that her mom (Jessica) is responding well to treatment for her lung infection. Bonnie starts to cry and tells her mom that she is scared because she feels she (Jessica) did not think she could handle the resulting consequences from the shooting. Bonnie tells Jessica she is surprised at how little respect she (Jessica) has for her. Jessica explains she is only protecting her because she loves her. Bonnie calls herself stupid and irresponsible. Jessica reminds Bonnie that she is running a successful business and she has Isaac. Bonnie says she only got the job at Java is because she (Jessica) asked Lisa. Bonnie say she should take responsibility for what she did and maybe she (Jessica) would respect her more. Jessica tells Bonnie that she does respect her, that is why she did not want to see her throw her life away by going to jail. Bonnie smiles. Bonnie gets a message from Tom Hughes that he wants to see her the next day. Jessica tells Bonnie not to be so hard on herself. Jessica tells Bonnie she is proud to be her mother. Bonnie says she doesn’t know why. Bonnie leaves. Visiting with Jessica, Ben presents her with a ring and asks her to marry him. Jessica looks surprised.

Mike arrives at Monte Carlo just in time to pull Rosanna away from Carly (Rosanna was shaking Carly by the shoulders after discovering that Craig phoned her). Carly tells Rosanna she is out of her mind. Rosanna apologizes to Carly and says it was an accident. Mike leads Rosanna back home to Fairwinds. Carly says that Craig better rush home before his wife Rosanna does something else stupid. Molly arrives at Monte Carlo to tell Carly that some man who is involved in shady business dealings with Dusty Donovan, is following her. Molly says she is scared and does not know what to do. Carly hugs Molly. Carly and Molly sit down and chat. Molly says that she cannot believe she got involved with Dusty who she calls a sleaze ball. Someone is behind the door listening to them. Molly says she is frightened of the men who threatened her. Carly says she will call Jack and also get an officer to drive her home. Molly thanks Carly. Carly tells Molly that she can use a friend. Molly smiles and says maybe their friendship was not totally ruined after all. Carly kisses Molly goodbye. The police escort arrives to take Molly home. Back at the Lakeview bar, the strange man approaches Molly.

After shoving Carly at Monte Carlo, Rosanna is escorted back to Fairwinds by Mike. Mike stays to ensure she is okay. Rosanna tells Mike that when she got on the phone to Craig (who called Carly), he hung up. Rosanna says that she only tried to help Lucy with her boyfriend Aaron and does not feel Craig should be so mad at her for this. Rosanna cries and says she wish she did not love Craig. Mike tells Rosanna that she will always have a place in his heart. Mike says he misses the old Rosanna, his first love. Mike insists on making Rosanna some lunch. Rosanna points Mike in the direction of the kitchen. While Rosanna recalls her wedding to Craig, she tells herself she will not cry about him tonight. When Mike brings out lunch, Rosanna shows up wearing a seductive black nightgown. Mike is shocked and tells Rosanna she is getting the wrong idea. Rosanna now feels stupid and cries. Mike advises Rosanna to stop blaming the wrong people (like Carly) for her mistakes. Mike calms Rosanna down and she begins to smile. Craig phones Rosanna. Rosanna tells Craig she wants him to come home. Mike walks in the room talking. Craig hears Mike’s voice. Rosanna says she can explain. Craig says he is sorry he interrupted Mike’s visit. Craig says he will be home to straighten up the mess she made.

Bob meets with Rick Decker at the Lakeview to discuss business. Emily joins Susan at her table. Emily tells Susan that the matron of the women’s facility called Hal about something urgent. Emily says she hopes they plan to release Alison early. Susan says all she can think about is Rick interviewing with Dr. Bob. Emily is annoyed and tells Susan that she doesn’t seem too concerned about her daughter Alison. Susan says that just because she gets involved with someone (Rick), does not mean she forgot about Alison. Susan says she loves Alison and wants her home. Rick comes back to Susan and Emily’s table and announces that he will accept the position Bob offered him at Memorial’s geriatric section. Emily congratulates Rick, then leaves to phone Hal. When Rick mentions his living arrangements, Susan asks Rick to move into her house. Rick says he will have to think her offer over. Susan tells Emily that she just asked Rick to move in with her. Emily tells Susan that she is pushing Rick too hard. Susan says she was only trying to help him out, but now she feels foolish. Emily tells Susan to be careful in this new relationship of hers. Susan goes to see Rick and says that asking him to move in with her was just an innocent offer. Rick accepts Susan’s offer. Rick says he will be the perfect border and won’t get involved in her family life. Susan says don’t worry, since Alison won’t be home for a long, long time.

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